Ongoing Research by Jack Andrews and Susan Anway
and a team of explorers

from Lost Civilizations and Hidden Mysteries Website

Discovered in 1908 at the Grand Canyon of Arizona

by G. E. Kinkaid of Lewiston, Idaho


If you have any pertinent information regarding this "cave", G. E. Kinkaid, Professor S. A. Jordan, or the Smithsonian Institute's alleged involvement in this story, please do not hesitate to contact me. ALL correspondence to me regarding your possible knowledge involvement or experience at or about this "cave" will be kept confidential or "anonymous" if you wish. - Jack Andrews


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How did I come into contact with this story?

In 1971 a dream vision came to me. I was acting as "guide" for a small group of people. We were hiking down a steep cliff and into a side canyon, which eventually led to a main canyon. The lower cliff faces near the junction of the two canyons were whitish in color. The rest of the cliffs and slopes varied in color from pink/red to white/yellow. We hiked along a river beach (river on our left) until we came to a rock ledge about 8 feet wide, that was snug against the large cliff face on our right. The top of the ledge slanted up at about a 30 degree or so angle. We walked along the top of the ledge, following it to the top the cliff. We managed to make are way up and over many cliffs, ledges and slopes, until finally reaching a set of hewn "steps", in the now slightly slanting horizontal rock surface.


At the top of the slant was a vertical rectangular "cave" opening (taller than wide). I suggested to the group, that I would go inside to look around with my flashlight. I stepped just inside and in the blackness, pointed my light on the left wall. I saw hieroglyphic type inscriptions in the rock wall. I panned the light to the area above the entrance and saw more hieroglyphics. I peered further into the tunnel and felt it a bit frightening looking. I came back outside to ask the group for advice on how to proceed. It is at that point I awakened from the dream vision. This dream vision has kept me in the adventure of finding the truth about this cave for over 30 years. The dream vision was very vivid.

At the time of the dream vision I had no idea it was even possible hike the Grand Canyon and I had never yet visited Grand Canyon National Park. I also had never heard of the 1909 Gazette story. A few years later after moving and to Arizona I visited the Grand Canyon and eventually hiked many of it's maintained and un maintained wilderness hiking trails and routes a total of 21 times, including a rim to rim hike and a 30 mile Tonto Platform hike (a relatively horizontal formation that stretches much the length of the canyon). About that time I ran into the Kincaid 1909 story in one of my dad's treasure magazines under a sub section called "The Lost Ledge". I have been investigating the story ever since. I now know of the specific hike that my dream vision presented all those years ago. It is the most likely route to the cave area. I will talk about it at a later time when our team has decided to make the actual location of this cave public.

Several months ago, I traveled to the canyon rim at an area above the most likely cave area, with Steve Wingate. Steve and I met as a result of my contacting him after reading a few of his contacts with John Winston, who had posted information on the usenet groups "alt.alien visitors" and "alt.alien.research"- John Winston has presented a fountain of paranormal information for years on the usenet and other areas of the Internet as has Steve Wingate. Steve appeared very serious about attempting to find the actual cave/tunnel/chambers system mentioned in 1909. I picked up on his seriousness and decided to contact him.

At the time most people interested in this story had erroneously (in my researched opinion) attributed the location of the cave to a butte in the central part of the Grand Canyon, named "Isis Temple". Many people still attribute the location to Isis Temple. The "cave" location as described by G. E. Kincaid in 1909 cannot possibly be located at "Isis". Some people have suggested that another entrance to either the same tunnel/cave system or an entirely different but similar system is present at Isis. I am very skeptical of those claims. In plain language, the claims I have seen floating around the Internet, in regard to Isis Temple are not supported by substantial evidence.

Steve and I have been working together on this research for somewhere around a year or so. Several months ago a few other serious people have gotten together with Steve and I (or if you like "we" got together with them), into what is now a "team" of explorers/researchers. Several of these "team" members already had an avid interest in this "cave" when we met. We all basically met through a series on synchronistic events....and that's where it now stands. We have all agreed on basically the same physical area in the Grand Canyon as a prime candidate for the location of the "cave". We work together and independently, always looking and listening for clues and information that will eventually lead to a revelation of what "really" happened at this cave at various points in history, what that story may involve in the present and for the future, and what an eventual revelation of the true story behind this "cave" will mean.