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The Kolbrin, Book of Gleanings, Chapter 02, Eloma, Para. 01

“It came about that the sons of The Children of God mated with the daughters of The Children of Men, who knew well the ways of men and were not reserved. The covenant had been broken and strange women were taken into the households, some even as wives; but though the daughters were lesser women, the sons were wonderfully big and mighty fighting men.”

Para. 08,

“Eloma sought among the fields and when she came upon the habitations her heart was rent apart. For she saw the daughters of The Children of God consorted with the sons of The Children of Men and were become unlike true women. Then Eloma said to them, “Wherefore has this thing come about?” And they answered, “Behold, men came from out of the wilderness and our men were like sheep before wolves; see, even now they labor within a pen of servitude”. Eloma then went unto the men and said, “Wherefore has this thing come about?” and they answered her, “Behold, the god of The Children of Men is, unlike ours, a god of battles and we were delivered into their hands”.

The Kolbrin, The Book of Scrolls, Chapter 07, The Sacred Registers - Part 7, Para. 09

“The Aspiring One becomes covered with moisture, he writhes, he shouts, he struggles. The Companionable Watchers know he has left the protection of The Sungod, that he has been seized by the Fiends of Darkness, but he struggles and prevails over them, and all is well. Then the Aspiring One returns.”

The Kolbrin, Book of the Sons of Fire, Chapter 12, The Rolls of Record - 6, Para. 15

“The ships were divided and those who wished to set up the eagle and serpent went to the Harbour of Giants in Belharia. The same giants are builders of great temples and they are six cubits tall.”

Para. 16,

The ship with Korin stayed with us and he hunted them out of their caves and slew them all, save one giantess. She came to us, bound as a surety for the life of the wife of Albanik.”

Para. 18

These people hold a great feast before the beginning of the heat, when their god Mago appears. Inside the god were the spirits of men whom the god had eaten, and their voices could be heard calling for deliverance from darkness. Because of the feast these people demanded the giantess, and she was given over to them for the days of feasting.

Para. 19

We did not know the ways of these people and when we saw they wished us to drink blood, we drew apart from them. The headman sent a messenger to us and Korin and the giantess wrestled together, but the giantess was the stronger, so Korin lured her towards the cliff edge. Korin taunted her and laughed at her clumsiness, and then at the break of the cliff he tricked her, so that she rushed forward. As she passed beside him he turned behind her and pushed, so that she fell over the cliff edge on to a large black rock below. Her back was broken. The same black rock was later split and taken up to be worshipped.

The Kolbrin, Book of Manuscripts, Chapter 01, The Scroll of Emod, Para. 07

There were mighty men in those days, and of their land the First Book speaks thus: Their dwelling places were set in the swamplands from whence no mountains rose, in the land of many waters slow-flowing to the sea. In the shallow lake-lands, among the mud, out beyond the Great Plain of Reeds. At the place of many flowers bedecking plant and tree. Where trees grew beards and had branches like ropes, which bound them together, for the ground would not support them. There were butterflies like birds and spiders as large as the outstretched arms of a man. The birds of the air and fishes of the waters had hues which dazzled the eyes, they lured men to destruction. Even insects fed on the flesh of men. There were elephants in great numbers, with mighty curved tusks.

The Kolbrin, The Book of Manuscripts, Chapter 04, The Destroyer - Part 2 From The Great Scroll, Para. 01

“O Sentinels of the Universe who watch for the Destroyer, how long will your enduring vigil last? O mortal men who wait without understanding, where will you hide yourselves in the Dread Days of Doom, when the Heavens shall be torn apart and the skies rent in twain, in the days when children will turn grey-headed?”

The Kolbrin, Book of Manuscripts, Chapter 33, The Annexed Scroll 1, Para. 11

“In the early days Egypt was bounded in the West by the green bitter waters. There lay the land of Nilar, where men learned to bend the dead bodies, so that the earthbound spirits of departed ones should not wander to molest them. Out here was the city of Merow from whence came the mighty men who smote the giants in the days of yore. Northward lay the entrance to the Kingdom of Darkness Under the Earth.”

The Kolbrin, The Book of Origins or Ferilbook, Chapter 02, The Dawn Days, Para. 08

“Wise, hoary-headed men have treasured these tales belonging to our first great race, the wise and noble, having its birthplace in great forest-girt mountains bespangled with green, sky-pointing pine-fingers. These are tales of times before men were men, when the big-bellied murky-mother ruled the world-covering Netherfolk, sharing the land with giant Endlings.”

Para. 09,

The great gutted one was unaware of the wind-blasted salt waters; living in the mountain-hid, thicket-walled cave places, beyond the corn grass plains of Nonima, she knew only the cold companionship of hooded adders. There in smoke-smothered, gloom-enshrouded caverns, attended by her daughter Eldiwed, she read signs for rock-stooled Balings, plucking dark wisdom from writhing flames.

Para. 10,

Lovers of the comforting fire warmth, smoke dreamers, seekers of home hearths consolation, not far ranging war bringers or land openers, the Netherfolk desired only to remain undisturbed. Compatible companions to intangible wraiths, flitting shades and unsubstantial ghosts, they knew full well the secrets of Gorwel. Fearing forest-ruling Pafamba, they begged protection of the Nether ogre, but among the life-giving trees he was powerless. In the smoke-curtained, many pillared hole hall, unblessed by regenerating sun-ray, the Netherfolk called upon their wan night goddess, their prayers weird yelpings in the ruddy gloom. Their music was the rushing gurgle and splash of falling waters, their song a howling whine.

Para. 11,

These were of the race spawned long ages ago in dark-mired moss swamps, fern-eating foemen of the poisoned dart. Not for them the swiftly killed sacrifice, their delight was in painful maiming, in the broken humiliation of their betters. Woeful indeed was the yearly fate of the hag-mother’s spouse, on the long dark night preceding the bridal day during the feast of flame.

Para. 12,

They were wolf-talking howlers of the night, owl screeching denizens of dim caverns, speech beguilers of wild creatures in closed places. Cowled and cloaked in dull clothing they were undistinguishable in their habitat, save for the foul, nostril-stinging smell of bodies ointmented with pig-fat, soot, blood and clay. All the night, at the dark of the moon, they pranced around stone-hedged, deep-dug, glowing fire-pits, their kirtles upheld by the never subsiding limb beneath.

Para. 13,

Bemudded, grease-grimed and grey were the heads of the hag-women seated around the ash-fires, muttering darkly over the rowan omensticks. Casting spells for the hell-spewed horde, they sucked fat dripping portions from the stone-heated pots. Only the poison-speared he-goat leader of rituals received choicer portions than they.

The Kolbrin, The Britain Book, Chapter 04, The Writings of Aristolas, Para. 19

Joseph went on to say, “Because you are folk who work the land, bringing it to fruitfulness, you are not to be despised. Let the newcomers with their armed might say as they will, you are workers with God. Were not the Sons of God also called the Sons of the Plough? Did they not fight against the Sons of Men who were hunters eating raw flesh like the beasts and worshipping serpents which crawl on their bellies?


Always there have been some who worship things of insensitive wood and stone, groveling in the dust at their feet, and those who worship the highest they can see, the sun and the stars. Others reach out even beyond these”