Brother Neophyte

John Shepherd
Herein we Observe An Eager Neophyte (1=10)

Which Desperately Seeketh Entrance
Unto the Holy Order of the Blue Brethren
via Electronic Communication with the Martians

"For Narrow is The Way and Few There Be Who Find It"

Near Bellaire, Michigan, Brother John Shepherd hath established this Holy UFO Detecting Station in his grandparent's humble abode. Brother John diligently seeketh contact with the Holy Space Brethren From Beyond the End of Time while his Unenlightened grandparents engage themselves in the Hopelessly Mundane tasks of reading the newspaper and knitting -- as befits the Profane.

The Results of Brother John's Fine Endeavour

This picture of the Shepherd house taken soon afterwards profusely illustrateth the results of such Diligent Seeking. Just as it hath been written, "Seek and ye shall find, for the first shall be last and the last shall be abducted."

Let us therefore meditate upon these things

-Brother Blue