Ted Rice
from a hypnotic regression session


Excerpt from the book:
Masquerade of Angels
1994 by Karla Turner, Ph.D.
Kelt Works Publishing, Roland, AK
ISBN 0-9640899-1-2


Soon he began to get new images, also from his childhood but this time involving his other grandmother, and himself at a slightly older age. Ted struggled to regain a clear sense of vision, but something -- an induced block, perhaps, or his own reluctance -- held him back. And then, as if bubbling up from somewhere deep within him, information began to trickle into his mind. His recollections started in the midst of a bizarre scene unlike anything Ted had ever consciously remembered.

"Grandy is standing on something," he started again, after a long pause. "She seems hypnotized, she's not saying anything. They remove her nightgown, and they've got something like a little drill, touching to the back of her head. They've done something to her, and she's slightly different."

He paused again, as if listening. "They're telling her she's very special," he resumed. "They put a white gown on her and make her look beautiful, or they're telling her she's beautiful. They dress her up and tell her that she's beautiful, and that she's coming to live and work with them."

"How old are you here?" Barbara interrupted.

"I'm ten years old," he said. "I remember this, the room, and these beings around her, and I'm watching. She's not in control, and they're all around her. They've loosened her hair and are showing her how beautiful she'll look when she lives with them. They're preparing her for this. That's all I seem to be able to see right now. And she does look beautiful, and young, too."

Ted stopped again, pondering. "I don't feel like that's all exactly right, though," he admitted. A mental alarm went off, because the words felt false even as he spoke them.

"We want only the truth," Barbara said, "that's what we're aiming for."

"I suddenly felt like that stuff was what they told me I was seeing, but it's not really," Ted said.

"Clarify your vision," Barbara told him, deepening his trance, "and tell me what is really happening."

"She's complaining about the pain," he continued, "and they've brought somebody else in. I feel like they're antagonizing and torturing her. Somebody's come in who says he's my grandfather, but my grandfather is dead. She's arguing with him that it's not her husband, she doesn't care what they say. Somebody's angry. And that's all I can see right now."

"Ted," Barbara asked, "is this the grandmother you were with in bed the night you heard the voice in the room?"


"How old were you when that happened?"


"Let's shift your focus to that night," Barbara directed. "Feel the bed, you're in bed with your grandmother. Feel it, and your memory is perfect. Do you feel yourself there now?""

"Yes," he slurred, sinking deeper into the trance.

"On the count of three," Barbara continued, "you begin to tell me, with truth and clarity, what happened on that night. One, two, three."

"I can hear her voice now," Ted responded. "She's demanding that we be taken home. She's complaining about the pain in the back of her head. She's telling them to get that thing away from her."

"How did this start?"

"I remember we were sleeping," he explained, "and somebody takes me out of the bed. Then the next thing I know, I'm at the side of the room, and somebody who's got a hood over their head is beside me. My grandmother's in the center of the room, they've taken off her robe and put another one on her and done something with her hair. She does look beautiful, but before that they did something with that strange drill to her head. She got very angry, and I think she hit one of them because they were hurting her.

"I'm beginning to see," he said after a short pause, "what she hit wasn't a person. It was one of those dark gray or brown looking men, like a lizard-like man, one of those reptilian beings. They're offering her something to make her young again, and she's angry, refusing to cooperate. She's demanding that we be taken home. This reptilian guy leaves the room, and he comes back with ...oh, this is making my grandmother very upset. They've brought in my grandfather who's been dead a while. He looks young and handsome, and they're telling Grandy that she's to join him."

"How does she respond?" Barbara asked.

"She tells them that it isn't true, that they are lying, that my grandfather is deceased. They're arguing, and she refuses to cooperate. I hear her calling out to Jesus."

He stopped again, listening.

"The reptilian man is talking ugly," he resumed, "and telling her that...

He broke off abruptly.

"What is he telling her, Ted?" Barbara asked.

"He told her that they put something into her head," he said reluctantly, "and that if she doesn't cooperate, it would kill her, and only they can stop it. She still refuses."

"What did they want her to cooperate by doing?"

"I don't know!" he exclaimed, but Barbara directed him to program his inner computer for the truth and then to proceed.

"I can't understand it," he began again. "But it has something to do with sick people."

"Did your grandmother have anything to do with sick people?"

"She could make warts disappear, and things like that. She knew where to get roots and herbs in the woods and use them to make people well. They told her something about sick people coming to her, but she refused to participate. It wasn't for the right reasons, she said. She called on Jesus two or three times. I can hear her saying, 'No, no, I will not!' They're telling her that someone will come and teach her more, but she doesn't want to learn anything from them."

"Why would it be evil if they wanted her to cure people with their knowledge?"

"I don't know, but every time they tell her this, she tells them no. Then the reptilian man tells her she's going to die because she won't cooperate."

Ted became very sad, and then he caught his breath with a start.

"What is it, Ted?" Barbara asked. "What did you just become aware of?"

"He told her he would have my soul," Ted replied, "and they brought me to the center of the room where she is. They're doing something to me. No, she steps in between them. There are several beings around: me, Grandy, this reptilian man, my grandfather. He's standing there immobile, like he's in a daze. She steps in between me and the reptilian man, puts out her hand and stops him. She's telling him that she's not afraid of him, that she's met him before. I don't know after that," he sighed. "They do something, and we're back in the bedroom."

"Do you remember telling me you heard a voice that night?" Barbara reminded him.

"I feel like it was the voice of that man wearing the hood, but I'm not sure."

"She died not long after that, didn't she?"

"Yes, she died two days later of a massive stroke. That day I went to her because I remembered the talking that night in the room. I asked her about it, and she held me and started crying. She told me to forget about it, that it was the devil. Then she got my father to take her back home, and we all went. Less than two hours after we arrived, Grandy had a stroke in front of us and died.

Barbara listened to Ted describe the scene, and as he relived the events, his memory strengthened. He said once again that he had always felt some guilt about his grandmother's death.

"I kept thinking that something I did caused it," he finished.

"What made you feel that?"

"I guess because of what happened during the night. She was trying to protect me."

"Let's get it all out," Barbara said. "Go back and look at the situation."

"This reptilian man was talking about me, when we first got there. It had something to do with my being, and with the other group that had had contact with me. I'm not sure who the other group is. They wanted my soul, and Grandy protected me. She said, 'Jesus will not allow you to touch this child or take him.' That's when he told her she would die."

"Move back to where they're putting the gown on her," Barbara suggested, hoping that Ted's recollections would be clearer and more complete, now that he had begun breaking through the screen sequence. "What is the truth? Tell me the truth about what is taking place. Remove all the blinders, all the veils of deception."

Ted's chest began to heave.

"Oh, no!" he whispered in fright, shaking and panting for breath. "I don't want to look at that any more!"

"You don't have to look any more," Barbara assured him soothingly.

"I don't have to look," he whispered even more fearfully, "because I know, I already saw."

Barbara led him into a more serene state of mind, reminding him of the protective energy he had built around himself. At last he began to breathe more normally, listening to her soft words.

"The reptilian man was wanting to have intercourse with her," Ted said, once he was able to speak again with any control. His voice was more sure, yet tinged with a deep note of sorrow and resignation.

"But she wouldn't allow it. She told him she only did that with her husband, and he was dead. So they brought in the grandfather, and he was having sex with her. But when he got off her, it wasn't him, it was a reptilian man. And that's when she intervened. They wanted me next, I don't know, but I think it was sexual. That's when she jumped in front and blocked the reptilian man. They were arguing, and he told her she would die for that. And she did."

"It didn't seem to matter that she was older?" Barbara asked, referring to the sexual activity.

"They told her they could make her young again."

"Can you describe the situation more completely? How did they do it to her? Was it just the one?"

"There were several in the room, as well as the one with the hood who had been holding me back. I never saw his face very clearly, but when he turned it looked pasty white."

"Did they have her on a table or standing up?"

"Standing up, but leaning back on something like a movable table."

"Do you want to see the rest?" Barbara asked cautiously. "Remember, you said he started coming toward you?"

"Yeah, he wanted me for some reason."

"Do you want to go back and find out?"

"Yes," Ted sighed, "let's go back."

Barbara returned him to a deep concentration and then asked him to look at the scene again.

"What is your grandfather doing while intercourse is taking place?" she asked. "Is he aware?"

"He was doing the raping," Ted tried to explain, "but it wasn't really him. When they brought him in, he took her in his arms and started making love to her. They removed her gown, and she was immobile, not speaking. But when they were finished and he turns around, I can see him. It isn't my grandfather, it's the reptilian man."

"Backtrack a minute," Barbara suggested, "back to where they were telling her about the herbs."

"They were talking to her because she knew a lot about herbs. He tells her that he's got some herbs. Oh," he paused, "oh, they're wanting her to take some of theirs. He's telling her they can exchange information and for her to try his stuff. She takes something they put on her tongue, and I think they gave me some, too.

"They dropped it in our mouths. It was kind of clear, maybe slightly yellow. Everything seems to be centered around Grandy now," Ted described as he relived the event. "She refused to have sex with the reptilian, so they left and hurried back with supposedly my grandfather. By that time, my grandmother seems to be submitting to the sexual situation. She doesn't seem to be resisting. After he's done with her, another one's on her now. Then they take me and lift me up on top of her as if I'm supposed to be having sex with her. But I can't recall any stimulation."

"Does she respond to you?"

"She seems to be kind of out of control."

"That thing they gave you by mouth, did it affect you in any way?"

"I don't think I was sexually excited," Ted said, "but it affected Grandy, like they'd given her some kind of aphrodisiac."

"What's happening now?"

"There's more than one that has intercourse with her," he continued, "at least three. Then the one that looked like my grandfather comes over, and he makes me have oral sex with him."

"So does he have a penis?"

"Yeah, but it doesn't look like a normal man's. It looks more like a male dog, more shaped like a little gun. Instead of just getting an erection, it seems to come out of an encasement like a gun.

"They've moved my grandmother off the table," he said, and they put me on it. It's flat now, horizontal. Then one of them has anal intercourse with me. They say something about the other group that has something to do with me, and it's like they're laughing about it. Like they're making fun of the situation."

Ted's disgust was evident, but he was also bewildered. "I don't know what they're talking about," he admitted, "but it's me. They're doing this to get even, maybe, that's the only way I know how to say it."

"How do you feel while this is happening to you?" Barbara asked. "Are you able to think?"

"I'm crying out for Grandy," Ted said. "I can't seem to feel a lot of pain, but I'm terribly frightened. My hands are clamped down on something, and my ankles, too. When that reptilian came to take me and says they're going to keep me there, Grandy steps in between us. She says, 'In the name of Jesus Christ, I demand that you stop.' She says that for what they've done to us, he will burn in hell forever. He says there is no hell.

"She says, 'You're not going to have our souls.' She rebuked him, that's what made him so angry. She's got me close to her, and they're all standing back, and she says, 'You tricked me, you tricked us.' She's angry about the herbs and what they did to us."

After a brief pause, Ted concluded the recollection.

"That's all I can remember. We have our clothes back on, and he tells her, 'You're going to die for this, because that boy belongs to us.' And then we seem to be back in our bedroom."

"How do you feel now?"

"Repulsed somewhat," he admitted, "angry. Hurt. Glad that I looked at it, but it was so hard to look at. The first regression came easier. They didn't want me to see this one. Old Volmo, my buddy, the reptilian who taught me all those wonderful things, I bet he's the sorry bastard who was doing that to me."

Ted shook his head, overwhelmed and deeply angry.