Zecharia Sitchin


"That Mankind's progression from Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) to Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) to Neolithic (New Stone Age) and then the great Sumerian civilization, had occurred in intervals of about 3,600 years , is a fact. That Anu visited Earth, approved the grant of civilization (knowledge, science, technology) to Mankind is certain.


But as I have tried to explain in my recent Seminars (though not yet in a full length book), the visits to Earth and the nearing (at what is called perihelion) of Nibiru (Planet X or Hercólobus) do NOT coincide. This is a point of immense significance, which those who have only read my first book somehow ignore."

Does Planet Nibiru exist?

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Dr. Robert Harrington


Dr. Robert S. Harrington, former head of the US Naval Observatory, calculated several parameters of Planet X and its orbit. Harrington started from the perturbations in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus, knowing that Pluto could not be responsible for them.


The observations he used were supplied by the Nautical Almanac Office of the US Naval Observatory and go back as far as 1833 for Uranus and 1846 for Neptune.



"The Location of Planet X"

Interview to Dr. R.S.Harrington by Zecharia Sitchin


The Location of Planet X

by R.S.Harrington

Paper from The Astronomical Journal

July 1988


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