Brothress Barbie

Marciniak, Barbara

The Holy Pleiadean Prophetess
Speaketh Forth on the Nectar of the Gods


The Pleiadeans Cometh!

Note: On rare occasions, an Holy Adept comes to our attention who has unfortunately incarnated into a container which lacks the required Fraternal Appendage necessary to obtain membership in our Holy Brotherhood. It is in such cases that we make an exception to our Morals and Dogmas and allow the entrance of said Initiate on an Honorary Brothress basis. -B:.B:.


Indeed, such is the case with the Honorable:

Barbara Marciniak
Holy Pleiadean Prophetess
and B:.B:. Brothress
Bold Connections Unlimited
P.O.B. 6521, Raleigh, NC 27628
[an unofficial organ of the B:.B:.]

Barbara Marciniak hath been a student of Metaphysics for many years. She giveth credit to the Seth material channeled© by Jane Roberts for her insight into the necessity for conscious, intentional creation of personal experience. Barbara traveleth extensively. In Athens, Greece in May of 1988, she began channeling© the Pleiadians after she and a group of friends experienced a spiritual awakening in the Great Pyramid at Giza [much like Uncle Al Crowley, Patrick "Pyramid Power" Flannagan and P.D. Ouspensky, BTW, -B:.B:.]. Barbara currently liveth in Raleigh, North Carolina where she giveth class sessions and workshops with the Holy Pleiadians.

The Pleiadeans are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system the Pleiades. The Pleiadian culture is ancient and was "seeded" from another universe of love long before Earth was created. They have formed a tremendous society which operateth with love, with ideas and ideals that we are yet unfamiliar with. The Pleiadians call themselves our ancient family because many of us came here from the Pleiades to participate in the new experiment of Earth. The Pleiadians are now here as ambassadors from another universe to help Earth through her difficult transition from the third dimension to the fourth dimension [i.e. Fourth Density; that Holy Abode of the Inner Order of the B:.B:. -B:.B:.] and to assist each of us in our personal endeavors of awakening, remembering and knowing.

Fear & Chaos: "The Nectar of the Gods"

We are the Pleiadeans.

When we speak of Light. We speak of information. Those of you who have had experiences where you allowed Light to come into your physical body, unflegingly know that once you expose yourself to Light, you begin to increase the amount of information. Your perceptions -- everything about yourself -- begin to change -- you begin to awaken. The darkness of the veil is removed. So when we speak of Light, we speak of the return of information -- the intending of bringing a great amount of information to this planet, whose frequency has been drastically controlled -- but that comes later in the story.

This project as it would be called Earth, was fought over. It looked enticing. It looked to be something of desirability of ownership by others -- and so during Earth's early history there were wars in your space for ownership of this, your planet. Had you ever wondered who owns Earth? Prime hunk of real estate? You think that it is ownerless in space? Ah, you have something to learn about space territories. So there were changes, as it would be, of administration. And the original planners, who by the way, we will say the original planners of your universe of course were of the Family of Light. They designed an information center -- they designed a place where galaxies would contribute the information. The Earth was to be a library-- do you understand -- a Cosmic library a place of incredible beauty -- a place of experimenting how information could be stored through frequencies, through the genetic process.

So, the skirmishes took place. Different zones of the Earth became -- let us say -- lost -- to certain original owners, and the Earth became a place of duality. It became a place of course in this free-will universe, where others, who had the right to do what ever they wanted -- because it is free-will -- came in and took over. We call it raiding your Earth. They did like corporate raiding on Wall Street. Do you understand? They raided the Earth. The raid that you are now to be concerned about is a raid that occurred approximately 300,000 years ago -- what historically speaking you would call, from a Biblical point of view -- certainly from most of your esteemed scientifics -- the beginning of human civilization. But it was only the beginning of the later phase -- as we said, what we call modern man.

The interesting thing about the skirmish that occurred about 300,000 years ago, is that a certain group of entities came, and they fought in space -- as of course many others have fought in space for this Earth principality, this territory, this prime hunk of real estate -- and they won. They beat out Light. It gives you a new idea of Light, doesn't it? So it became their territory. There was great radioactivity -- nuclear action -- much of the Earth was rent asunder. And the original specie -- human creation -- the Adam man, as it would later be called -- was in great destruction -- scattered.

So those new gods -- those new creator gods -- were also master geneticists. They understood the process. They understood how to create life. They wanted this territory for their own reasons. Let us give you another hint about why territories are created, and why territories are held.

There is consciousnesses in all things. This your scientifics will one day step off of their ladders and begin to realize. And then you will begin to really own the planet yourselves. There is consciousness within all things. Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates -- or can be led to vibrate -- at certain -- what would be called electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies are very interesting. They tend to act in a variety of ways. One of the ways that we are going to be concerned about in speaking with you this evening is that electromagnetic energies of consciousness can act as 'food'. Feel that concept out -- it can act as food. So that means that just like apples can be prepared and eaten and ingested -- in a variety of ways, perhaps consciousness could be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways. Do you understand?

So, some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life, and put consciousness into things through varying the frequencies -- through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness. They could feed themselves. They could keep themselves in an existence. They began to figure out that this is how the Prime Creator nourished itself. It sends out others to create a food source for itself.

Now, the new owners of your planet -- this principality in space out on the fringes of your galactic system had a different appetite -- different preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves off of fear. They nourished themselves off of chaos [cf. The Abyss -B:.B:.] -- though fear was their primary food source. In some ways, it fed them -- it stimulated them -- it kept them in power. Understand? So 300,000 years ago, these creator gods that your Bible speaks of -- that the Babylonian tablets speak of -- that texts all over the world, in actuality, speak of -- they came, and they rearranged what would be called the native specie man. And they rearranged what would be called your DNA, in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band. This has been going on for a long time now.

What part do you play in it? Why are you here? Why are you created here in this story? For some of you, this is just like a dream. We are reminding you of what you know inside of yourselves. We have come onto your planet to trigger your memory banks. We have come onto your planet to inspire the human race through the Family of Light, to begin to create their own reality.

Now, of course the original planners were not about to lose the territory -- did you think they were going to give up so easily? Of course they exist in a different time sector than you. So the new owners came and worked in their laboratory, and created workers, created versions of humans with a different DNA -- the two-stranded double-helix DNA [DNA: "That Mystic Tie Which Maketh Men Brethren" -B:.B:.]. They took the original DNA of the human specie, and they disassembled it. Yes isn't that clever? They disassembled the original DNA. And they left it, of course, within the human cell -- they simply split it apart.

And so, let us say that something like an electrical fence -- frequency fence -- was put around the planet. Some of you have seen what your technological scientifics have created an electrical fence that you can keep animals with in? So it is that the electrical fence was put around your planet -- as a control as to how much the frequencies of the humans could be modulated and changed. So, as the story goes -- this frequency was set around the planet, and it was made very difficult for frequencies of Light frequencies of information to penetrate. And, when these Light frequencies were able to penetrate the frequency control, who was there to receive them? -- the DNA was unplugged. The Light encoded filaments were no longer organized. And so the creative Cosmic rays that bring Life did not have something to plug into and to hold onto.

Now there were many noble experiments. And of course the original planners began to call on what would be the Family of Light, to go to infiltrate the project to begin to incarnate -- to begin one-by-one to bring Light information into the place it was lost. And so the Family of Light began its work here -- coming into a system that was devoid of Light -- devoid of information -- and allowing through what would be called the redefining of the laws of man to let these creative Cosmic rays pierce the body individual by individual -- and then group by group. In very small numbers throughout these eons were these frequencies of information brought onto your planet. In times, great battles were fought -- wars were fought -- information was always looking to be expressed. The original planners knew that, Cosmically speaking, this was a lesson for them, in allowing, in understanding the creator gods who took their project.

And so they set about to create their own version of a plan -- at a time when the frequency of the Earth would be altered -- a time when the owners would perish if they could not change their frequency. Their food source would be taken away -- food source of fear food source of anxiety chaos -- hunger -- despondency. Get the picture?

Guess who is removing the food source? You are! As members of the family of Light, you are renegades. You are systems busters. You love to go in and cause trouble. You are famous, your branch of the Family of Light -- your division you are famous for going into system of reality and altering the frequency bringing always, information.

There are many who understand their assignment. There are many whose memories are beginning to rise. The planet is jam-packed with humanities at this time. Those who are here knew darn well what was going to occur in this place -- they wanted to be in the vicinity of great change. So that, in a nutshell, is the plan. It is a good plan, is it not?

Question: I have had personal experiences with beings who seem to live off of disharmonious emotional energy. It seems like those beings will almost have to make a decision -- that if that food source is cut off, they are destined to...

Starve! And guess what, they don't want to starve. And guess what, they are coming back here. They are here. Because they understand that there is system busting going on. So they are here to create greater havoc and fear, to fight once again for this territory. Do you understand this? Their food source is very important to them.

Question: Then what is going on in the Middle East would be an excellent way to provoke a lot of food.

Yes. Very good. Also, since you have mentioned the Middle East, let us give you a little tip on the Middle East. As we said to you in our story, the area of what would be called Mesopotamia was where the story was launched. Where these creator gods made their home base some 300,000 years ago. Understand now, that there are portals, or what would be called energy chutes, where one must enter onto planetary existences. There is a gigantic portal in the Middle East -- a pathway of entry onto your planet -- that certain creator gods have owned and occupied for 300,000 years.

There have been raids, there have been fights, there have been all kinds of things over this portal. [cf: The Raelian Embassy -B:.B:.] Through this portal, the frequency of mankind can be controlled -- it is not the only portal -- there are many other portals although this is the prime portal that is being fought over at this time. Those creator gods who were here 300,000 years ago are returning. [cf. the BABALON Working -B:.B:.]

They are still in existence. They do not live, operate, or exist under the same laws that you do. In other words, 300,000 years is not too long to live for them -- do you understand this? That is your time sector, not theirs. They travel through what would be called space. They are very interesting creatures. They have helped develop your civilization. They have helped destroy your civilization. Even amongst themselves they argue and fight. Believe it or not, "creator gods" [i.e. Elohim -B:.B:.]\ do this.

Now, back to the question. They are losing control of the planet, so they go back to their prime portal, and they create fear and chaos in their portal area, because that is their nest. Their nest is not above ground, their nest is underneath the ground. [cf. The Branton files -B:.B:.]

Question: Then this ties in with the greys and the dracos?

It is all part of what would be called a hierarchy. Many of those within the hierarchy do not understand how things operate within the ranks, just as those within the United States military service do not always understand the military hierarchy. It is very compartmentalized. That is a way of maintaining control, compartmentalize the power.

Question: Who exactly are those beings who think they are the owners?

They are space beings. They have what would be called their own home in space. They are evolving. They are creator gods. They can create life, although in some terms there are those who would kick them out of the creator-god club, because they feel that they do not value the life that they create. Yet in Prime Creator's universe here, all things are love. Because as all things are love, many, many lessons are learned. So these beings are space beings who came here -- whose stories are in the ancient manuscripts -- they won the fight. They came here because they wanted this place for their own reasons -- for many reasons.

They were miners. For one thing they wanted to explore inside of the Earth, and what was inside of the Earth. One of the things that is very interesting about your education upon your planet is that all of the advancement and understanding of what is going on in your Earth is not made public in the university systems. It is a very secret science -- the inner Earth science -- one that is rather shocking.

These beings have great machinery and they have built, or added onto existing tunnel systems. They are great tunnelers. They have built many, many systems underneath the surface of your Earth. These beings like to work behind the scenes. They would not be humanoid in your terms. They would be designed of a different collection of molecules. Some of them can be labeled reptilian in nature -- that is why they are nicknamed the lizies. We believe that if you look around your society at this time, you will recognize -- some of your television shows, certainly from the toys that your children play with -- their return -- their re-emergence into your society. There is quite a subtle program out to introduce you to your reptilian ancestors.

So, they came to take this planet for whatever reasons. They wanted to control the frequencies to have a food source, to mine the interior, to set up a control base inside the interior, and then they set other beings to play with the Earth -- to create patterns of thought -- by inserting holograms onto your planet, to influence an entire generation to change the course of their beliefs through events. They have been behind most of the major religions, or the distortions of the major religions. They are very interesting characters.

Question: Are they losing control?

Let us say this. They do not think that they are losing control. Do you understand? Because Light is underestimated on this planet, absolutely. The nature of the drama of your planet is quite interesting. Whenever there is a frequency modulation of an existing system. In other words, whenever an existing system is about to change, and the idea or the concepts that the system exists within is about to evolve itself into the bigger picture. Where the inhabitants are about to grow up, as it would be, there is a certain magnetism that moves out from the system. There is a certain magnetism that moves out from the system. That magnetism draws every energy that was ever involved with the system back to the system, so that every energy can be part of the evolution, or the process. So these creatures -- these creator gods of ancient times -- are drawn back here at this time because of the plan. They must participate. They must understand that their frequencies are going to be changed. They are resisting it, just like many humans are resisting. And yet, they create their own reality. And let us say, these beings, these creator gods of your last 300,000 years, they have forgotten who created them! They have forgotten their gods. Now, as members of the Family of Light, you are not to judge. Your task is comprehension, and your task is pulling comprehension onto the planet -- creating a stability of energy and a power to create, simply by understanding.

Question: Do they know that we are here too, and that we are already winning the war on another level?

Yes, but they underestimate you, though, even in their own brilliance. Even in their own brilliance they have areas that would be called blind spots. Do you understand? They are so enamored of power that they fight amongst themselves.

Question: But since they know that we are here, wouldn't they want to try to take away our power? Or are they afraid of us? Or would they want to fight us?

Look at your society, what does your society do? Does it strive to empower you, or to take your power away? And so what would you say the answer to your question is? Knowing that these entities infiltrate governmental, religious institutions, and educational systems?

Well, the United States is in for a big roller coaster ride. You have the potentiality to have the suspension of your constitution, to lose many of the rights. Why? Because the humans are entirely too complacent. It is not the Family of Light that is so complacent. You are systems busters. It is the rest of the population that is complacent. That wants to sit back. That is dis-empowered by frequency control, through television and radio. Through all of the things that are designed to create static around the existing DNA.

Question: But all in all, wouldn't they want to -- they wouldn't want us to be here if they know that we are powerful. I have no fear of them. I feel like we are so much stronger. But don't they know that in a way too?

Let us say this to you. As you are representatives of the Family of Light within the human population -- within the human drama -- there are versions of the Family of Light within the reptilian drama. All things must evolve! Remember the Prime Creator -- the original decree? 'Go out and create and bring them back to me. Prime Creator is within all things. And so as you choose to evolve in terms of this human drama, and evolve as human. There are versions of yourselves that are in the reptilian drama. Busting the system open from that end.

Within the drama of the greys, within all of the dramas of all of the humans, of all of the players of this time. Because everyone must go through frequency change. Because the old frequency is not going to last. It is already not here. That is why everything is beginning to crumble and fall apart on your planet. That is why there is no stability, because a new order will arise after a period of time. [They are no doubt referring here to the Holy Order of the Blue Brethren -B:.B:.]

As members of the Family of Light, you bring about this chaos, to bring new order. Do you understand? And if your vibration is fear, it doesn t matter whether it is public fear or private fear or closet fear. If you are going to vibrate in fear, number one, you had best not pretend that you are not doing it. If you find that you have fear, the first thing that you do is acknowledge that. This frightens my wits out of me. l am frightened of this. Then you can begin to work with it. Because as energy becomes so magnified, intensified as it would be. You will begin, especially as you are working with the evolved DNA, and you have an evolved system. You will create with great rapidity whatever it is that you put your emotional charge into.

The knowledge that was stored in the stones of the sacred sites. All of the stones of those sites are usually granite, and there are crystalline structures within the granite. Some of them, of course, are limestone, to keep them from eroding from water. The story is built into the stone -- the stone itself. It is tempered, it is fed, with devices that make sound. It used to be that humans understood the role of keeper of frequency. If you go to Egypt and you look at the glyphs of the walls [cf. Crowley's (Egyptian hieroglyphic) "Stele of Revealing" -B:.B:.], you will see a human being sitting in their strange positions, where they are half one way and half another, and their hands will be over their heads. In between their hands is a zig zag of what would be called lightning. That is a keeper of frequency. It meant that the individual was capable of honing into and broadcasting a certain frequency, and implanting some structures with knowledge through frequency, and not just through the written form. So when one goes to those places, one encounters this.

An interesting thing is that there is a multitude of sacred sites that are still below the surface, or still waiting for a dimensional merge to take place. In the United States there have been many, many ancient civilizations who have participated here, many who left their remnant and these remnants have been covered and buried over quite cleverly, quite purposely. And they will begin to break surface in the ensuing 20 years. Many new discoveries will be brought about, more so than in any other time period of what you call your recorded history. Many have already been uncovered, particularly in the land of Egypt this last year. Because many have gone to break the energy, and yet this has been kept secret, has it not? In Peru was another place where a tunnel system went under the Earth, and a very ancient civilization was introduced by the Bird People [cf. The Aviary -B:.B:.] in the area of Lake Titicacca -- by far older than the Mesopotamian sites -- buried of course under many layers.

Your planet is an exceptionally interesting place. If only those who are receiving information would have greater freedom to disseminate it, everyone's attitude would change, because they would find that Earth was truly a place to Love, not a place to simply survive.

Question: You said that the frequency that we have been operating on is disappearing, or has disappeared?

It has been pierced at this time. In other words, think of the frequency that has limited the human experiment as like a radio station. The human experiment has had one radio station that has been affecting it for 300,000 years with the same old tunes! How do you like that? But the human experiment was unable to turn the dial to hear a different band -- do you understand? The same frequency was broadcast. This creates what would be called a quarantine -- a sealing of your planet -- sealing it off.

The creative Cosmic rays set by the Prime Creator and the original designers, pierce through this frequency seal. And they bombard the Earth. However, they must have someone to receive them. Without a receptacle of these creative Cosmic rays, they would create chaos, havoc, confusion. And so you, as the members of the Family of Light, come onto this system to receive the rays of knowledge, and to disseminate the knowledge, and the new life style, and the new frequency to the rest of the population -- to alter, literally, the entire planet, and the way this paradigm is approached.

Question: In reference to the lizies -- you said, sort of in passing, that they created holograms?

Ah, someone listened here. You are clever. We love it when we throw something out and someone picks up upon it. What kind of holograms have they created?

Question: Exactly. Could you expand upon that? My understanding is that everything is a hologram -- is this all a distortion? And then the second part of my question is that in the Bill Cooper information, he states that the government officials were shown a hologram of the crucifixion of the Christ. Now was that just a fabrication?

All right. Let us give you a little background here, and then you decide for yourself. One of the things that we like to teach you all is for you to decide. We give you information, and you decide what to do with it. You are in charge of you life. We are not.

During the last century, your planet has become very clever with its technologies, yes? Ever wonder where those technologies came from? Well, let us say there was many gifts and many influences that came from off your planet, that have been hushed up. Some information was, of course, brought down to your planet in many different ways, and the technologies brought about changes in lifestyles.

One of the changes in lifestyles would be your cinemas. And a whole new way of influencing thought was brought to the planet by the industry that is called film -- yes? Some of it has been for entertainment, some of it has been for education, and some of it has been purely for brainwashing. Do you understand? It is for you to decide what is what.

Now, being that you are a controlled society -- frequency controlled -- your ability to create technologies is some what limited. In a society that is less controlled -- that has greater outreach or greater travel capabilities through space, and interchange between one system and another, technological advances are quite astounding. And just as you have an industry upon your planet called the movie industry, there are those who are clever in space in the Cosmos and they have what you could call the holographic industry. And they make holographic inserts. They make dramas that look just like they are real. And they insert them, through portals, onto your reality.

Now, you can understand that since these space beings have been around for so long -- hundreds of thousands of years -- and mankind's frequencies has been controlled -- it is quite easy to hoodwink mankind. Yes? Quite easy indeed.

We talked about the portal in the Middle East as being a dimensional doorway -- an entryway onto your planet -- a way for certain energies to find civilization.

Let us clarify something here. When you leave a planetary sphere, and go out into space, once you traverse certain belts of consciousness, you must find the proper portal, to come back onto that planet in the precise time period -- or corridor of time -- that you are looking for -- especially if you are looking for the one that you left from! Your scientifics have discovered this in some of their shots into space. Without the help of off-planet beings, your space program never would have gotten anywhere -- because you must find the portal to come back. There are different portals in different places. There have been beings that have been lost in space, because they could not find the portal. It is the same thing when you go to a planet. If you do not find the portal, and go through the portal that would allow you to have a dimensional merge into their corridor of time, you may enter a very desolate, barren place that looks as if nothing exists there. Do you understand? This is how systems are kept locked -- how they are kept in tact -- how they are prevented from being raided and taken over. Does this all make sense to you?

Now, you have portals in the Southern continent, portals in the North American continent, you have portals, of course, over Asia, China -- and the huge portal that we are presently discussing is the portal in the Middle East -- it is gigantic. Many holographic inserts, dramas, were inserted through that portal to affect the minds -- to effect the beliefs of the population. ["BVM"s anyone? -B:.B:.]

Be aware -- being that this portal is in the midst of crisis, and that it is being fought over that it is prime for a holographic inserts. It is prime for a belief system to alter this chaotic world -- to enter and to get everyone to move in a different direction. Be aware of your feeling centers when these kind of events begin to occur on your planet.

Question: I would like to know what particular holograms those of you of the Pleiades have been providing us?

You are very clever!

Questioner: Well, everyone plays this game, I assume!

Of course! Yes, of course. Because, remember, it is a free-will zone. If you can remember that you exist in a free-will zone we will get to your question in a moment -- if you can remember that you exist in a free-will zone, you can relax. Nothing is going to happen to you, because you are in charge. As soon as you do not live that, and do not believe it, then you move out of charge.

Now, you want to know what, in our cleverness, what we have been up to. Well, we were involved in giving our DNA -- not we, but our ancestors -- were involved in giving information -- DNA -- to the original planners. We have been greatly affected by the frequency control that has been taken over on the Earth for the past 300,000 years -- we have been greatly affected. Whole sectors of the galaxies are under stress and strain at this time, because there seemingly is a war of opposition -- polarities -- what we call the white T-shirts and the dark T-shirts, good guys and the bad guys, the forces of Light bringing information, and forces of darkness withholding information -- withholding the story. That is all that the forces of darkness are -- they don't tell the truth.

All of this brings about a change of frequency-- a need to evolve, a need to grow. During the last 300,000 years, we have, as Pleiadians -- certainly not our group -- we are a new experiment. Certainly our ancestors have been up to their shenanigans on your planet -- bringing a history and a memory to different cultures to different groups. We are associated with energies within the creative process that comes from a family of Bird Creatures [Again cf. The Aviary -B:.B:.] If you study ancient history upon your planet, you will understand -- that just as the lizies have been part of your history, the Bird Creatures -- the Bird man, the Bird Gods, have been a part of your history as well [cf. Ibis-headed Thoth, Hawk-headed Horus, Winged-foot Hermes, Bird-Man Quetzlcoatl, etc. -B:.B:.]

We have been representing, supporting, and guiding the evolution of the Bird consciousness on this planet in many different places. And so our inserts, as it would be, are designed around their dramas. Do you understand?

If you look into your cultures that had some vestige of understanding the Earth; even though they only had two helix, there were those who came from space, and who worked in many different ways with the different cultures, and used the energies of the Birds, the winged creatures. You can look at your Southern continent, South America, you can look in your Native American continent in North America. You can look at the drawings on the walls in Egypt. You can go all over and see the signs of birds and the signs of reptiles. To make the story older, we will say to you that at one time the Birds and the Reptiles even worked together.

And then the Reptiles fought the Birds. The story is much bigger than just Reptiles and Birds, but at this point in your ability to comprehend information, we speak in the easiest way that you can get it. As soon as the picture gets bigger, and as you comprehend it, you make the story larger, because you remember the history.

Question: I am not clear from what you are saying whether those were actual visitations or whether they were holographic inserts?

Let us say that sometimes they were holographic experiences -- when they sought to influence a large group -- in other words especially a viewing in the sky... [Again cf. "BVM" apparitions -B:.B:.]

Question: So in other words, a UFO could well be holographic?

Very well. And yet teachers would come down and work, in what would be called a physical body, sometimes. And sometimes there would be simultaneous holographic inserts of one individual designed in many different fashions -- simultaneously in many different cultures at one time. That is why some of your gods are parallel from one corner of your world to another, where there was no contact. [cf. Our Most Holy Maitreya(tm) -- "All eyes shall see him!" -B:.B:. ]

So, it has been complicated, what has been going on here. Some of you have studied what would be called your UFO Scientifics. They love to fight and pick at each other. They love to discredit and argue and create chaos and confusion. Some of them have begun to figure out that this UFO thing is more like a phenomena. [What can we say? Some of us are further along in this thing than others. -B:.B:.] You see, part of the problem of the UFO Scientifics is that they cannot remove themselves from this paradigm. They must define everything according to their own experience, rather than looking to parallel or different complete experiments, and then learning to plug into them to see what they are, different laws.

So, for example, many of the sightings that are presently being seen in Yugoslavia [i.e. the "BVM" of Medjugorje -B:.B:.] are holographic inserts as well. Do you understand what a holographic insert is now?

Question: The children of Fatima?

Yes, a holographic insert.

Question: Who is sending them?

Well, that is the question who is sending them?

Question: So basically it for us to determine who is sending them?

Yes! You see, it is not our task to say to you, this is good, this is bad, don't go here, don't do this, etc. Although we do say to you -- one of our big don'ts is don't watch television. If you wish to evolve, you do not even want to own one -- you do not want to even have the appliance in the house. Do you understand? And if you have it, unplug it, because it will jam your frequencies over, and over, and over again. So, that is a don't. And that is a hint. We are saying to you that if you do this, you can move along much more quickly.

So what we say to you we give you the story -- or we give you portions of the story so that you can figure out the rest -- and then we teach you the methodologies of how to deal with what your reality is. And then we set you free to do it. Do you understand? We encourage you to go do it on your own -- to come up with your own plan.

Question: What I am perceiving -- is it illusory, is it delusional? I sense that I am looking at the inanimate, hollow, robotic, synthetic, humans -- and I puzzle. Am I seeing a reflection of myself, or am I really seeing...? It makes me back off, because I observe these people for being impostors.

Let us say that what has happened -- and this is not uncommon at all -- it is good that you have brought this up -- it is good that the questions that are spoken to us from one end of the country to the other are the same -- it shows that you are simultaneously evolving. What has happened is that you are no longer asleep. You have disassociated yourself from the controlled population -- because of the blueprint inside of you -- because you came here to disassociate. You came here to be a part of it in order to understand the human dilemma --but then you came to wake up -- to receive all of the information to be a receptacle for the creative Cosmic rays, and allow this process to change you. What has happened now is that quite subtly, moment by moment you have changed so much that everything begins to look different to you. And you begin to see through the illusion. You begin to see through the control of frequency on this planet.

Most humans -- particularly in the United States -- subject themselves to either television or radio. These are the two methodologies that were instituted almost 50 years ago for the sole purpose of controlling human frequency. It has been a very successful marketing plan. Very, very successful.

Question: Why is it that when we live in certain places on the physical planet that we feel in touch with certain magic in our lives, and why in other places we don't?

Let us say this to you. Just as we said that there are portals -- major portals -- where civilizations, intelligences, enter your planet to make an effect upon it, there are different portals that have been built by those who carry Light frequencies. And some of those portals allow a tremendous amount of uplifting energy to come through. And once you live in a place like that, you become so used to the energy that when you are moved from it, you notice the difference.

Now in this area of the world that you are living -- Northern California -- California has agreed to carry a certain frequency of change for the planet. Do you understand? California can be epitomized as another planet on the planet Earth. (laughter) This is its purpose. There is no place on the planet like California. It has a certain frequency -- a frequency of creativity. It is giving its creativity in a free-will way. California has more creativity and more free-will than any other place. However, within that free will, and within that creativity, is not always Light. And so there is a stress, and a pulling, and a pushing of control for many things in this area of creativity. In other words, you have many power mongers, and many Light bearers living here at the same time. When you enter this place, and especially if you enter an area that has been flooded with Light, you begin to feel that change -- to feel the difference in what has been made available to you.

Then you can go to a place like Washington, DC and stay there for a weekend, and notice the frequency there. As you become more sensitive, you notice how different everything is everywhere. And you will find that you will be led to places to broadcast your frequency -- not to rent a megaphone and stand on the street corner -- but to simply live who you are -- to go into the malls -- to go into the shopping centers -- to go into the movie theaters -- to walk the streets -- and to make available your electromagnetic frequency, because it is.

Question: I feel a relationship to the Bird People; and the concept of the angels...

Yes, they are associated -- absolutely. Now there is a question as to who some of those angels are. You must understand that in the terms of your Bible, some of these that were called angels were called angel because -- if you understand the derivatives of words, and that breaking down of words in different language-- the word angel refers to one who was able to move in the heaven. And let us say to you, with clarity, that many of those were called angels because they could move through the heavens, not because they were what you would call angelic beings. Get clear on your definitions. And get clear of how you have been hoodwinked with terms and how you have conceptions of ideas where you define a whole existence of yourself based on a word like angel.

In actuality, many of the reptilians, as they came to mate with their own creation, were space beings. They were not the angels that we believe you were referring to in connection with the Bird Tribes. There have been beings who have been quite literally half bird and half human. Look at the god Horus, from Egypt. The Earth history is fascinating!

All of you are going to experience great sensitivities. You will find that the foods that you loved one or two years ago, you don't like them any more. Because you are so sensitive to the frequencies that go into the food, that you cannot eat them.

Oh, you will find this tremendously so. Our vehicle (Barbara) sometimes wanders around without any idea what she wants to eat, because nothing looks good to her. That is very common, that is part of the process. What you could just grab and eat before, you cannot do it anymore because you are so sensitive, particularly to animals, the vibration, the fear that is in the animals that come out in food.

That is one of the largest ways of affecting the human population. It is diabolical. We will say that again, it is a diabolical way of affecting the human population by feeding the humans animals who are in fear and anxiety as they are killed. There is nothing wrong with eating animal flesh. The animals were designed here to be companions for you, and if necessary, part of your nurturing and your survival. To work with the animal, to ingest the animal, was actually an honor, to become one with it. It is the fact that you are so separated from life, and from consciousness that you act as if the conscious life that is not treated well when it is killed, that you can ingest it and nothing will be lost. No!

Question: I have a question having to do with Light Bearers, and having to do with the fulfillment of the plan of the Earth. I am sure you are probably aware of a being incarnated on Earth who identifies himself as Maitreya. The press release, and the introduction by Ben Creme, says that this Maitreya is indeed a world teacher, and is the Christ, returning to Earth. On one hand, I have an incredible attraction to want to be with him in order to bring more Light to the planet. And yet there is a part of me that is very aware of what you said about measuring the feeling I experience in the solar plexus, as a connection to the higher spiritual life. And I find, in my being with him, that there seems to be a dichotomy between what you are saying about the feeling power, and the mental polarization focused at the third eye. It is confusing for me, can you help me? Is he a great Light Bearer -- this Maitreya?

We would rather leave that for you to discover. We can say to you this, if this will assist you. You have noticed something. When you are clever enough to notice something, do not ignore it.

Question: I am curious about the phenomenon of the circles in the fields in England?

We will speak briefly about that. How many of you have heard us talk about the, language of light geometry? Intelligence, of course, is beyond the spoken word, and beyond the written word -- it is frequency. It sometimes comes in shapes the shape of geometry. Your ancient Pythagoras had a beginning grasp upon this, and his geometry was not understood by others. Geometry is an evolved intelligence -- a collection of experience that can communicate huge amounts of information. These shapes that are all over the planet are put on the planet by sound. Sound above the human frequency, or below the human frequency -- it varies -- were used to implement these language shapes, which many times in the beginning are circles. They will evolve to triangles, they will evolve to lines, and they will evolve to many, many things.

They have been most prevalent in England, and throughout Europe, they are in the Soviet Union, they are in Southern Continent, they are even in the United States, although they are doing a darn good job to pretend that they are not there. We understand that some of your news broadcasters are planning upcoming shows about those lines, and we will see how much they pretend they don't know about them. It is going to be interesting!

So these geometric shapes are like hieroglyphs. The hieroglyphs, or the pictographs, that are on your planet carved in stone particularly in Egypt, but all over the planet. They are what would be called a generation of intelligence. In other words, if one were to read the hieroglyphs based on the Rosetta Stone, the hieroglyphs would say one thing. If one were able to remember the secret language of the priests, the hieroglyphs would say another different story. And if one were able to understand the language of the Gods the Creator Gods they would say something entirely different. These circles and these shapes that are being put on your planet, are being put there to assist you in holding your frequency, in managing it and having the courage to live your light frequency. They make it available in a very subtle way that no one can figure out yet. These shapes are all connected to one another. If they were all written out on some farmers field, something would happen with them immediately.

They are spaced from one continent to another. And they make a frequency band around the planet that will help activate the Earth's gridwork, and will allow you not to feel so weird with what it is that you know, and to feel more comfortable with the changes in frequency as they occur.

That is just a little bit of what they do. Do you understand? They are quite interesting. They are designed and constructed, many of them, by what you would call your ascended masters. There is also a joke behind them too. You must understand that some beings, as they become very evolved, have a tremendous sense of humor, and they see the humor in all things! Evolved beings understand that there is no end.


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