Brother Marcus

Hammonds, Mark
Our Holy Remote Viewer and Erudite Commentator
on the Profane Pursuits of Club Egyptology


The Secret Chamber Beneath the Great Sphinx: An Holy Remote View

In an attempt to dig deeper into the mysteries of the pyramids and the sphinx, we enlisted the aid of Brother Marcus, our Remote-Viewing Frater. Here are the results of his Holy Quest:

"What exactly is in the 'secret chamber' underneath one of the paws of the Sphinx? Who put it there and why?"

One wonders why the Good Frater would use his three wishes for this question, since it would be impossible for him to verify it immediately, if at all. Still, it has the merit of being really interested in pstuff, [PSI + stuff = "pstuff" -B:.B:.] rather than wanting to play the stock market.

I am working on your questions, and they are good ones. That area is hard to scan, because so many people are curious about it. It puts up a kind of psychic backwash/force field kind of thing that I am still winding my way through. The actual answer is star charts, but you want a description of the objects (that's the reasonable desire), and I have to get close enough to them to see what they are made of and so on. And "star charts" is a little vague, too. They are a mathematical model of the history of their makers, encoded all information, included DNA and astronomical data, rendered in a material I have not been able to identify.

But it IS beautiful! Busted and broken, too, but still beautiful, even if crumbled. Water damage, flaking, wall erosion, but there doesn't seem to be any "finish" to the rock surface itself. No tomb paintings, anyway, or plaster. Older than that, although the chamber was enlarged and turned to other uses (worship secret in the secret-place kind of thing).

The last beings in this space were not the people who made it, but the last ones in sealed the entrance and covered it over with stone (and, wait, yes, I get a glimpse of metal of some kind). There is an obelisk or pyramidion made of some pitchblack material, but it is not Egyptian. And I just got cut off!


That was strange.

But I got enough of a good look that I can answer some of your questions. I'll work on it. What do you think so far? Imagine an object that can INFORM your mind just by being near it, and then only in the degree that your mind can hold the information. No wonder they buried it. It would be the "god that speaks through the stone." It's not a god, it's a radionics device of some kind that warps human consciousness into "programmed patterns. Wow. It's full of memories, images, I don't know what to call it. IT TALKS! No wonder it has such a psychic field around it!

And it is alive in some way, I feel, though that's not the right word. It is interactive with consciousness!!!!! All things!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow. It's a made object, but by whom? I'm working on it. "By the gods," says the voice, but that is not the original voice. Weird, weird, weird. "The lifegivers," still not the original "surface."

IT'S a BEACON! MY GOD!!!! IT'S A BEACON OF THE MIND!!! And that's where the shape of the pyramids comes from. The big pyramids were an attempt to..... interruption....the relationship is obscured by some sort of static....markers, but what for? The largest pure form, but of what? Why two big ones and a little one?


[Note: Brother Marcus refereth here, no doubt, to the Three Holy Pyramids of the Egyptian Giza Plateau -- the True Secret of the Three Dots which follow the Sacred Letters of the abreviated name of our Holy Order -B:.B:.]

Khufu, Khafra, Menkara. We interrupt this moment to say that you have strayed from Brother Blue's question. The relationship of the Giza pyramids to the contents of the Sphinx chamber was not the request.

So, okay, what did we get? Something so outstanding that I am in awe. I wish I could plug you in directly, instead of have to write, gifted prose or not. It's SO wonderful. You can talk to everyone. See, words just don't cut it. This is only a metaphor, but think of an object that could connect you instantly with anyone who ever lived, anyplace that was every experienced, and you could understand and comprehend that time/place/person perfectly!!

An Most Holy Pyramidal Ben-Ben

YES!!! I SEE !!! Why do I keep hearing the word "ben-ben" over and over again? That's an Egyptian capstone.

Of course, now I see. It's a communications device, one that records and plays back consciousness. You don't need language. You don't need methodologies. You just need to show up. I wonder what the operating radius is. And all that pressure against getting close. Is that caused by the device, or is it a result of others trying to keep it hidden? It's astronomical info, medical info, all the rest. It's a model of all consciousness. And you "enter" it with your mind, just as later you entered the great pyramid's central chamber. Was that an attempt to create a physical relationship that would do what this thing does?

Who put it there? I'm trying, trying...someone not from this earth. Sorry, Blue, that's the best I can do. It was a beacon/commlink/archival record, but it can do more than that. "The one true stone," says a voice. Made of star matter? How?

Well that's all I'm going to get here.

Some Secular Corroboration
The Orion Mystery: Unlocking The Secrets of the Pyramids

by Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert
Crown Publishers, NY - 1994
[review by Dr. Greg Little]

About four months ago in a motel near Oklahoma City I was transfixed by an hour long program on Discovery. The show concerned a small robot's probing of the Great Pyramid by a German engineer named Rudolf Gantenbrink. In 1991, Gantenbrink's research team was employed to improve ventilation to the interior of the pyramid as the many visitors there had substantially increased the humidity through their respiration and perspiration. The result of the increasing humidity is a deterioration of the inner limestone blocks caused by the condensation and subsequent seepage from this humid air. Gantenbrink began his job by creating and building a small robot he called UPUAUT (the ancient Egyptian word for "opener of the ways" and the device employed in the Egyptian "opening of the mouth" ceremony used on the dead Pharaoh).

UPUAUT was fitted with a camera and placed into one of the "ventilation" shafts in the King's Chamber. The robot was pulled through the shaft by cables and it eventually cleared the debris from the shaft fully opening it. After then doing the same to the other shaft in the King's Chamber, two electric fans were mounted into the shafts bringing in fresh air. The film taken during this process was, in itself, spectacular, but only a prelude to what was to occur much later. Plans called for the research team to eventually complete the project by probing the smaller shafts in the Queen's Chamber at a later time and explore the possibility of using those two shafts for more ventilation. It wasn't until March 1993 that Gantenbrink returned to probe the two smaller shafts in the Queen's Chamber.

The two small Queen's Chamber air shafts were first discovered in 1872 by a British engineer, Waynman Dixon. A few years later it was decided that these two 8 inch square shafts were very short and probably represented unfinished or abandoned ventilation features. They have been essentially ignored by researchers, Pyramidologists, and archaeologists. Most archaeologists thought that the shafts were very short and unimportant representing an unfinished project. In March 1993, Gantenbrink's remarkable new robot, UPUAUT 2, equipped with its own self-propelled traction, remote video camera, laser guidance, and headlights beamed back stunning pictures of the shafts that have been unseen and unused for thousands of years. The ripples from the findings of this robotic probe will be felt for some time to come.

Briefly, UPUAUT 2 showed that the shafts are much, much longer than ever supposed. The shafts are aligned North-South like those in the King's Chamber and they extend 65 meters, nearly to the outside of the pyramid, but they do not emerge. Incredibly, in one of the small shafts that UPUAUT 2 managed to reach the end of, it abruptly stopped at a slate door with sliding fittings. UPUAUT 2's camera beamed back a tantalizing image of a crack at the bottom of the probable sliding door showing that something was on the other side. I was excited and eager to find out more.

A month later I obtained Robert Bauval's The Orion Mystery from Arcturus Book Service and read more about the mysterious shaft. Bauval, a construction engineer has spent the past decade studying the Great Pyramid and the so-called Pyramid Texts, the oldest writings known to man. Bauval had been working on a fairly radical theory of the Pyramid's use which involved a deceased Pharaoh becoming a star through rituals held in the inner chambers at critical star alignment times. Bauval subsequently met with Gantenbrink and others involved with the project and The Orion Mystery is the remarkable result of a rather remarkable project.

Armed with Gantenbrink's data on the two Queen's Chamber shafts, particularly the precise alignment of the shafts obtained by the laser guidance system of UPUAUT 2, Bauval has pieced together solid evidence of the Pyramid's age, use, and the meaning of its alignments.

It has long been known that the two shafts in the King's Chamber were precisely aligned to the lowest star in the Belt of Orion (Al Nitak) and what was once the North star, Thuban. UPUAUT 2 indicated that the two shafts in the Queen's Chamber were aligned to the stars Sirius and one of the stars of Ursa Minor (The Little Dipper).

Subsequent calculations of the stellar alignments showed that the pyramid was built to be used about the year 2450 BC and that it was designed to specifically draw attention to the "First Time of Osiris" in 10,450 BC! Thus, among other things about to be described, the Pyramid was specifically designed to point to the year 10,450 BC as important. I refer the reader to the book for a more complete understanding of why this is so, however, Bauval's conclusions are firmly footed on solid evidence.


This 10,450 BC date, Bauval points out, may be coincidence, but he refers to Edgar Cayce's statement that the Pyramid was designed about 10,400 BC and that a hidden chamber with records would be found in the last 20 years of this century. Bauval says that the door at the end of the shaft from the Queen's Chamber may be the opening to the chamber Cayce predicted. In addition, Bauval cites various unrelated sources stating that 10,400 BC date is important because it is the beginning of the Egyptian time cycle, the First Time, perhaps revealing when some important founding event took place. He briefly mentions the possibility that the Atlantis legend may have some relevance to this.

But this is not the end of Bauval's incredible assertions. The three great pyramids, not placed in a straight line, are precisely aligned exactly as the three stars comprising the Belt of Orion. That is, the Pyramids of Giza represent the constellation of Orion on earth. The alignment of the pyramids of Giza on the Nile show that the Nile itself represents the Milky Way. Bauval also cites that various Egyptian scholars have translated ancient texts stating that ancient Egypt was built to resemble heaven on earth. And, to this reviewer, the correspondences that occur when a star map of Orion is superimposed on Giza are astounding, indeed. This alone would at least strike hardened skeptics as remarkable. Yet, Bauval shows us even more, drawing heavily from the ancient Pyramid Texts.

As has been known for some time, the Pyramid Texts describe funerary rituals and details of the afterlife of pharaohs. For some time, it has been known that the texts' translations were lacking and that a full understanding of them was not available. The texts were first described in 1881 and were originally believed to be written in 3200 BC. They are partly found on extensive wall and ceiling inscriptions in the Serapeum, a large "tomb" within an underground labyrinth associated with five separate pyramids. The most extensive texts were ascribed to the last of the Fifth Dynasty Kings, [We believe the author meant to say Fifth DENSITY Kings here -B:.B:.] Unas, in 2300 BC. Scholars have recently gained a more full understanding of what the texts reveal.

In brief, Bauval shows us that the ancient Pyramid Texts tell of the "Star" religion of the Egyptians involving the Phoenix symbol (rebirth), the Benben stone (a stellar "seed" - a large, "conically-oriented" meteorite stone placed atop an important obelisk), and the ritualistic use of the stellar-aligned pyramid. Bauval states that there was a two-stage process in the ritual of the dead Pharaoh. First, the Pharaoh's mummy was prepared and brought by a procession to the Pyramid from the city of Khem (now Letopolis) due North of the Pyramid. Khem was ritually placed due East of the Temple of the Phoenix at Heliopolis - or West of Khem. (Heliopolis was called the "Thunderbolt City" because of a large meteorite that had fallen and been subsequently found there. The meteorite was believed to be a "seed" [semen from God] and placed atop the Benben stone obelisk and it was accorded the power of rebirth.)

The dead King was then taken inside the Pyramid to the Queen's Chamber and placed standing upright into a "rebirth" chamber. The Pharaoh's son, the Horus, approached the mummy in an extended ritual and placed the Upuaut (an iron tool) into the dead king's mouth. Wearing the Horus hawk-mask, the son performed the "opening of the mouth" ritual by prying the jaws open with the iron device. The iron for the Upuaut was obtained from a meteorite.

Bauval tells us that various experts have now asserted that the shaft leading from the Queen's Chamber to the Ursa Minor is kinked and shaped to symbolize the iron device known as Upuaut. Bauval states that the ritual of the mouth opening was timed to coincide with the star Kochab (the brightest star in the Little Dipper) aligning with the North chamber shaft. Then, an astral rebirth occurred and the Pharaoh became a star in what is known as the Belt of Orion. (Actually, the ancients saw this stellar alignment not as a "belt" but as the actual phallus of Orion.) From there, the Pharaoh would join with the other stellar kings and continue the seed to the next generation.

Bauval states that the shafts in the pyramid serve to function as a channel between the phallus of Orion to the womb of Isis (the star Sirius). This enabled the seed from Orion to bring forth another Horus (the son of Isis-Sirius) so that the Pharaoh's line on earth could continue. Bauval leaves open the possibility that an actual copulation could have taken place during the ceremony between Horus and an "Isis."

After this Ceremony, Bauval says that the dead king was perhaps taken to the King's Chamber where the "weighing of the heart" ritual occurred and the dead king could have been placed into the now-empty sarcophagus. Bauval also believes that nine months later the pyramid was opened and another ritual held so that the impregnated Isis-Sirius could give birth.

It is difficult to give Bauval's remarkable book justice in a review, however, it is clear that he has certainly found some interesting and credible new insight into the Pyramid's use. It is an excellent and deep book that has some adventurous reading placed between thought provoking data. In Grand Illusions I speculated and agreed with Dr. Melvin Morse that the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber was probably used for inducing a near- death experience in the Horus -- the dead Pharaoh's son. I still am inclined to believe that the Pharaoh-to-be was required to undergo a near death experience in the King's Chamber and that the Pharaoh was never buried there, however, Bauval's assertions now show the purpose of the Queen's Chamber which has never been fully understood. Finally, Bauval gives us one tantalizing piece of evidence on what may be behind the stone door at the top of the shaft on the South side of the Queen's Chamber. The so-called ancient Westcar Papyrus speaks of the "secret chamber of Thoth" containing a mysterious and significant set of materials. This chamber has never been found. Bauval believes that the meteoric apex of the Benben stone - and perhaps much more -- may lie behind the still unopened stone door.

[end secularius corroboratus]

On the Holy Atlantean Crystals

4-D : : In An Atlantean Living Crystal, Darkly

Many 4-D readers have been curious about what an Atlantean crystal "looks" like. Amusingly enough, many people tend to think of quartz crystals, or other "natural" crystalline forms when they image an Atlantean crystal. The Atlantean crystals, however, were entirely artificial creations, whose base shape was, of course, pyramidal. Most of the Atlantean crystals that survive into our own probability stream are in this form. The "ben-ben" stone of ancient Egypt was a memory of such crystals, which were worshipped in the original as a means of connecting with the "god in heaven." These forms were essentially communication devices to transmit directly from mind to mind.

Nonetheless, the root cystalline shape could be used for a great variety of applications, from "storage devices" that retained states of consciousness like we use disk storage in computers, to the construct underlying the mutable surfaces on buildings which constitued the bas-relief effects we call Atlantean "writing," and energy transduction. The "living" crystals were a basement technology.

Crystals of Consciousness
In appearance, the surface of a living crystal is a perfect mirror--except that it has NO reflection. I know that's a paradox, but it is one that describes perfectly the "perspective" of seeing one "in the flesh." It is said that there may actually be a reflection as "normal," but the inner mind is entrained so quickly from the eye sense that the brain doesn't have enough time to "return" the echo and thus perceive or recognize a reflective image.


That's why some people, including me at an earlier time, thought of them as "transparent," when in fact it is the contact with them that shows the "transparency" of the human mind--the notion that the physical crystal is clear is only a projection of the "clear" nature of the human mind. Living crystals jumpstart your mind immediately to whatever is "inside" the crystal. Some people psay that the reason people developed a fondness for clear crystal balls--as well as have an instinctive attraction to the brilliance of gemstones--is in rememberance of this effect upon us way back when.

The crystal skulls that are so popular now are not Atlantean in origin, at least in the sense that they are not living crystals. Another way to tell an Atlantean crystal is that they were NEVER round balls. The crystals were grown naturally to design and not ever "cut" in any way. A cut Atlantean crystal is a dead Atlantean crystal, just like a Pentium chip snipped apart.

In approaching an Atlantean crystal, there is a sense of being "drawn" forward. This effect, which accurately describes the sense of attraction that most people feel toward these things even in the abstract, is actually an effect of the crystal. As you come closer, you enter the sphere of the crystal's influence. It begins to "tune" your mind in a rhythmic entrainment that induces a state of concentrated focus. The result is the desire to get closer, and the closer you get, the more you are entrained. Eventually you are wholly enthralled to whatever conscious state has been inprinted on the crystal.


Once you have "made contact" with a given crystal consciousness, you are always part of the "continuum" of that crystal. Whatever else is connected within it, you are also connected to in a psi current. This current becomes permanently enfolded within your mind. For most people thus exposed, they sit there helplessly in a trance. More than one crystal is surrounded by the skeletons of people--particularly in Egypt and Tibet--who, frozen into tranced immobility, starved to death on the spot. These things were NOT made for our minds, but for the minds of beings who were vastly more psi potent than us. The only reason that we interact with the crystals at all is because part of the Atlantean nature was used to create us, and it is to that part of our mindstreams that the crystals "speak."

There are "caches" of living crystals all over the earth, though by far the greatest "library" of these in as yet undisturbed in Antartica. Many smaller collections can be found in South and Central America, off the eastern coast of Florida, in Egypt and the Near East (yes, there are some buried deep beneath Jerusalem, which is why that place is as it is), and in the "wastes" of central Asia/Tibet. Some few are found as well in Australia and New Zealand. Some have been removed from Mexico and transported to the United States, though not without great difficulty and the inevitable loss of life that comes from handling these things. They are radioactive in a psychic sense--and may even be radioactive in the physical way, too. They do, certainly, glow in the dark.

The making of a living crystal for consciousness was a "priestly" function. The crystals were not made in factories like we tend to think of production, but were "grown" carefully, slowly, and with absolute stillness of concentration by Atlanteans who had the mental powers/training to work with the raw materials. The elements present were primarily iron and carbon with rare metal traces, as best I can tell--yet I am not certain.

These things are difficult to assess.

The "power" source for the functions of the crystal appears to be a natural result of being within surging currents of the Earth's magnetic field. Sunlight may be destructive to them, though I wonder at that since they "powered" the great pyramids, unless they were shielded with gold as the ancients of the classical world were told by Egyptian priests.

There were different grades of living crystals. On the low end, there was a basic "recordkeeping" type. These were easiest to make and consequently there were many more of them in use. They were fragile, small, and usually shortlived as they were prone to damage. Being very sensitive to movement of any kind (as the U.S. military found out, to their embarrassment in moving the Yucatan group), they will fracture at the slightest provocation--an effect only intensified by the passage of time. Once cracked, the crystals immediately dissolve, crumbling into a pile of useless and likely poisonous dust. Among the higher grades of living crystals were communications types, which will be discussed below, and the highest of all the forms, the type from which they get their name: those used to embed a living consciousness.

The goal of every Atlantean priest was to be able to form a living crystal matrix that would serve as a receptable for their enduring consciousness. In merging their consciousness with this crystal, they would--in their terms--be closer to their own "creators," or the equivalent of what we call "gods." In short, they extended their "lives" through the physical duration of the crystal. The cataclysms that destroyed Atlantis shattered most of these kinds of crystals, but there are some left even now. In this way it is possible to "talk" with an Atlantean, if your mind circuits are rated for the amperage and you don't starve to death in the process.

Communications Crystals
The Atlanteans did not exist in the "3-D" world we are habitually prone to see, even though they did have a material expression. As said in another context, they were in the world but not of it. Their true existence as mindstuff was clearer to them than most of us have understanding of our physical bodies. If they ate something, for example, their conscious contact with the food did not end with the taste buds. They followed the whole digestive process, indeed they were the process in a way not available to ordinary human consciousness. That's why they liked sex so much, because it was a way of jumping through existence after existence, cascading from probability stream to probability stream. These words barely hint at the extent of their way of being conscious. One of the ways they "invented" to share these experiences was through the use of living crystals as communications devices.

These crystals worked in the same basic way as the recording crystals described above, except that the emphasis in their structure was on a particular space/time connection, rather than the perpetuation of waves states across space/time. If you think about it, you can see the natural reflexivity of this function. When using such a crystal, the Atlantean would be transported to the experience of a specific time/space in a present tense, where the consciousness-type crystal resonated with a mindstream. Difficult distinction, I suppose, until you get used to Atlantean mind patterns.

Power Cystals
Here's the biggie: the "fire crystals." These were a wondrous technology. Basically, every power crystal was related to every other one in existence. The huge ones, made of single iron crystals placed deep within the crust of the earth formed a grid that transduced energy from large fields into "lines." These lines of power could be tapped by smaller crystals by harmonic resonance. These things were physically hot, and could glow white hot if the Atlantean using it focused that much concentration on using it. They could also explode if misused, and were for humans absolutely untouchable, as they would fry you on the spot. Relate to the Ark of the Covenant, anyone?

It was the magnificent integration of these crystals that resulted in the destruction of the Atlantean continent. The energy used in one spot on the earth's surface was far greater than that of the earth as a whole. This disparity eventually caused a premature expression of the pole shift/ice age cycle already present on the earth. It is written in certain records that this is the cause of the precession of the equinoxes, but I cannot be certain of this as actuality as it goes beyond my psi range.

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