by Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

Excerpts from Noel Huntley book "ETs and Aliens"



Most extraterrestrial species have deviant offshoots and the Anunnaki (from Sirius A, mentioned previously) were no exception. The name of these advanced beings, 'Anunnaki', presumably derived from their king or god Anu. The Anunnaki lineage apparently goes back to the Elohim, who in turn are a digression from the Elohei - beings from a higher-dimensional universe who very much oversee and monitor the human race's development.


Now this strain of spiritually-deficit beings eventually inhabited the planet Nirbiru. This planet has been written about by Zecharia Sitchin in his books and also channeled sources. The planet Nibiru is apparently larger than Jupiter and unexpectedly is a member of our own solar system. It could be called the twelfth planet if we accept that the planetoid Chiron is included in the tote and also the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, which are fragments remaining after the break up of Maldek, an earlier planet of our solar system.

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Astronomers have now corroborated the existence of the body named Nibiru -  though there is still speculation as to whether it is a planet. Nevertheless there appears to be agreement on its wide elliptical orbit taking it out towards the Pleiades system some 400 light years away with a period of 3,600 years to orbit our sun once. There is contradictory information regarding this planet's orbital position at this time. It is probably some 1000 years distant from our Sun. Other information states it is close to penetrating the outer known orbit of our solar system. Though further reports indicate this is some other body, comet, etc. Energy-wise the planet links our sun with the Sirius system.

Nibiru used to be the outer most planet of Sirius A but is now the outer planet of our solar system. It was captured about half-a-million years ago and Nibiru now links our sun with the Sirius system. This planet is inhabited by the Anunnaki, which will be a resistance group from Sirius A and the Elohim, mentioned above, from higher frequencies. In addition to the name Anunnaki the designation Nibiruans is also used, and occasionally the name Nephilim (we shall see, however, Nephilim is the name given to the hybrid human/Anunnaki). Note that the Nephilim is referred to in the Bible as the 'gods' who interbred with the 'daughters of men'.

We shall adhere to the more commonly used term Anunnaki. These resistance Anunnakis are on favorable terms with the reptilian Dracos and have some common genetics. Thus the Anunnakis are also of reptilian strain but, in addition, are said to have a metallic biology. They apparently thrive on nuclear radiation and did introduce uranium to planet Earth thousands of years ago. They think rather than