The Fractal Matrix

A Paradigm For Multidimensional Reality


(August, 2004)

The Fractal Matrix reveals that all of creation, with its accompanying fractal levels, emerges from vortices---the double-helix spiral configuration (see figures 1, 2, and 3, Part I). These are centripetal spirals. The double-spiral vortex pairs create a stable standing-wave structure at their centers. If the reader wishes to attempt a visualization of these 4D (at least) configurations follow the steps in Figure 7, starting with (a).

For a more thorough description see article The Basic Energy Unit: The Vortex.

Schauberger had a unique understanding of the centripetal spiral, which he harnessed for the Germans towards the end of WW II for the production of antigravity units and the subsequent application to spacecrafts. This natural double vortex (spiral) is reproduced by advanced extraterrestrial spacecrafts (and secret government) for super-light speeds or teleportation. (New-Age channellings call it the Merkaba and claim that advanced beings can create their own Merkaba for individual dimensional transit.)

As an analogy the reader may wish to visualize a powerful whirlpool on the surface of a river. Let this surface be our 3D. This vortex, towards its centre, curves at right angles to the surface (representing 3D), that is, downwards below the surface (4D).

Note that this corresponds to the geometry of a blackhole or wormhole. Now stop the vortex from going too deep into the water and imagine the mirror-image of the above-described whirlpool under the water flowing upwards. The two vortices flow in the same direction towards their own centers, which means when one and its mirror-image come together they are in opposition. They then create a ridge, pressure wave, or standing wave.

These standing waves are the basis of all stable energy structures and are fractal levels. Inherent within each fractal energy is the quantum holistic state, but it can quantum reduce to a lower fractal in representing itself on the lower level. The whole of our 3D reality is reflecting higher fractals coming through which are under continuous quantum reduction, ordering particles (parts) into qualitative aspects of existence, or integrations. Physically the atoms of the planet are a quantum reduction of the planetary vortex but in turn the atoms quantum regenerate the 'emergent software' of the planet vortex.

As a different example, a good work of art, consisting of points of paint, carefully ordered, quantum regenerates the whole idea in the appreciative viewer's mind, of which this whole idea was quantum reduced by the artist for expression at the 3D particle level. These two processes are simultaneous and continuous at all manifested levels of the fractal gradient.

An excellent scientific and physical example of quantum regeneration from lower fractals to high is the laser. For simplicity consider ten rays of white light. They are not in coherence (in-phase frequencies). The total power or intensity is equal to about three rays added together. However, if we make the ten rays coherent---crescents and troughs of waves in step---the power increases. But it is much greater than the sum of each ray (10). It is at least the square of ten, that is, a hundred times.

The ten rays, now in resonance, quantum regenerate a higher fractal, that is, rekindle from the virtual state Fractal Matrix gradient a more powerful vortex---of higher frequency and not in the visible spectrum. The ten rays of light are now sub-harmonics of this higher-dimensional vortex. We see that in the hierarchical fractal gradient, global fractals are greater than the sum of their parts, the local fractals.

We repeat that programmes can't be passed to higher fractals, but lower fractals when brought into harmony and resonance will re-create an energy collective (a higher fractal), which is greater than the sum of its parts.

We can theorize that even the random vacuum of 3D will transiently but repeatedly quantum regenerate higher fractal states. Imagine space as filled with randomly aligned vectors (arrows representing direction or alignment, and magnitude). They are in constant motion. When two or more adjacent ones of the same frequency align, they attract and lock on (wave entrainment).

This group quantum regenerates an underlying (higher fractal), greater holistic vector of second order. At this point in time another second-order vector group might align with the first to create a still larger third-order fractal body, and so on. Now this third-order state which consists of frequencies in step (vector alignment) might be struck by a lower-order vector, whose frequencies might match those of the higher order (the lower orders inherent within it), causing it to quantum reduce to that lower order (see later references to Fourier analysis).

And so on, ad infinitum. Both quantum reduction and quantum regeneration are taking place simultaneously. Thus we can theorize that the disordered state of the vacuum of space or the unified field, barring stable forms, is continually creating and destroying the Fractal Matrix.

We see that the Fractal Matrix gives us the positions of energies in spacetime; the identity, location, are vital to the establishing of stable forms, whether it is the correct distribution of branches on a tree, the precise positioning of limbs/fingers in high skills, the balanced arrangement of the universe, the ability of a spacecraft to home into a particular location by teleportation, even location of a memory in the mind. There has to be a relationship of the part with the total or whole for potential order to exist.

Let us repeat the schematic of Figure 4 (Part I) again in Figure 8. All the suggested pyramids (or triangles) are potential or existing vortices. There are four fractal levels in manifestation, A, B2, C4, D4 in this example. The blue dots represent the complete virtual-state Fractal Matrix. In terms of programmes, for a particle to go from D2 to D4, it must first address the vertex of a pyramid that encompasses both D2 and D4 as one whole quantum or fractal level.

In Figure 8 this is a global control point B2 which has inherent within it position D4. Control would pass via global fractal B2, then sub-global fractal C4 to D4. This transit of the particle from D2 to D4 depends of course on the method of locomotion/propulsion (see Part IV). Object D2 might be pushed by means of a Newtonian force from D2 to D4 directly (in 3D).

Let's take a variation of this mechanism. Point D4 may be stored information, such as a word, signal or pulse, that is inherent within B2 but not acting nor present at level D. We now send signal D2 to the more complex wave form at B2, causing resonance within B2 of its inherent D4, and quantum reducing B2 to its lower expression in D4 and releasing the D4 signal. This would be a computer 'read' system and utilizes the mathematical procedure of Fourier analysis. Fourier synthesis would be the 'write' mode. We shall return to this.

Another application is spacecraft navigation. In teleportation systems, if the spacecraft (at D in Figure 8) wishes to go from, say, Venus to Pluto it must regenerate within its propulsion system the frequencies of our Sun first (say, at B2), not Pluto's---since the solar system engulfs both planets.

The craft can now reduce its frequencies to those of Pluto's vortex for instant matter transmission. Pluto's vortex does not reach the spacecraft but the Sun encompasses both and contains inherent within it the frequencies of Pluto.

A further application is in the case of superlight speed linear transit. The first procedure is to bring into coherence all the atomic oscillations of the body of the spacecraft, plus those of the occupants (this should be a very comfortable feeling but such harmony cannot be created in, say, a criminal mind).

When all the oscillations are in step---achieved by a generator or, in very advanced civilizations, merely the minds of the crew---a higher fractal vortex oscillation is quantum regenerated similar to the laser example. This ship now can be controlled by means of this single higher-frequency vortex by attuning the frequency to the vortex of, say, that of a planet, or star, or galaxy (in very advanced systems).

The craft must be within the field of the cosmic body for resonance to occur. This is an internal system where like attracts like; not external as in a magnetic north pole attracting an opposite magnetic south pole (a 3D fractal-level system). The craft would be pulled towards the centre of the vortex to which it had attuned.

In general, if we begin at point A, Figure 8, we can locate any point at D by correct geometry through the fractal levels. For example, string A-B2-C4-D4 would be a frequency pattern. In simple terms, it consists of a sine wave at A, carrying the sine wave at B2 (with appropriate phase angle), carrying sine wave C4, which carries D4. This type of frequency formula (A-B2-C4-D4) would thus instantly home-in from the whole (say, a universe) to any part (say, a particle).

The important point to grasp here is that all fundamental systems are nonlinear. The configuration, A, B2, C4, D4 is not stretched out linearly---A, B2, C4 are nested inner-levels relative to D4. This is of course the concept of the Source (God) being within and not external.

Note that the global control over the local control is at least a partial holographic system; the part is connected, is in tune with, the whole. When there is a programme it uses a holographic control mechanism. For the principle of this, see the article The Mechanism of Holographic Control. As implied many times, the control is not linear but from 'outside' to inside---from the outer circles in Figure 1 to the inner circles. The principle is one of homing in to the destination or target.

This is how natural memory must work. We begin with the neutral, open, wholeness state of mind, and rapidly spiral in through the associations and contexts to the required memory, just as the spacecraft in interdimensional travel homes into its destination. In memory, there is never actual loss of it. We merely lose the path to the target.

Figure 9 shows the general mechanism as it should apply to all forms and activities. It is a 'plan' view of the Fractal Matrix vortices. Compare previous diagrams for tree, universe, learning patterns, etc. This fractal grouping (Figure 9) is necessary to organize the branches of the tree, the distribution of matter in the universe; it must satisfy the meaning of fractals---self-similar patterns at different dimensions. It must identify or locate any region of space.

The energy will be continually spiralling inwards whether it is from the tree trunk to the twig, or universe to atoms, or shoulder vortex to fingers, etc.

Advanced spacecraft could use a frequency signature to home in on any point within a given vortex. Each location will have a different frequency pattern but the fractal gradient will provide the means of achieving the destination.

Figure 9 is merely to remind the reader that this is the basic format for all applications. It is only a general picture of the Fractal Matrix vortices, whether of the virtual-state gradient, in which case the circles would be all sizes, or a specific application with limited numbers in manifestation.

For example, the universe and its parts require no.1 circle, many no. 2s for galaxies (strictly, superclusters), many no. 3s for stars, etc. Similarly a tree has no.1 (trunk) then several no.2s (branches) down to many twigs.

Coordination of the arms as in many skills (or simply walking), in particular keyboard technique, will have no.1 centrally in the body---head, neck, upper spine---then no.2 for shoulders (two of these), and within these, no.3 for elbows, no.4 for wrists, etc. In the case of the arm actions we can think of these 4D vortices as pulled out linearly for clarification so that the finger vortices appear separate from the wrist vortex, which appears separate from the elbow vortex, etc.

Figure 9 also provides the internal and hierarchical structure of consciousness (this is of course why everything else follows suit). What about the control system used in biological processes; the ultimate being those that take place in the cell? Also how the cells are placed with such geometrical precision during growth.

What about the method by which limbs move? We shall say more about these activities in Part IV and will finalize with an evaluation of different natural control systems for creating motion within the universe and life's creations.

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