-   El Pasado Prehistórico Del Gran Perú


 -   La Baalbek Del Nuevo Mundo - de 'Los Reinos Perdidos' por Z.Sitchin


 -   Photo Gallery


 -   Signs of The Gods - Tiwanaku - from 'The Gods of The New Millennium' by Alan Alford


 -   The Akapana Pyramid Mound



 -   The Baalbek Of The New World - from 'Peru Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the...'


 -   The Cradle of American Man - from Chapter II of Arthur Posnansky's book


 -   The City at The Gate of The Sun  - from 'Fingerprints of The Gods' by Graham Hancock


 -   Tiahuanaco and The Deluge


 -   Tiwanaku and the Kassites - from 'Gods Of The New Millennium' by Alan Alford


 -   Tiahuanaco - Historia y Datos



 -   Tiahuanaco y Los Gigantes



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