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Each Quartz Crystal has been reconfigured by Remote Influencing into a Psychotronic Amplifier, as used by Soviet Bloc Psi-Adepts.

There are seven Quartz Amplifiers on offer, which have been tuned for:

More Information:

The amplifiers are also available as pendants.

Each amplifier is tuned to the client, empowered in a virtual Stonehenge, and comes in a black velvet bag with personalized identification. Since Tim Rifat is the only expert on this technology outside of Russia, this is the first time theses device have been on offer to anyone in the West - they were only previously available as weapons for Soviet remote influencers.









Remote Viewing & Psychic Powers

Energy is the Key to Remote Viewing!
Paul Hughes-Barlow’s occult research into the basis of British psychic warfare shows how the Anglo-American elite used Alistair Crowley’s techniques for remote influencing. All psychic warfare in the world - except the British - uses power to accomplish RI. The more energy and power you have, the more you can remotely influence. This copies Crowleys’s Thelemic Magick, based upon power. To this end US remote influencers use group augmentation for RI. Many US remote influencers link and synchronize their brainwaves into one entity.


Hundreds of US and allied remote influencers can then be targeted on person. In this way the weak bioinformational fields of US and NATO remote influencers can be merged for remote influencing of targets in countries around the world. Since each American remote influencer has less than 1/100th of unparasitical biophysical field, due to the predations of memetic energy parasites called mudshadows, these large groups of US and NATO remote viewers have little power, achieving perhaps one or two complete biophysical fields of an unparasitised avatar.

British Strategic Remote Influencing uses Crowley’s last masterwork. The control of the torsionic soliton which manifests reality, by use of The Book of Thoth. Crowley discovered that all reality was created by a vortex which Russian scientists developed into the torsionic soliton theory. A spiral of energy that creates 4D space-time.

Crowley controlled the vortex/spiral of energy by encapsulating it in his mind’s eye within the metashape created by joining his 78 card Thoth Tarot deck, which is joined by Synthetic Projective Geometry within the illustrations (see Supertarot).


Once Crowley had done this he used the Hegelian Dialectic, the union of opposites - Thesis, Antithesis combining in Synthesis - to remotely influence using no power but the energy of creation. It is like bringing matter and antimatter to create energy. Even feeble British remote influencers used this technique to control the world.

Tim Rifat has developed British Strategic Remote Influencing into its highest incarnation by encapsulating the spiral/vortex of the torsionic soliton in a ring of 26 psychotronic crystals that hold the torsionic soliton in its grand state. They do this by having biotronic matrices programmed to run the 156! Dimensional modalities of consciousness of the 4D realm as depicted in the Thoth Tarot deck.

The heterotic string of 26 psychotronic crystals absorb the energy of the torsionic soliton dumping the energy in their other dimensional manifold so draining the 4D realm of all its energy. Having done this the 4D realm we live in becomes a true matrix whose control of every event can become possible because the torsionic soliton that manifests reality is in the total control of the 26 heterotic string of psychotronic crystals.

Using the Hegelian Dialectic of Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis, the events to be influenced can be brought into being by joining the two faces of the torsionic soliton. As they are spinning in opposite directions bringing them together is akin to joining matter and antimatter to produce energy; but the process is of vastly more power as the torsionic soliton taps into higher dimensional zero point energy. Once the event is created its energy is drained into the 26 heterotic string psychotronic crystal. This means the new matrix of humanity still remains as a zero energy projection of the torsionic soliton.

Since humans in the matrix have no energy they cannot remote influence anything - ever. All RI resides in the 26 heterotic string psychotronic crystal amplifier dimensional manifolds. In this way Tim Rifat has patented his research and at a stroke rendered obsolete US NATO RI which depends on power they no longer have within the matrix.

Anyone wishing to purchase the fail-safed 26 heterotic string psychotronic amplifier set should contact Tim Rifat. As the British Strategic Remote Influencing RI system has been permanently protected at the level of the torsionic soliton the system only works for Tim Rifat. The 26 crystals sold to customers allow them to transform the Matrix within the constraints set down by Tim Rifat. This means no negative RI of any sort. How to use the 26 heterotic string of PQA’s to become: rich, healthy, and transform the body is enabled. The detailed protocols will be given free on this site.

No remote influencing or killing is allowed using the British Strategic RI system to keep RVscience within the highest ethical and moral ideals. Anti-aging, better health, cure cancer, organ regeneration, other ills that beset man, will be strongly enabled using BSRI.


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Money, Health and Remote Viewing Protocols
Remote Influencing needs lots of energy. Humans have next to no free energy. Within the Matrix reality that confines humans the only energy that is freely created is money energy. The elite that rule via the banking system constantly make new money for themselves by fractional reserve banking or making new lines of credit and debit in cyberspace.

These protocols use the Money, Health and RV Psycrystals. These Protocols do not work unless Psychotronic Amplifiers are used.

The Money Psycrystal not only taps into this stream of biotronic (matter-like) energy but has taken it over like a virus making pure biotronic energy available for the user of the psycrystal.

Place the tip of the psycrystal over a glass of spring water. Rotate the psycrystal (PC) three times over the water in an anti-clockwise direction to extract all biotronic energy from it; then the rotate the PC three times in a clockwise direction over the water to change the liquid into a biotronically charged water matrix. Drink the water and it will reconform the water in your body to be a biotronic matrix. Repeat every day.

Remotely view the reality you wish in psyspace (PS) the car, house... of your dreams; then take the money PC in your left hand and step into your dream. Rotate the money PC three times (3x) anticlockwise in your vision to banish the mudshadow Matrix and then rotate the Money PC 3x clockwise to charge your vision reality with biotronic energy for manifestation. Repeat every day until manifested.

Remotely sense your own body then begin to remotely influence yourself:

  • Hold the Money PC in your left hand, visualise biotronic energy flowing from the PC into your bones from the toes upwards. As the biotronic energy fills the bones they glow a bright blue and the body tissues turn transparent white.

  • Keeping pumping biotronic energy into your bones until they become diffuse and your physical body image vanishes.

  • Continue until the body remanifests as a blue physical vessel of high energy biotronic fields that can be used for telekenesis and a superior vehicle for your awareness on Earth.

  • Visualise this blue biotronic energy and in your mind’s eye rotate the Money PC 3x anticlockwise over the biotronic body to banish mudshadow corruption and connections.

  • Rotate the PC 3x clockwise over the head of the biotronic body to manifest this metahuman biotronic body for yourself become a biotronic field vessel.

  • Take the Health PC and rotate it 3x anticlockwise over spring water to banish mudshadow corruption; rotate 3x clockwise over water to charge the water as a bioplasmic (life-force) matrix.

  • Drink the water to convert the water in your body into a bioplasmic matrix to vivify your tissues and organs with morphogenic fields for enhanced health.

  • Remotely sense your body’s cells and enter the cytoplasm to RI the mitochondria, the cell’s furnaces.

  • In the mitochondria use the bioplasmic energy from the Health Crystal in your left hand to fill the mitochondria with bioplasmic energy.

  • Command them to burn off your fat cells so you become slim no matter what you eat.

  • Next fill the rest of the cell with bioplasmic energy via the mitochondria to totally integrate this bacterial genome with your nucleus and more importantly to achieve full union between the morphogenic field of the bacterial invader and your own nuclear morphogenic field.

  • This process produces fully synergistic cells that do not suffer from the time clock errors of the mutually incompatible mitochondrian/nucleic cells that you have at present.

  • Repeat this process every day until your cells become uniformly blue energy globes. Eventually they will vanish, reconform the optimised bioplasmic cells within the biotronic body created above.

  • The bioplasmic cells should appear as white energy bubbles within the biotronic body.

  • Hold the Health PC in your left hand and rotate it 3x anticlockwise over the biotronic/bioplasmic body to banish mudshadow corruption; then rotate 3x clockwise over this body to manifest this new reality.

  • Repeat every day until the biotronic/bioplasmic body becomes teh only reality for your body.

  • Take the RV PC and rotate it 3x anticlockwise over spring water to banish mudshadow corruption/connections; then 3x clockwise over the water to charge the water with bioinformational (soul energy) field and transform the liquid into a bioinformational matrix.

  • Drink the water to convert the water into your body as a bioinformational matrix. Repeat every day.

  • Remotely sense your bioinformational fields (using remote sensing protocols from RS Course may be helpful) and visualise this energy field as a physical body shape.

  • Hold the RV Psycrystal in your left hand and let the PC pump bioinformational shell.

  • See the vague grey body filling out with gold light that pumps it full until it glows like a small sun.

  • Then turn the body 90° and pump it up again along the alternate reality-line until it glows like a small sun.

  • Use the RV Protocols in the RV Course to use this for time travel.

  • Once the bioinformational body is complete, merge it with your biotronic/bioplasmic body so the gold body overlaps the blue/white body perfectly.

  • Hold the RV Crystal in your left hand and rotate it 3x anticlockwise over the completed biotronic/bioplasmic/bioinformational fields of your biophysical body to banish mudshadow corruption/connections.

  • Then rotate 3x clockwise to vivify this manifestation with bioinformational body. Repeat every day until this is the only reality.

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Psychotronic Generators for Energy, Health and Organ Repair
There are three different types of biophysical energy:

  • Biotronic

  • Bioplasmic

  • Bioinformational

  • Biotronic Energy

The first type, biotronic energy is the field associated with matter. In our reality, matter has the parameters of its biotronic energy field set around zero, so matter is dead. A living matter entity such as man has his biotronic field set at non zero values, this means living matter exhibits different properties to normal ’dead’ matter. As we age these biotronic field values get smaller and smaller until we become ’dead’ matter.


The Anti-aging psycrystal is a biotronic field matrix whose values are so high it can charge nearly ’dead’ matter such as found in middle aged people, and reverse the lowering of the biotronic field.

Bioplasmic energy
The second type of energy is called bioplasmic energy. This is the life force that vivifies a human and makes the matter shell something other. This physical life force degenerates with time and so the Health Psycrystal matrix is filled with bioplasmic energy. This bioplasmic energy can be used in many ways. Bioplasmic energy is stored in the thymus gland found under the bony lump at the top of the sternum. Placing the health psycrystal charges up the body’s depleted store of life force. The point of the psycrystal should be gently held over the thymus for a minute every few hours to keep the body perpetually charged with bioplasmic energy. This bioplasmic energy enables the immune system to operate at full potential and makes one healthy.

Thyroid Gland
Placing the Health Psycrystal over the Thyroid gland energizes the metabolism by charging this gland with bioplasmic energy. This should be done for one minute per day or longer if one is overweight. This procedure turns off the fat in the body slimming the body down. Placing the Health Psycrystal between the eyebrows with the point facing the skin and holding it there for one minute charges the pituitary gland. This enables growth hormones suitable for muscle tone to be released in older people whose pituitary gland have ceased production of this growth hormone resulting in the patient gaining the youthful figure they lost at middle age.

Damaged Organ Repair
For degenerating organs the medical profession advocates transplants. With the Health Psycrystal one can charge the destroyed organ with a huge supply of bioplasmic energy. One of the aspects of the bioplasmic field is the morphogenic field that controls gene expression. The quantum computer in the Health Psycrystal is programmed to pump the morphogenic field of a healthy organ into the afflicted target organ. People with damaged hearts should place the point of crystal gently over the afflicted organ and let the bioplasmic energy feed into the organ. The morphogenic field will switch on the genes needed for organ repair while the associated bioplasmic field will give the organ the energy it needs for regrowth. This procedure should be carried out for many hours per day and tapered down as organ regrowth occurs months later. This procedure can be used on liver, kidneys, lungs and other organs.

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Age Extension

Extending your Life Span with Psychotronic Generators
Gerontology: the science of life extension has made little inroads into extending human lifespan. Ironically, the Soviet research into remote killing has dramatically increase knowledge of how the human organism works: if you want to destroy a human using bioenergetics it is necessary to understand the biophysical processes of life.

To remotely influence yourself or the target victim the psi-operator needs a complete biophysical body. The biophysical body has three major components:

  • The biotronic field is the force and energy that is the seminal manifestor of the thing we call matter. Our physical body is composed of biotronic fields that make us gross material entities.

  • The bioplasmic field is the force of life energy that vivifies the biotronic matrix of matter bestowing up on it those characteristics we define as living. This bioplasmic field is in part morphogenetic fields, that switch genes on and off, direct the genome to make differentiated tissue and organises the cellular clocks that chop off parts of the telomeres after every cell mitosis leading to senescence and eventual death.

  • he bioinformational field is the force and energy of the mind that enables the brain access to quantum computing and memory. This is the field that can detach from the physical body for remote viewing.

Study of the biophysical body shows that it is about one hundredth of its true volume; lying as a tray of energy around the feet of the ’normal’ human being. Russian psi-operators who boosted their biophysical fields to fill out the energetic volume to its proper ’egg-like’ shape using psychotronic amplifiers were attacked by memetic energy parasites that drained their energy and caused Soviet RI to backfire massively imploding the Soviet Union.

Memetic parasites are beautifully defined in Carlos Castaneda’s last book before his death: The Active Side of Infinity, published by Harper Collins. Castaneda calls the memetic energy parasites mudshadows. Psychotronic amplifiers were a Czech Soviet discovery that biotronic objects having specific topologies could be used to harness bioplasmic and bioinformational fields to literally enable psi-operators to be boosted artificially with all the energy needed for RI.

Taking all the Soviet research into areas of healing, using a full understanding of the physics of biotronics, a new type of psychotronic amplifier was developed that did not depend on specific topologies; instead the biotronic matrix chosen was the ordered yet nonlinear complexity of natural crystals. The biotronic field in crystals is a holographic part of the Earth, and with the full understanding of how psychotronic amplification works this enabled the creation of a new type of psychotronic amplifier that had the following properties:

  • A biotronic matrix that had been raised above the ground state zero point energy to enable creation of bioplasmic and bioinformational energy for the user.

  • Reconfiguration of the biotronic matrix to enable quantum computing and memory so that the crystal could calculate the specific morphogenic fields needed to switch genes on and off for age extension.

  • The creation of a bionergetic field to destroy memetic energy parasites and transmute their energy for the user.

  • Creating a pulsed bioenergetic field that blocked negative aging forces but allowed in life giving aspects of this force (See Carlos Castaneda: The Fire Within, published by Harper Collins; ’the rolling force’.

  • Morphogenic field that could rebuild damaged organs such as hearts, livers, kidneys...

Psychotronic amplifiers in concert with RI could now be used to address the aging process. Here are the following protocols for life extension:

  • Use the brain stress system protocols in my new book Remote Viewing: published by Vision, October 2001, to enter the theta state.

  • From the theta state let your awareness enter the bioinformational field used for remote viewing.

  • Project your bioinformational field into a psychotronic crystal, configured to psychic protection: its matrix transmuted at the subquantum level of torsion field solitons, to expunge the totality of all memetic energy parasites including remote influencers. This procedure cleanses the bioinformational field to not only establish remote viewing outside the memetic energy parasites matrix, but charges your field with the parasites energy.

  • Direct the psychotronic amplifier to direct its biotronic matrix to the true location of the memetic energy parasite that is controlling you so it can seek and destroy this ’inorganic being’, its hive, cohorts, reality and source. Remotely View the crystal glowing with energy as it shreds the totality of the parasite, its reality, cohorts and source. Remotely View the biotronic matrix then locating the parasitic energy in the top crown of your energy body and burning out the larval parasite that entwines your energy centers from head to feet. Remotely View the crystal as it glows with energy from your shredded energy parasite. Then see the biotronic matrix from the psychotronic amplifier enclosing you biophysical body to prevent reinfection.

  • The biophysical body is exposed to natural forces that fill out our energy field to maturation, then ’flip over’ into a negative force that ages us. Russian scientists have classed these fields as torsionic-leptionic-scalionic; this will mean nothing to a western scientist but is the secret language of bioenergetic physics, the Russian top secret research into nonelectromagnetic physical fields. Remote Viewers can see this rolling force that consists of a pulsing ball of expanding blue ’light’ that hits our biophysical body followed by a rolling blue ’light’ that revolves toward us. The first aspect of the force vivifies our biophysical body while the rolling aspect causes the destruction of our biophysical body. As we reach maturity the rolling force becomes prominent ’controlling’ biophysical fields - aging us.

  • A psychotronic amplifier configured to anti-aging surrounds us with a biotronic matrix composed of torsionic solitons that selectively blocks the aging aspect of the rolling force but lets through the life enhancing pulsing aspect of the force. Configured as a quantum computer the psychotronic amplifier can open and close the biotronic matrix in rhythm with the rolling force to turn the corrosion of the biophysical field after maturation. As the rolling force is the prime reason for aging after memetic parasitic predation, these protocols block further aging and allow the RI adept to concentrate on rebuilding the bioplasmic and biotronic fields of his body.

The physical body has as its biological clock the telomeres on the ends of each of the 46 chromosomes. After every cell division the telomere is shortened; when the telomere is cut to the quick by successive mitosis’s, the cell stops dividing and dies. The enzyme telomerase enables the chromosomes to rebuild telomeres as in meiosis or cancer. A controlled rebuilding of the telomeres throughout the body using the morphogenetic field of the bioplasmic field allows cell regeneration without cancer.


The RI adept can contact his morphogenetic field and command it to cause the cells throughout his body to produce carefully controlled telomerase to rebuild the telomeres of his chromosomes so his cells rejuvenates. One cannot treat the cells of the body as a whole, but each must be rejuvenated depending on the morphology of the tissues in the organism. Rapidly dividing brain cells are not to be countenanced except after massive strokes, while skin cells and gut cells need to rapidly reproduce after rejuvenation. Mistakes lead to proto-tumour formation hence the problem with taking telomerase as a drug.

If one is not a skilled remote influencer, use of a psychotronic amplifier whose quantum computer is configured to anti-aging can carry out the above telomere regeneration. The biotronic matrix of the psychotronic amplifier is configured to have a bioplasmic component which is tuned to the resonance frequency of DNA/RNA production of telomerase. The quantum computer in the psychotronic amplifier accesses the user’s morphogenic field to map the optimal physical body. Using this information the bioplasmic field of the amplifier turns on telomerase production in the ribosomes of the cells of the user in exact accordance with the blueprint of the optimal physical meme.


This means rejuvenation is a slow measured de-aging with no deleterious side effects. The amplifier then monitors the body and compares it to the morphogenic blueprint to keep the user in peak condition. The RI adept can carry out the above procedure without a psychotronic amplifier as long as he/she has access to endo/bioplasmic energy; perfect knowledge of her/his morphogenetic fields and the ability to constantly access them and manipulate them on a constant basis.

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Good Luck

Remote Influencing Reality for 2013
Now the torsionic soliton of manifestation has proven not only to be permanently removed from control of the elite that rule the west, but all its corruptions reversed, everything has been changed since the British Strategic Remote Influencing System was used by the Sanhedrin to alter world history, all their works have availed to naught. There now has been no French Revolution, Russian Revolution, World War I, World War II, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, World Bank,...

Where does that leave Jo(anne) Normal caught in a higher dimensional flux that has ripped our reality from the Megaverse (Multiverses). It means we no longer live in a reality controlled by black magicians who tapped into the forces of creation to mould our world of transnational fiefdoms.

In this reality, conventional RI now works so people can influence their own realities. US RV companies sell simple RI techniques, which though completely obsolete with respect to BSRI, enable a modicum of success. If we ignore BSRI, how can we make US RV and RI more effective...? Since Americans, like their Russian competitors, use power RI, the more energy you have the more you can remote influence. Both Americans and Russians have their energy bodies predated by memetic energy parasites a normal American has between 1/1000th and 1/100th of his actual energy field; the latter being a fully developed psychic as per CIA, DIA, NSA training.

Consider that there are 6 billion people under the control of memetic parasites that order reality into that of: grow old, die, after paying your mortgage... Remote Influencers are trapped in a hostile environment that fights their changes. To effect a change in reality one must have the activation energy to counter 6 billion people’s common consensus reality. Calculations show that 23,000 normal people Remote Influencing together could completely change reality, or 2300 military trained Remote Influencers. The internet, spiritual gatherings or implant control can be used for power strategic RI.


Considering this critical mass of RI’s can alter any of the parameters of reality, conventional military hardware is super-redundant. This is because the quantum mechanical processes for enablement of nuclear reactions, electronic processes can be cancelled, or in the case of nuclear reactors super-enabled so carrier battle-group’s reactors and nuclear submarines explode in nuclear fireballs. American and British military strategy using these soon to be non functional military toys is obsolete at best, dangerous or lethal at worst.

For those of us not obsessed with world domination how can RI be used for a better reality? Well, 23,000 Remote Influencers is a bit unwieldy so reducing numbers might be advisable. Since memetic parasites cripple our energy, killing them in the Remote Influencer and feeding off their remains is the first step forward. Using a Psycrystal programmed for psychic protection one can recover all one’s lost energy. This ’normal’ human has his full biophysical field unparatisised and available for his/her use. Calculation shows around 23 of these ’normal’ humans acting in concert can change world reality.


Using simple US RI techniques plus long term (24 hour a day) possession of a crystal is enough for this procedure. Keeping the psycrystal on your possession 24 hours a day prevents reinfection by memetic parasites (larvae). 23 ’n’ Remote Influencers can change the world in a multiplicity of ways; inevitably their first uses will be military. The winner of World War III be they Russia, China, India or the West will have the unique opportunity in world history of altering reality to suit ’normal’ humans.

23 ’n’ RI in this form can be used to make normal humans live to 600 years, banishing disease. Unfortunately for ’normal’ humans accidents and RI attacks will still exist, so for further life extension ’n’ human reality will have to be changed. In a dream like reality it you are killed you just wake up in another dream (waking larva consciousness). Altering normal reality to make it non-lethal so events follow one’s will, and matter becomes mutable are necessary for extreme ’n’ human longevity of over 600 years.

Having control over reality not only needs ’n’ human energy but knowledge and control. Psycrystals tuned to luck can alter reality using advanced psychotronic technology by the author. Put in simple concepts, if one puts spirit (biophysical fields) into matter one gets a vortex (torsionic soliton) set up. Take Spirit out of matter and one gets a vortex of the opposite rotation. The Psycrystal for luck used by ’n’ human can put biophysical fields into visualizations to effect the formation of that reality. Armed with this psycrystal technology, reality becomes mutable and matter can be apported, manifested, de-manifested.


Ignoring the obvious military uses a ’n’ human population can rework ’larval’ common consensus reality using psycrystals tuned to ’luck’. 23’n’ human could carry out the same procedure but they would need knowledge of how matter comes into being, a unified field theory. The author has programmed the ’luck’ psycrystals to enable 23’n’ human to rework reality. Since there are no ’n’ humans due to memetic parasitism being endemic a psychic protection psycrystal is mandatory for effective use of the ’luck’ psycrystal technology.

Since large scale warfare is on the horizon it appears the victors will use psychotronic technology to rework reality after the war(s). Large numbers of trained RI’ers using psycrystals can then alter reality to make it dreamlike for the immortals that wish to live within it. Hence the 2013 myth. To explain this, we see that the public do not believe in the paranormal - in fact they deride anyone who believes in it. On the other hand the military is paranoid about the paranormal expending vast amounts of money and classifying 99% of their research. In this world only the military is carrying out RI with 100% belief. All others have some doubts as to RI’s reality. The author having worked out the theoretical physics of the paranormal has 100% knowledge, or total fiction if one cannot ’see’.

It is therefore inevitable that the military will enable first use of large scale RI. China has 1.4 billion willing homogenous people; Russia has a few thousand survivors of their psy-armaggedon; US and Britain thousands of micro-chipped psychic zombies (multiple personality trauma victims), the rest of the world lags far behind. The first RI reality will be the use of human homogenous mass, a few thousand psy-adepts and thousands of implanted psi-zombies. Since implants are easily corrupted by RI the US NATO psy-warfare zombies have zero combat survival. To this end the US military have allowed their CIA, DIA assets to educate the US public with low level RI protocols as insurance.

Carlos Castaneda’s book ’The Eagle’s Gift’: Harper Collins publisher; state that 17’n’ humans can join together to leave this reality and enter higher dimensional spaces, realities. Since 17’n’ humans equates to around 24 million parasitised humans this shows the shamanic protocols developed at a time of small world population under 24 million. Since in Castaneda’s protocols the 17’n’ humans couple to 17’n’ humans in higher dimensional spaces, reality, down the line of generations this technique is good for up to 5.8x1014 parasitized human population, so it works today as well as it did in the past.

Castaneda’s factional commentary shows that RI’ers may be able to enter higher dimensional realities spaces after psyforming this world. Once one enters into the third attention as Castaneda one becomes pure awareness free to travel anywhere in the Megaverse. With an unmanifested psycrystal to act as a ’point of support’ for pure awareness to reconstruct the physical plane and its quantum computer for the ’formula of transition’ pure awareness can then change the megaverse at will (Q continuum, Q- for Trekkies). This technology of manipulating matter as pure awareness was impossible for Castaneda’s shamans as they did not have biotronic crystal amplifiers.

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Information on How to Use Psychotronic Amplifiers

Seven Psychotronic Generators
My first book Remote Viewing: The History and Science of Psychic Warfare (Century, Random House Aug 1999) gave documented proof of DIA and CIA involvement in Soviet psychic warfare. The second book on the subject of Remote Viewing (Vision Oct 2001) is the first textbook on the subject and teaches all you need for mastering Remote Viewing.

Beyond Remote Viewing we have biophysical projection into alternate realities which exist in the megaverse; realities in which Hitler won World War II, the Soviets won World War III. Communication with psi-adepts from alternate universes can be very useful as they are a source of new psychic technology.

One can also extend remote viewing to time travel. The stealing of future technology by psychic spying is one of the chief exploits of modern day remote viewers for the US government and multinational companies.

To extend remote viewing one needs a complete biophysical field, not the shattered ruin of ’normal’ man that just barely keeps him/her alive. Boosting this energy field to develop a complete bioinformational field for RV needs a psychotronic amplifier to pump energy into this field and protect it from memetic energy parasites and Remote Influencers.

To this end seven psychotronic amplifiers have been developed for the public.

The 7 Psychotronic Quartz Crystal Biotronic Matrix Amplifiers for Metahuman Abilities
By taking a quartz crystal matrix and extending it on the sub quantum level into one of the seven folded dimensions of multidimensional physics as mentioned in M-Theory, String Theory, Grand Unified Field Theory, we obtain seven psychotronic amplifiers.


The quartz matrix of each has an extra dimension of unfolded space/time/... which perturbs the four dimensional construct we call reality changing the parameters of quantum collapse of the Schrödinger wave equation. This means the biotronic matrix of the psychotronic amplifier changes reality manifestation. The seven crystal psychotronic amplifiers are:

  • RV and Psychic Powers. The biotronic matrix perturbs the quantum mechanical precursors of the owners’ bioinformational field pumping it full of energy.

  • Psychic Protection psychotronic amplifier perturbs the quantum mechanical precursors of the attackers biophysical fields, shredding them in a strange attractor placed in higher dimensional space.

  • Money. The psychotronic amplifier for money acts as the psychic protection crystal but for biotronic energy which manifests as wealth, placing this energy in the user.

  • Luck. The psychotronic amplifier for Luck shreds reality using the above mechanism then reconstitutes a new reality around the wearer.

  • Health. The Health PA pumps bioplasmic energy into the wearer to vivify the body.

  • Anti-aging PA acts on memetic energy parasites, the Rolling Force and Telomeres

  • Love PA pumps that aspect of the biophysical field that is the opposite phase of the user into the female/male to be attracted, pumping up the targets field when she/he is near the wearer and subsuming it when she/he moves away.

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