Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

from UniverseBooks Website

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  1. Introduction to Exopolitics
  2. The Infancy of Exopolitics
  3. A User's Guide to Life
  4. The Garden of Eden Hypothesis
  5. Spiritual and Material Reality
  6. The UFO Phenomenon
  7. The Information War
  8. The Planetary Rebellion and Its Causes
  9. A Universe Career
  10. Understanding Universe Organization
  11. Universe Politics and the Decade of Contact
  12. Can We Heal?
  13. The End of the Oligarchy
  14. Reversing the Quarantine
  15. Reaching Out to Interstellar Society
  16. The Rebirth of Universe Consciousness
  17. Toward A Decade of Contact
  18. The end of Terrestrial Politics?
  19. Universe politics is like all human politics
  20. Universe Politics does not stop at Earth’s edge
  21. Exopolitics: Humans Are As Humans Do

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