Brother Penguin
John Alexander, Ph.D.
"That Hideous Penguin"

LANL's retired Colonel John "Non-Lethal" Alexander (left), the mysterious grey-hybrid Gordon Novel (centre) and John's wife Victoria pseen here at the Holy Blue Lodge

Of the fiendish bird, Brother Boylan hath previously noted:

PENGUIN: John Alexander, Ph.D. in Death Sciences; Col. U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, which is undoubtedly the military cover for the National Security Agency, Col. Alexander is director of the Non-Lethal Weapons Department, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and has been reportedly involved in counter-intelligence remote viewing, psychic warfare, psychotronic and mind-control projects with military/security applications.

Whilst elsewhere in the Vast Psiber, our Dear Brother Moseley hath transcribed in his Holy Journal the following verbiage:

Although we correspond occasionally with PSI-TECH veteran John Alexander and his wife Victoria, who are closely associated with philanthropist Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas, they have never chosen to tell us even publicly known information about Bigelow's new psychically-oriented foundation. Now we see in the March 1st issue of Science Magazine an advertisement for specifically-trained PhDs to fill positions in the National Institute of Discovery Science.

This, then, is the name of Bigelow's new group. The ad asks for managers who are "capable of employing accepted scientific methods to novel or unconventional observations or theories, while main- taining the highest ethical and quality standards".

Alexander has some position with this group, though he is not in charge of it. Las Vegas newsman & UFO lecturer George Knapp is also involved.

Robert Bigelow is the same man who last year abruptly ended his financial association with the "UFO Research Coalition" consisting of CUFOS, FUFOR, and MUFON. (Our thanks to ace investigator Bill LaParl for this one)...

And Holy Psychologist George Hansen delights us all with:

In your last issue (Saucer Smear 06/01/96) you mentioned Robert Bigelow's National Institute for Discovery Science and lamented the lack of information from John Alexander, who is connected with it. 'Science' Magazine's help wanted ad for the Institute noted the involvement of a `world-class science advisory board'. This may provoke a few chuckles from those in the know.

An interview of Bigelow by Michael Lindemann was posted on electronic networks, and in it Bigelow was quoted as saying `John Alexander's background is perfect to act as a liason between the Institute and people in the science community'. A bit of background may put this in perspective:

Alexander obtained his `doctoral' degree from Walden `University', a school that describes itself as `non-traditional' and which advertises in the back of airline magazines. It turns out that his degree is in something called `thanatology', the study of death (an odd topic for someone developing `non-lethal' weaponry).

The details are amusing. His Ph.D. was obtained under the direction of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who had established Shanti Nilaya, a healing and growth center in southern California. One of her closest associates was Jay Barham, a spirit medium known for making sexual advances during seances. At one seance, the light was turned on and everyone, including Kubler-Ross, could see Barham naked. The medium was defended by claiming that an entity had cloned Barham's body (a detailed expose appeared in New West Magazine, July 30, 1979). Not long after, John Alexander began his `academic' work under Kubler-Ross. Needless to say, the now `Doctor' Alexander is not known for his scientific contributions.

Those who have already dealt with Bigelow's Institute will probably agree that Alexander is an ideal liason. Even a brief contact with him should alert a `world class' scientist to the Institute's real status.

To which the Foul Bird Himself spewed this retaliatory epithet:

Sorry, but I can't let this one go by unchallenged. George Hansen's remarks (in `Smear') about my mentor need addressing, and I'll throw in a few of my own:

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross did have a brief relationship with the Barhams but distanced herself as soon as she learned the facts. The fact is, the entire hospice movement in America was brought about by her efforts.

She is internationally renowned for her work in helping people through extremely difficult transitions. As a result of my work with her, I was involved with Ann Dailey in establishing Children's Hospice International, dedicated to helping children facing life- threatening illness and their families. For that work President Reagan awarded me a National Award for Volunteerism. (I'm sure GH has similar ones!)

As for my non-contributions to science, Aviation Week did make me an Aerospace Laureate, and last year the Department of Energy presented an Award of Excellence for contribution to specific programs. (Surely GH has similar recognition.)

I do note that Walden University, a fully-accredited institution, advertises as stated. Of course that's alongside schools such as Penn State. Unfortunately, I was tied up on other matters for thirty-some years and didn't have time to devote exclusive effort to school. (Again, GH doesn't seem to have done so, either. Also, I didn't find him listed in my copy of `Who's Who'.)

GH comments about `those in the know'. Here an old saying applies, `He who knows not, but knows not that he knows not, is a fool. Shun him.'"

In that Brother Penguin hath defiled himself by concentrating both his Holy Vril and his Holy Orgone upon matters of "Non-Lethal" Death and Destruction and in that recent public displays of investigative journalism hath stripped him of his Occult Secrecy which used to provide an Holy Cover for his Nefarious and Diabolical Deeds, it is with much weeping, gnashing of teeth and vexation of spirit; yea, much rending of our garmets and rubbing of dirt in our hair that we were forced to vote him out of our Holy Order.


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