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Finds Wackenut's Security Force Website's Digital Signatures on Fraudulent
Messages being placed on ACC's Website by Hackers, who had allegedly
engaged in months of interference in ACC's operations. Suggests that
Wackenhut might be operating a CYBER-TERRORISM TEAM on the WEB.

Cranford, NJ. April 25, 1997

After discovering digital signatures it couldn't identify on its web server in bulletin board messages and access records, ACC installed updated remote host detection code in an effort to determine who or what was behind a concerted effort to interfere with its operations, and that of its Publication Department's On-Line Investigation into the Science of Space Travel, Aerospace Science, and such interesting commentary topics as the alleged 1947 Roswell, NM crash of a UFO, and public reaction to it, and theories about the tragic Kennedy, King and Rabin assassinations.

Round the clock surveillance of its own equipment for three months finally paid off when, after isolating the pattern of fraudulent access to its servers, a message left by a member of the group of hackers engaging in what ACC called "pre-planned, well organized harassment of ACC by wire fraud, email fraud and telephonic threatening", revealed the original digital signature of that user's WEB HOST, and what is now believed to be the origins of the entire group hacking ACC's equipment.

The message, one of hundreds from the same small group of hackers, originated on the servers maintained by Wackenhut International Corporation's "Mail1" server, part of the Gateway used by Wackenhut, a billion dollar International Security Force provider to the US Government, to gain access to the Internet.


Wackenhut's equipment is not set up for Public Anonymous usage, and has extensive security, precluding the possibility that the hackers had hacked into Wackenhut's equipment to use it as a shield, stated an Internet Security Expert employed by ACC.

"This is consistent with a pattern of deliberate abuse of ACC's Web Servers and Email accounts: employees at Wackenhut, using its internal Web Server access accounts and equipment, have apparently been SPAMMING and TERRORIZING the American Computer Company 'Publications Department' which has been pursuing a journalistic investigation of the issues regarding Wackenhut CLIENT's involvement in an alleged cover-up of the capture of a Crashed UFO, kept supposedly at Area 51, which Wackenhut provides inside security services to for the US Air Force," stated a forum supervisor known to the Internet Public only as 'Morpheus' through the On-Line "Alien Science and Technologies Forum", maintained by ACC's Publications Department.

"The real question is, which of Wackenhut's very visible CLIENTs may have commissioned this alleged CYBERWAR against ACC," he added.

The Alien Science and Technology Forum is a light, satiric, educational investigation of scientific issues involving space travel, aerospace science, electronic science, physics, and other areas of research, politics, commerce and human sociology. Among its topics are the infamous Roswell UFO Crash, in the public spotlight recently due to the 50th Anniversary of Roswell held during the Summer of 1997.

During the period, ACC issued a light commentary about the allegations made by one Lt. Col. Philip Corso, Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman and an anonymous Consultant, that started an inquiry as to whether they were correct or not in suggesting such 1940's engineering marvels as the Bell Transistor, were in reality derived from Alien Technology taken off the allegedly downed Roswell UFO.

Within a week of publishing its original story, ACC indicated, its offices had been broken into, it had received classified materials leaked it deliberately by a "consultant" and faxed to it without solicitation, and extensive sabotage of its Web Equipment was already underway.

"We got a reaction to what we thought would be responded to as a humorous story, that we did not expect!" stated ACC President Jack Shulman.


"In fact, we have had millions of visitors come to our web site to find out more (HERE is the strange story of Roswell 1947 is posted) and have by investigation found inconsistencies in the stories about technology transfer both at the Bell System in 1947 surrounding the origins of the Transistor, and at the operation of the Z-Division - which today consists of our Nuclear Defense programs, plus Sandia Corporation, and a half dozen National Laboratories, including Lawrence Livermore, Alamagordo, Sandia, Berkeley, Oak Ridge, Hanford and others. The whole thing has become an exceedingly strange story. The more we try to look away from the odd allegations by Corso, Friedman and others of strange goings on at the National Labs, the more the story draws us back."

"During the time period, the web warfare against ACC by what looked for all the world like a concerted group of fanatical hackers, took on global proportions, including the illegal use of multiple proxies by the hackers to hide their identities from us as they alternately tried to topple our equipment, tie up our staff and equipment, and harassed us with insults, defamation, libel, out and out nonsense, and telephonic and electronic death threats.


This was accompanied by the posting of libelous email to millions of email boxes, all of it very well orchestrated, with, at its epicenter, one or two people using phony names who claimed to be 'UFO investigators', whose source web sites have one unique attribute: the hackers possess extremely rare links to the old-style inward Darpa-net that can not be communicated with by those of us in the outside world easier, perhaps linking them to some unknown Defense Advanced Research Projects site of which we and the Public are unfamiliar, perhaps one used to surveillance and coordinate their efforts on the Internet."

"It wasn't until we finally were able to penetrate a web of proxy misdirection, that we began to get suspicious of WACKENHUT, as they provide security services to the laboratories, Area 51 and commercial providers such as Bell Labs, Rockwell and others, and to the Armed Services and Correctional Centers throughout the US."

"Fortunately for us, their employees got clumsy this week, and when posting the usual round of Cyberwar Transmissions, our equipment was able to identify, for the first time, that these hackers were operating from WACKENHUT's WEB SYSTEMS, hosted for them by Florida Internet (FLINET) near WACKENHUT's West Palm Beach, Florida Mega-Corporate Headquarters.


At this moment it is not clear to what extent Wackenhut's management is involved, were aware, or whether Wackenhut's close affiliation with its client's computer equipment was simply being used as a vantage point to harass ACC from."

"We have asked the Justice Department and the National Security Agency to look into the hacking and intrusion for the possibility that Wackenhut should have its 'sensitive top secret' security clearance revoked until we get to the bottom of this, as the security violations also included one breach into our passwords file by what appear to be a security operative directed by Wackenhut, along with depictions of our executives on the Internet with rifle sight cross hairs added to their images, filing of false registrations with the Internic, and sending of threatening audio transmissions to our voice mail.


It appears likely that intrusions into our web server from what we determined are Classified websites at Wright Patterson Air Force base during the past few months, may also have involved the company's personnel. We commenced a lengthy criminal investigation of the harassment when the individuals involved started posting the telephone numbers and names of Family Members of ACC's executives, encouraging others to harass what turned out to be 80 year old senior citizens and spouses and children. At that point we decided to catch the harassers and seek punitive damages."

"If it turns out that Wackenhut did this thing for a client of theirs, we are going to seek State or Federal punitive damages against Mr. George Wackenhut, the company's chairman, as I am going to hold him personally accountable for the millions of dollars in financial damages he may have caused ACC and for the emotional impact of the threats on my elderly parents, who are in their late 70's and 80's, enfeebled and ill, and I am sure others here who have been harmed by the Hackers are going to do likewise." added Mr. Shulman.

"Its one thing to respond to a humorous look at the lighter side of technology, Space Science and UFOlogy, by posting equivalent information on the Web in your own name. Its another thing to use anonymous user names to go about deliberately trying to destroy someone, and that's what these hackers are trying to do. It became quite clear that these were no ordinary group of typical 'hacker youth' - they have been too disciplined, too regimented and too well advised on using psychology to try to set their opposition off balance.


To some degree they have recruited a few hacker youth to assist them, but that's been done through a SPIDERWEB of lies and deceit. We have been gauging and studying them for a long time, and we have coined a new phrase to describe what may ultimately turn out to be Wackenhut's alleged INTERNET Hacker Team: Cybermercenaries, or CyberMercs for short.


Of course, we want to give Wackenhut a chance to respond in their own defense, perhaps in Court, but since this may involve one of their 'Sensitive Military Area' clients disinterested in our Probe into the Science of UFOlogy and Space Flight and the Science of the US Nuclear Defense Program, we are doubtful they, Wackenhut, will do anything but remain silent or threaten us further.


Last week, someone cloned one of our WEB ADDRESSES using libelous terms in the registration, and one of the Suspected WACKENHUT hackers then posted it to millions of Web Users in an effort to further harass ACC and suppress people publicizing about us.


The Internic transferred the fraudulent registration to our control, but has yet to change its defamatory content, despite our legal protests. This could get very ugly, if ACC has to take further strong legal action and could ROCK the Internet."

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