16 November 2003

Just so everyone knows, Dr Burisch is now getting printouts of the thread, so rest assured he knows of your questions, even if I didn't get to ask them.

Here it is:

Dan Burisch: There?
DonDep: god yes, with tears too
Dan Burisch: standby will connect - when you get an image, call him.
DonDep: we're trying to do what's right for us humans, Dan.  I think it is very possible the people who have told you what is supposed to happen or not may be misleading you
Dan Burisch: Hello? ID?
DonDep: I know all about the interaction with the MiBs, and "all is not what it seems"
Dan Burisch: Reviewer #?
DonDep: Dan, it's Dondep
Dan Burisch: Oh, okay...hi!
DonDep: really me. Thanks for the smile....I'm shaking at the moment.
Dan Burisch: Okay...so for a verification that this call is sent authorized.
DonDep: your fellow humans have authorized it!
Dan Burisch: Okay...go ahead. You have video? You have video?
DonDep: yep! looking for the tongue emoticon!
Dan Burisch: Caught me eating!
DonDep: take a bite for me!
Dan Burisch: Bagels! This is neat, what's up?
DonDep: just had corned beef...
Dan Burisch: Cabbage? I love cabbage!
DonDep: well, we're standing by trying to help you decide the fate of the world.....literally! damn...where's my emoticons!
Dan Burisch: Naaaaa. God will do that!
DonDep: He has entrusted some of it to you....for sure! You have the humility, we know
Dan Burisch: Just for looks! What he has entrusted with me over the last 24 hours is a headache.
DonDep: yes, we have em too right now...
Dan Burisch: I found a match to the template the GP adds to a dead cell...in an unusual place....  inside of the low density areas of the GP protocells as the GP activates...that gave me one.. unexpected.
DonDep: You see, someone told us something has to happen within this 24 hour period
Dan Burisch: No, the key is...nothing is going to happen (respecting I think to what you refer) within this 24 period. Here I set with head in hands....
DonDep: that's what we're worried about. I'm just a lowly citizen, looking for patterns....
Dan Burisch: So am I!
DonDep: you see, I DO know how to quote you!
Dan Burisch: I have received a download of the GLP forum and list updates from Skywatch.
[here Dan waved a ream of GLP downloads]
Dan Burisch: Ya. Interesting stuff.
DonDep: This someone is the person that told me the name of your friend. He must know something!
Dan Burisch: I read.
DonDep: wow! you should join the conversation directly! take a load off my soul why doncha!
Dan Burisch: He hides lies under the truth. Wish I could...very honestly. Some are calling me....
DonDep: is he part of the group that has been hiding the truth from we citizens?
Dan Burisch: spewing nonsense...like that one. Yes. Others are asking whether I am starting a cult! I find one thing interesting... When the public (and mostly me) only knew of the possibility of a catastrophe...
DonDep: ya, they think I'm a high priest or something too..... we're just humans trying to do the right thing, aye?

Dan Burisch: they didn't come out with such "as steely knives". Once I said (what I have since found out) that such a thing is NOT a certainty, they want me ripped and torn.  I feel this is a reaction to some of the things that they hate about their own lives, that they wish for a great change...  I would only hope that they would take their energies off me, and do something positive for people around them.
DonDep: so how come there are real beings from our future? how does that square?
Dan Burisch: Look... All I know FOR SURE...I MEAN REALLY FOR SURE...

1. Is that I have met one.

2. That I have read what I have read about the DCTP. 

3. That the DCTP is taken as an article of Standard Operating Procedures for people around me. 

4. and that my personal philosophy.. together with...  well...we will just call it prayer in this medium...  tells me that it is real.

Others are very welcomed to disagree, or whatever. It's okay by me...doesn't change my present conditions, responsibilities, etc..... sb I am getting rid of my plate. Okay back.
DonDep: Does the DCTP explain then how it is possible for beings from the future to come back in time to us, and also for us to change things with our current free choice? How does that explain IMINVSBL's explanation of what they did with your parents and wife?
Dan Burisch: One message on the Skywatch list I LOVED!!!!
DonDep: (can you share?)
Dan Burisch: Well...most of my philosophical pursuits deal with esoteric/metaphysical/religious/faith issues...the physics issues were related in the documents, and while I have had some pretty good mathematical training (the calculus and stuff like that)...the physics math...very dense in the document I read, got by me. What I know I know, what I don't I don't. The DCTP was explained, in the non-discipline areas of the books, as a stack of cards. The more we muck around, the more cards get stacked into our reality. That I could get my mind around...but, as what the case with the King Tutts at Shady Rest,  I was much more interested in two things...

1. Where was my friend (the J-Rod) from and how. 

2. What issues involving the biological sciences were affected by this so-called doctrine.  I spent more of my time. Specifically issues involving evolutionary paradigm.  absorbing that information.

DonDep: to quote you again, "I don't do things without a reason". I don't think this IMINVSBL told us this stuff about your family without there being some kind of truth to it. Did you read what he said on your printout there?
Dan Burisch: What I have taken from the DCTP is that when the J-Rods and others transfer back in time, they are allowed to overlay a temporary card onto the stack. When they leave, as individuals, each card is successively removed, while the memory of the event (card) remains with we and they. We now, and they in the future.  Yes I have.
DonDep: In fall 1979, I underwent an experience I called then the "Ultimate Paradox",....
Dan Burisch: go ahead
DonDep: I was not abducted or anything like that, but I watched as the physical planes of existence altered before me, like a Picasso painting
Dan Burisch: Not joking, but nothing like DMT or anything like that?
DonDep: I was stunned and devastated, wanted to go out and tell the world the secret of reality, but knew they would "put me away" if I did so. no drugs at that time, Dan, no no conditions I have lol other than an overly-enquiring mind....
Dan Burisch: Okay...is the leading to people in white coats on the way for me? Okay...
DonDep: love that smile!  no, I realized that the only way to fight this thing was through the "feeling"; call it love, the Holy Spirit, whatever.,,,,
Dan Burisch: Fight?
DonDep: that there was a good energy that animated the paradox, and only by exercising it can we overcome it. I don't know if it has a bearing on this conversation, but I thought it important to share that. I believe in transparency, and see no reason for the kind of secrecy that has kept us in the dark. yes, the Ultimate Paradox was the devastating realization that....ultimate comedy is ultimate tragedy, etc. and vice-versa.
Dan Burisch: Well...it does have bearing and believe it or not I can illustrate the relevance from what I was going to say a moment ago...if I may...  I believe the same...however... we find people like...well...we will call her (or him) Joni, and we will imagine her (or him) as being a contributor on Skywatch.... This Joni took statements I said...such as "It helps to know Hebrew"...and twist it to be an attack on all those that don't know Hebrew...Quite a brand of logic...
DonDep: exactly! go on!
Dan Burisch: The readings from the Rezial Book would be much easier known if one does know Hebrew...what was misread was the analysis of my intention...I DON'T KNOW HEBREW!!!
DonDep: lol!!!!
Dan Burisch: I was talking, in reality, about myself. Then...
DonDep: see, ultimate humility is ultimate nobility!
Dan Burisch: I was accused of misstating the Torah...  I was referencing from Jewish mystical work...not the Torah...I will not be freed to speak of the Torah...per say...aside from an analysis of the Garden scenario that NO ONE wants to really hear... until after my 40th. Birthday...
DonDep: actually, a few of us WOULD like to hear of that...especially in light of that snippet from your DNA page, or the Tree of Life with the Voynich Manuscript
Dan Burisch: It is on my 40th. Birthday that the two Rabbis with whom I have the honor to consult, will present me with a copy of the Zohar.  sb thinking about this one my friend.
DonDep: "proceed at your own pace" {Bill Hamilton}
Dan Burisch: Is Bill there...or was that taken from a transcript...?
DonDep: from the transcript....really tiring!  nope,,,, Bill's not here.
Dan Burisch: Oh well...would have been nice. I am under the impression that people have picked up on the relevance of the Voynich Manuscript.  It seems to be, indeed, what was presented of it by the IMINVSBL character.
DonDep: we have picked up that it was relevant, and urgently so by the "Other" faction
Dan Burisch: Let me proceed this way... If Adam was a real person...  then this real person would have some kind of genetic structure...yes? Now...please understand this conversation is somewhat diverting from Voynich (Roger Bacon's document)...  it goes to some personal theory that may be derived from what the J-Rod told me. This is to say...
DonDep: referring to the "man" image in your J-Rod telepathic explosion.
Dan Burisch: it may only be a reflection of what the J-Rod knew would be my own musings... Yes. Are you familiar with how cells divide? basically?
DonDep: basically yes
Dan Burisch: eukaryotic ones. Okay... You are familiar with the sex chromosomes of human beings...that is male: XY, female XX.
DonDep: (one of our 'motley crew' can interpret if I can't) yes, familiar
Dan Burisch: Prefer KISS! Went to the concert a couple weeks ago!
DonDep: saw them live, you know!
Dan Burisch: plus Aerosmith.
DonDep: maybe you'd actually like our band's music! we WILL rock you!
Dan Burisch: ?
DonDep: mindshaftrock
Dan Burisch: Queen, my favorite.
DonDep: mindshaftrock.com
Dan Burisch: CD available?
DonDep: all music free for uploading  on site
Dan Burisch: I'll get it.
DonDep: now back to the science
Dan Burisch: Are you familiar with legends about Lillith? Not really science, maybe. The alleged first wife of Adam?
DonDep: Jewish legend? yes, somewhat...
Dan Burisch: I believe so, also mixed into other cultures. What if... there was a tiny confusion as to what the Adam was...
DonDep: ???
Dan Burisch: We know, from scripture...
DonDep: you mean, whether Adam was humanoid?
Dan Burisch: that Adam was set into a deep sleep and a rib was taken from him to create Eve (life)... No...he was human.
DonDep: the Bible story, literally, go on...
Dan Burisch: What if the rib was a fragment of an X chromosome, with tinkering... created to become a Y. If you look closely at images from a human karyotype, you will see the differences between the X and Y. Adam may have been more female, taking the feminine of the Shekinah, than most males would like to imagine at this stage in our cultures. Should Adam have possessed 3 X's, with 1 dormant as a so-called. Barr body.
DonDep: hermaphrodite??
Dan Burisch: Not really. Sexless. as we would account for it today. No need for such Knowledge then.
DonDep: as Akhenaton (sp?) supposedly was, in Egypt? "No need for such knowledge"....?????
Dan Burisch: and a rib (portion of a chromosome removed)...possibly...but then there is also lore that Akhenaton (best I could do too! )...may have been  related to the person known as Moses...but that I really don't know. Why knowledge of sex? or sexual orientation, pleasure...etc...if the whole world was oriented into a stability not requiring it.  ? anyway...
DonDep: so, possible then that Adam was an anomaly?
Dan Burisch: Let's posit something here...
DonDep: okay
Dan Burisch: Ready for the ride?
DonDep: ready!
Dan Burisch: Okay... Let's posit that future humanity, wanting so desperately to preserve themselves after a catastrophe... went back in time to the dawn of humanity. Found our own progenitor and made those changes that they felt would ultimately (because of their arrogant beliefs in understanding evolution and DNA)... prevent their own problems. So, a triplex, triple X (now under a duplex state known as a superfemale...much different than the Adam triplex state)...
DonDep: triple DNA helix, or no?
Dan Burisch: made an alteration which caused a transformation of Adam's state from XXX to XYX.  Adam..yes...we...no. Once the change had been made...and the "rib" was taken from the one X chromosome, creating a Y chromosome... The XYX individual separated to become one XX (one X that had copied itself through an altered cellular, machinery, leaving the new "female" EVE in a duplex XX state, and the progenitor, Adam, being left with an XY, in the duplex state.  Thus, we have an XX female (as we are now) and an XY male (as we are now).
DonDep: how was this supposed to solve the problems of the post-catastrophe future?
Dan Burisch: From there...the interbreeding occurred, as what would be necessary with limited population,...
DonDep: the hybrids?
DonDep: wow...l
Dan Burisch: Thus, the serpent... is actually the dark human heart that was from the future
DonDep: the 'dark' human heart....
Dan Burisch: that attempted to change a past that it didn't understand...thus causing our fall from grace which it believed had already occurred. The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.
DonDep: and we have no way of rectifying it? except by withholding the Lotus?
Dan Burisch: The serpent, then also symbolizes, the...
DonDep: so that the 'dark' heart from the future vanishes? sorry, go on.
Dan Burisch: strand of DNA from which we have become separated due to our own arrange. Let me explain that...  The withholding of the Lotus is to get a signature first. They (the rogue faction) ARE going to be in possession of it...after they give us their John Hancock's on  a little treaty.  They are bound by their culture, logically so, to never break a treaty and they know it.
DonDep: which they don't want to because of....why?
Dan Burisch: They already know that the working of the treaty will preclude the use of the Lotus for further tampering with the timeline. They are still making the mistakes that have traditionally made. Sure, they say they want it to solve the MGUS condition they have...sure they say that... but what they really feel is that they can return us to the normal  state without prophecy being fulfilled.
DonDep: what mistakes are they still making? and what is the MGUS condition?
Dan Burisch: They want to return us to the pre-fall state by its use.
DonDep: so they want to return us to a triple-X state to begin with? Make up for their bad decision?
Dan Burisch: The MGUS (Monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance) like condition that is associated with the peripheral and somewhat genito-urinary system involved, neurodegenerative disorder. They want to return Adam...foolishness...to both a triple X, triplex DNA state.
DonDep: Why would that be bad, if it restores our full potential?
Dan Burisch: This is a change in the past. cascade. We have...
DonDep: would that mean that our present selves would then dissolve?
Dan Burisch: a history of not trusting the One that put us here... to muck more...they again won't have what they want...possibly.
DonDep: correct, we foolishly trust the False Ones, that keep us here
Dan Burisch: Well... it may not be so bad, in comparison to mistrusting God again. or I should say distrusting. should
DonDep: but shouldn't we be making that decision collectively?
Dan Burisch: The DCTP
DonDep: go ahead, the DCTP
Dan Burisch: indicates that...don't worry about Journalism 101...
DonDep: lol!!!!
Dan Burisch: Yes, we should. The DCTP  indicated that should the human made mechanisms be secured our world will proceed along a basic timeline which will bring us to a natural rejoining... What I fear is that if the J-Rods get the Lotus, prior, they will make a change that will backfire further, guaranteeing our visit with 2012 to be a unpleasant one.  sb]
DonDep: so, what are they objecting to in the treaty right now?
Dan Burisch: Really nothing...aside from bumping up their abduction numbers. They are trying to pull this crap, around the treaty, before it.
DonDep: these abductions....done for the sake of creating the hybrids that will be the new bodies for the new race
Dan Burisch: Either they get the model early, or the cipher for Voynich.  No.
DonDep: they want the cipher then to make it themselves, if you won't give it to them?
Dan Burisch: They are conducting genetic experiments, on a longitudinal basis, to watch drift.  Yes.  The genetic drift is what they are watching to find a stop point or genetic stop code, where they think the disorder actually began. Then they plan on returning to the past...foolishness again...in order to make another change...  drift
DonDep: "Hodge-podge" hopscotching, so to speak??
Dan Burisch: Yes, return to the past, make an early genetic change with targeted viruses...and they think this will solve the  future disorder...but what they are refusing to understand...in a typical human denial pattern, is that the changes themselves...will be the author of destruction.
DonDep: but if they are from the future, they know how this will play out, correct? Or, if you don't
help them, they will vanish?
Dan Burisch: No, they feel they can cascade the future to their desire. If you want the code here...here it is...
DonDep: the changes they want will be the author of their own destruction, is THAT more correct
Dan Burisch: Adam and Eve took from the Tree of Knowledge... They were banished from the Garden for it. banished
DonDep: when they had the 3rd helix....then lost it... okay so far...
Dan Burisch: The Cherubim have been put in place to guard the way to the Tree of Life.  If we are to take the Fruit from the Tree of Life we would be as "gods."
DonDep: guarding against anyone, including from the future, coming back and re-providing the 3rd strand
Dan Burisch: Controlling forward, backward, reality. That's right.
DonDep: okay...grokking...
Dan Burisch: grokking? netspeak?
DonDep: pondering, too
Dan Burisch: Oh!
DonDep: grokking. from the Heinlein book.  "understanding"
Dan Burisch: So, the code...who's good, who's not is easy... Those that wish to grab the Fruit of the Tree of Life are those that follow the same dark heart as in the Fall.
DonDep: easy to recognize who is good and not? mebbe for you!
Dan Burisch: Those that wish it kept as sacred... not played with... are following what the intentions of the Cherubim are, as manifested as instructions from God to the Cherubim. MAKE NO MISTAKE... ANYONE,  ANYONE WISHING TO PLAY WITH THIS TO ALTER ANYTHING... AS A SENTIENT BEING... IS GRABBING FOR THE FRUIT OF THE TREE OF LIFE. I am watching it.  Just watching.
DonDep: and how does this relate to our potential interaction with our galactic neighbors, who are asking us to simply ask ourselves if we want them to "show up?" are they connected to these J-rods?
Dan Burisch: I am forbidden to attempt any genetic decoding whatsoever. To be honest...I don't know if that is real, fake, or somewhere in between. I can tell you what I think about the notion, though? sb
DonDep: I am trying to understand what my role here is, since our meeting was supposedly foretold in "the timeline", and I'm sure it isn't out of the goodness of their hearts.....yes, what do you think of that notion?
Dan Burisch: I have been informed I have 30 minutes left.
DonDep: meaning, why do you think I have been allowed to speak with you (let alone live without being 'erased', like most who raise 'stinks')
Dan Burisch: Well... I see that fairly clearly. We were obviously supposed to speak.
DonDep: I gathered lol
Dan Burisch: Should the world know of this theory? Of course! Nothing wrong with that...but...
DonDep: So what should I call it, for you?
Dan Burisch: some have motives that would lend them in the thinking that  if this becomes sufficiently known, together with information about my life conditions, that I could be exposed into the public in a manner that would allow them easy access to get it from me. What do you mean... call it, for you?
DonDep: Is it possible, just possible, that Chi'ielah (name only to fellow J-Rods, you and I [and GLP!]) was a service-to-other entity, undercover with the group that is officially recognized, sent to give you the Lotus? (Call the theory that you mentioned) (so the world would know of this theory....our 'purpose', supposedly)
Dan Burisch: Do I believe that the human heart, in the J-Rod, was pure? Yes.  Did he lead me wretchedness along a path that would set me face to face with the Lotus, yes.
DonDep: That's what I'm saying. What if your friend was undercover, good of heart, yet having to complete his mission from within a selfish group that poses as the good group?
Dan Burisch: my. Possibly.  Matters not to me.
DonDep: and the 'good' group has been left in the cold, portrayed to you as the 'rogue' group
Dan Burisch: No. No, no, no, no.
DonDep: any other time, this would be only speculation, but not at this time.
Dan Burisch: Of that I know the difference.
DonDep: okay, as long as you have considered that possibility (I always ask the next question why; gets me into trouble as you can see)
Dan Burisch: Simply stated, the so-called rogue group wants to make changes of the scope and size as the Fall of Humankind. Hearts are good things...but the Bible does teach that a fool will trust his heart.  We have taken knowledge and must know live with it.  knowledge
DonDep: I understood that. I'm from outside the 'box', so now that I've mentioned it and you've considered it, okay. I just know that the 'bad' guys have been in control for far too long.
Dan Burisch: But I love my heart too. True. There are many that I previously called "close acquaintances" that now want me to just hand things over.
DonDep: I trust you Dan.
Dan Burisch: This isn't a test of a rat in a maze here...the scope goes beyond just handing over data. I realize that. Be careful with trust...you don't know me. Trust God. But thank you.  I am just a person trying to do his best with what he has in front of him.  I fight my personal battles... as does everyone...
DonDep: So if all humans actually looked inside themselves, lost their fear for a moment, and said "yes, I'm tired of the 'bad guys' running things behind the scenes, I want them all -good and bad neighbors- to show up and be transparent" you wouldn't have a problem with that?
Dan Burisch: but I have to rely on the One True God to help me with this...otherwise I am picking a fight with Satan...and only a fool of a human would do that.
DonDep: You would support disclosure so that we can all walk more in the light?
Dan Burisch: No, I pray for that. Of course.
DonDep: Thank you for that! Hallelujah!
Dan Burisch: Of course... you understand what you are saying?
DonDep: Now, for a quick read on chemtrails: what are they really? How are they supposed to change our DNA?  (yes, understand)
Dan Burisch: That came from left field1 Well...Raindancer is over. !
DonDep: great to hear it! no more chemtrails then? at least not DNA-related? stargates: size and makeup?
Dan Burisch: That is the only real part of the project of which I was aware...unless we are talking about things from a decade ago, in which case I know nothing! Just like Sgt. Schultz, Nothing! Nothing! 2 kinds...natural and man made.
DonDep: man-made ones are bad, correct? why?
Dan Burisch: The natural ones, like the one at Frenchman's, Sedona, etc. are various sized, depending on whether they are being opened by natural (cosmic) or by unnatural (electromagnetic pressure) means.
DonDep: they explain the KB-50 disappearance from 1950s to Dec 21, 2001 in Greenland?
Dan Burisch: The manmade ones, such as Alice's Looking-Glass, was about 20 or so feet in diameter if I am remembering exactly right...saw it only a couple of times. Not within my knowledge base..
DonDep: where was it? Similar to the one in Iraq we're looking for? And why again must we destroy them?
Dan Burisch: No need to know... The one I saw was at the Shady Rest.
DonDep: I was reaching on that one anyway.....lol where is Shady Rest? Nevada?
Dan Burisch: The one (of the 2) in Iraq, was found not that far from Baghdad.  S4
DonDep: what IS on the other side of the stargates though?  "divine beings?" (from one of our forum)
Dan Burisch: Depending on what wormhole through which we pass, and depending on what power (this is physics stuff mainly that I don't understand) is presented to the manmade devices...it determines the destination. As for the natural ones... that depends on what part of space we are in. They branch, like a tree, from what I understand.
DonDep: any relation to HAARP quadrupling its power recently, and going for a 3x test tomorrow?
Dan Burisch: So, a proper "pulling" from another side can determine the destination of an object sent from a point of origin. NAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
DonDep: I saw that!!!
Dan Burisch: You know HAARP is soon to be under the control of...a foreign unit?
DonDep: oops....me not in the need-to-know loop there, I see!  "foreign"? as in, ET?
Dan Burisch: No, as in Illuminated.
DonDep: ouch. that's what worries me.
Dan Burisch: They can play with the natural ones all they like...won't matter there.
DonDep: worries many on the forum, I'm sure.
Dan Burisch: The power of the holes on the galactic plane will turn on ALL gates here, when we near the transition point.
DonDep: Is that point nearing?
Dan Burisch: Well...when BJ was here in Nevada...I advised: Give or take near 2012.
DonDep: We were told that today is a major deadline of some sort....
Dan Burisch: For someone other than me, that's for sure.
DonDep: advised her to move to Canada? She did, you know....
Dan Burisch: The book they have in their hands says they had the Lotus/Cipher in about 7 minutes...
DonDep: from now?
Dan Burisch: 0100 Nov 16 UTC. Ya...what a bitch huh?
DonDep: wow! the history of our future, down to the next 7 minutes ahead of this moment!
Dan Burisch: I think my calendrical time math is right...I was told 5:00pm (1700) my time.
DonDep: Well, if we're talking, you won't be giving it to them, aye?
Dan Burisch: History books are written by both losers and winners.  That decision was made long ago.
DonDep: That's what I was advised of last night, when told the Nazi version was similar to the IMINVSBL version  in that they were alternative realities
Dan Burisch: sb Security is moving in, closer to my residence. They usually stay across the riverbed with a few rovers over here, but they want to make sure no intrusions. Good guys. IMINVSBL is juts like a Nazi.
DonDep: You still have that 12 monkeys decal on your door?
Dan Burisch: 3 minutes.  No.
DonDep: How? we need to know
Dan Burisch: That was removed after it became recognized on the net. They think themselves better than we, now.
DonDep: How did he know who to rearrange in your life to make the future turn out the way it has?
Dan Burisch: They believe themselves to be a master race.
DonDep: But they're us, right?
Dan Burisch: He didn't, that's bullshit. Yes, just like the Nazi's were.
DonDep: Okay, that bit about Harry and J was incorrect then?
Dan Burisch: No. It was substantially true...lies under truth.
DonDep: So the only thing right he knew was Chi'ielah's name then?
Dan Burisch: Promises are promises.
DonDep: And what can we say to those that frame the whole ET question in terms of 'fallen angels'
Dan Burisch: May God bless you Don Dep...trust in Him.
DonDep: and may He/She bless you too, Doctor Dan...