Similar to the Giza Orion correlation that forms part of an ancient global network, the Arizona Orion correlation is verified by both Anasazi archaeological evidence and Hopi ceremonial/mythological lore. In the process we arrive at some startling conclusions about the Four Corners region of the United States.

In essence, the constellation Orion provides the template by which the Anasazi (or Hisatsinom, i.e., ancestral pueblo people) determined their villages' locations during a migration period lasting centuries. Spiritually mandated by a god the Hopi call Masau'u, this "terrestrial Orion" closely mirrors its celestial counterpart, with prehistoric "cities" corresponding to every major star in the constellation.


By its specific orientation the sidereal pattern projected upon the Arizona desert also encodes various sunrise and sunset points of both summer and winter solstices. Although this configuration extends to a number of contiguous constellations, a central flux of ley line energy occurs along a series of ancient pueblo sites and geoglyphs ranging from southwestern Colorado to the mouth of the Colorado River. This indicates the functional chakra system of Orion as reflected in the transfigured Earth:


"As above, so below"






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