Professor Blue
and the Modern UFO Mythos

An eager Neophyte offhandedly remarked:

"Let's not go overboard on this alien abduction material. There is credible evidence from government witnesses who are talking and have been working in black government projects and PSYOPS that all these abduction cases are manufactured using EM waves. These people are being operated upon to spread disinformation and fear concerning contact with ET's. Try finding a copy of 'The Controllers'. I believe it is out of print but some of it is on the web. I have saved some of those pages and will pass them on to you. These 'abductees' have more in common with mind control victims than they do with 'contactees'.

The ineffable and enigmatic Professor Blue responds:

::: sigh :::

I wish it were this simple. Unfortunately it is not. Not by a longshot. In fact, Martin Cannon now deeply regrets ever writing his seminal monograph "The Controllers" and has literally combed the entire web looking for vestigial copies which he has both politely and firmly asked webmasters to remove from their sites. Yet the myth lives on despite the fact that it's original author deeply regrets having written it in the first place and despite the fact that one of it's more prolific current proponents admits to spending no small amount of time talking to his refrigerator. I shit you not.

Yet on the other side of the coin, we have a well known physicist/UFOlogist who circulates himself regularly on the Hill, hangs with the NSF (et al), has two decades of research under his belt and nurses some very serious intelligence connections yet claims to be the ... uh ... "Holy Spirit." Again, I shit you not.

So, to this delightfully absurd stew of ideologies and ontologies, please allow me to toss my $.02 into the eclectic mix:

"More and more we are finding that mythology in general though greatly contorted very often has some historic base. And the interesting thing is that one myth which occurs over and over again in many parts of the world is that somewhere a long time ago supernatural beings had sexual intercourse with natural women and produced a special breed of people."
-Francis Schaffer

We are all subject to the culturally-imposed rose-colored goggles of Geordi LaForge when observing what we have come to call the "modern" UFO enigma. Adhering steadfastly and obediently to the Morals and Dogmas of the Holy Church of Science and Technology, as loyal disciples we blindly abide by the Doctrines and Covenants of the Holy Priests thereof. And we caustically toss such deprecating glares at our ignorant and superstitious ancestors for their absurd explanations of this Clearly Scientific and Unmistakably Space-Age Phenomenon.

We laugh at our foolish predecessors who were not savvy enough to recognize as Space Aliens from Mars the elfs, gnomes, trolls, leprechauns, faeries, sylphs, salamanders, elementals, goblins, genies, incubus, succubus, vampires and daemons which haunted them in their day.

Now we are smart enough to realise that the Clever Martian Space Alien Doctors have mysteriously misplaced all their Scientific Petrie Dishes so they are forced to scoop sample after sample after sample of our skin to replenish their ever-dwindling supply of human DNA and take sample after sample after sample of our cum, ostensibly to grow their own bastardized half-breed spawn. We are only just now smart enough to realise they were not merely vampiric Adepts of the Black Lodge (the Vama Marg) -- milking our tantric energies/life-force/vril/orgone/chi to maintain their own pitiful and pathetic existences.

For, you see, yesterday's vampires have become today's Rectum Coring Reticulan Space Aliens who, apparently famished after their lengthy interstellar Cosmic Voyage ( Doc Courtney Brown's fine work notwithstanding), have managed to stave off their ravenous hunger by gnawing on bovine assholes, carved out with all the precision their Space Age Martian Laser Beam Butthole Slicers can offer.

It's all very scientific, you see.

Yesterday, Faustian mages conjured interstitial entities to have them fetch wealth, power, intell or enlightenment. Today, CSETI's Doc Stevie Greer (when he's not double-crossing and pissing off every fellow UFOlogist under the sun, or alienating his one-time rich sugardaddy, Laurence Rockefeller) "vectors in the friendly Space Brothers" with powerful flashlights, group meditations/visualisations and other Highly Scientific Procedures such as "Koch-Kyborg" pyramidal visualisations or "Coherent Thought Sequencing."

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth I inquired of her Enochian mage -- Dr. John Dee -- entreating him to consult with the Enochian Angels in order to obtain tactical military advice and the like. Today those wacky DIA boys employ ... uh ... "Scientific" Remote Viewing Protocols to obtain similar intell. (Please note that our illegally extorted tax dollars also finance a wealth of other Scientific Intelligence Gathering Operations -- crystal ball gazing, skrying, tarot card reading, seances, channelings, etc.)

So you can clearly see that we have come a long way.

And now, the mythological serpent which seduced Eve in the garden of Eden has been replaced with the more time- and culture- appropriate Space Alien Lizards from Alpha Draconis. The word Draconis, BTW, being loosely translated, means "dragon" and has surfaced in such places as the name of the legendary vampire Count Dracu (Dracula) and angry diatribes on the Senate floor, accusing certain seat-sitters therein of passing allegedly draconian legislation.) These clever Draco Reptoids who, we are told by Cosmic Awareness(tm), have recently hidden themselves in that hollowed-out battle planetoid, The Hale-Bopp Special, have for millenia buggered our boys and boinked our women and more recently have met with charismatic Masonic entrepreneurs in Salt Lake City to start new religious cults and design tantric occult underwear.

But wait -- it gets even better!

Yes, today the Space Alien Abductees are routinely bent over in order to facilitate the Space Aliens' shoving odd probes up their asses to "enlighten their consciousness," all the while excusing such bizarre and irrationally perverse behaviour by doling out absurdly irrelevant quasi-spiritual new-agey platitudes on the importance of living "green."

So are clever interstitial entities (read: incubus/succubus) raping our people and mind-fucking them into an absurd "cosmic codependence?" Oddly enough, it appears this damn well might be the case (as in the Schaffer quote above, neo-Nephilim 'n all.)

But the RILLY smart ones among us know that the entire Space Alien mind-fuck meme which has so infected the Jungian collective of our day is nothing more than a cover for Uncle Samuel to hide behind as he controls both our noggins and our very souls with his apparently omnipotent EMF/ELF/GWEN/RHIC/EDOM Delgado gizmos, playing his Diabolical HAARP and thereby forcing us as mere pawns to dance to the maniacal drumbeat of his Insidious Electronic Voodoo.

C'mon, folks, is this not much more a case of "my mythology can beat the shit out of your mythology" more than anything else? Are we truly so terrified of having our own sacred cows tipped that we will stoop to such ridiculous lows to rationalise away those events which defy definition from within the constraints of our myopic and hopelessly culture-bound perspectives?

Sit, PSY-OP, sit. Good dog, PSY-OP!

So does the unconscionable, shit-for-brains military/intelligence community piggyback on the coattails of such bizzare interstitial phenomenologies, employing them to cover many of their hideous and inhumane black ops? Of course they do. One needn't look much further than the infamous Pentacle Memo for verification of this insidious PSY-OP.
But did they spawn the initial phenomena in the first place -- the highly elusive "ghosts in the machine" a la Eph. 6:12? Puh-leeeze, in all of their bureaucratic pomp and splendour, they appear to be capable of little more than tripping over their own clueless ineptitude.

Is the modern "UFO/space alien" mythos, then, about milint mindcontrol ops? Yes and no. Is it about folklore, mythology, cultural memes and magick? Yes and no. Is it about currently inexplicable interstitial and/or paranormal phenomena? Yes and no. Is it about political and socio-religious metaprogramming? Yes and no. In fact, it appears to be about damn near everything but "martians flying around in space ships."

In closing, please allow me to quote an ancient Odinnic prophecy which states that "when the world is pregnant with lies, a secret long hidden will be revealed."

And believe me, the gummint -- in it's infinite wisdom -- will be the very last to know.

Or to underpstand.


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