If another researcher came up to me and told me the findings that I am about to discuss, I would be very skeptical and my first question would be, who did this research and what are their credentials? So, for this reason I want to first tell you a little about Joe Parr.

I first met Joe Parr several years ago. He has been an electronics engineer for over 40 years and currently is employed by a company that develops deep-sea oceanography transducers in California. He is known as the inventor of the gamma ray transducer, which is a device for measuring radioactivity levels around alternate energy sources. He was also involved in eight government projects spanning the globe, including the arctic and Antarctic where he wintered at both locations. He is still not allowed to discuss some of his work from that time, but he did tell me that when he wintered at the arctic, a B-52 bomber circled overhead 24 hours a day.


So this is a man with excellent credentials and an extensive research background. In addition, when Joe was in the business world, he went through Law School and holds a law degree (JD). Joe Parr is also one of the few people who have spent an entire night on two separate occasions (1977 & 1987) on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza, conducting electrical, magnetic, and radioactive measurements.

Joe Parr on the summit of the Great Pyramid in 1987

An interesting story is that in the 1960’s, Joe hired a Dr. David Virmani to work in his company to help set up a research facility in Las Vegas. Previously, Dr. Virmani developed and installed a totally secret communications system for Juan Peron, the dictator of Argentina. Its purpose was for Peron to keep in contact with his military Generals without being overheard. This new type of polyphasic communications, which he developed, was so successful that Peron distrusted anybody that knew about it and he ordered his own men to take Virmani out into the desert and eliminate him. Fortunately, he escaped and continued his research with Joe developing polyphasic communication systems and experiments in bouncing signals off the moon.


This led Joe to pyramid research using rotating pyramids, magnets, and radioactive sources. Joe has now done pyramid research for over 30 years and is currently the Coordinator of Experimental Projects for the “Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association”. Let us look at the experiments Joe has been doing with pyramids in his lab.

Joe Parr, like early pyramid researchers, had discovered that strange physical phenomena happen inside any object in the shape of a pyramid. Other shapes such as cubes, octagons, and spheres do not experience the same phenomena.

The pyramid shape has the potential to trap theoretical particles known as “mass particles”. Mass particles exhibit some properties of matter, such as inertia, but are not subject to quantum laws. When a pyramid traps mass particles, a bubble forms around the pyramid. This bubble is some kind of energy field that forms a shield to protect the mass particles. The reason why the pyramid captures mass particles is unknown, but we can measure this field and verify its existence.

“Energy field” or “bubble” around a pyramid

Photograph of a possible mass particle

taken inside the Great Pyramid

Joe can experimentally cause a model pyramid to capture mass particles by rotating a pyramid in an alternating magnetic field. This is done by using a high-speed centrifuge with a pyramid mounted at the end of one of its arm, while spinning it at very high speeds (950-1800 rpm) through a magnetic field. As the pyramid captures mass particles, an energy field or bubble forms around the rotating pyramid.


click below image

Centrifuge instrumentation

High-speed centrifuge rotates pyramid in magnetic field

It was found that as you increase the speed of rotation of the arm on which the pyramid is mounted, the inertia of these mass particles increase, and this in turn causes an increase in the energy of the bubble surrounding the pyramid. As the bubble’s energy increases, it starts to have the property of shielding or blocking energy fields from passing through it. Thus, the more energy the bubble has, the greater its ability to shield the pyramid. If you continue increasing the speed of rotation of the centrifuge, a point will be reached where so much energy has been delivered to the bubble that it will be completely closed to all known energy fields. Joe has devised a series of experiments to measure how effective the bubble could block known energy fields like electromagnetic radiation, radioactivity, radio waves, and gravity.


Basically, he placed energy sources that emitted various fields, inside the pyramid and measured the amount of shielding or blocking of these sources by the bubble. For example he placed a radioactive source (which gives off gamma rays) inside the pyramid and measured the attenuation of the gamma rays outside the pyramid. He also placed a radio frequency source inside and measured the blocking effect that the bubble had on it. (Likewise he did this with radioactive sources also.) He also measured the effect of gravity by measuring the weight loss of objects inside the pyramid using extremely sensitive scales.


He has demonstrated with over thousands of experimental runs that this bubble does indeed block off all known energy fields that we know of. Nothing can pass in or out of the bubble. Not only does the bubble completely block all known forces, but also inside the bubble, objects become weightless. Gravity, which acted on the pyramid before, can no longer reach it because of the shielding effect of the bubble. Joe has measured the weight loss of objects using an Ohaus Precision Plus scale and other ultra sensitive measuring devices. The bubble or barrier will maintain its existence as long as it stays in the magnetic field.

Diagrammatic section view

Now, at the very instant that bubble is 100% closed off, Joe believes that the pyramid no longer exists in our space-time continuum, and the pyramid enters hyperspace.

Pyramid and Centrifuge

Recording apparatus

Thus, in hyperspace, the pyramid does not occupy the same physical space as before, but is now in another spatial dimension. To explain this briefly, we live in a three dimensional spatial world. It has length, width, and height. You can define the location of every object by its XYZ coordinates. Hyperspace would be a 4th spatial dimension. While not all scientists agree that the pyramid enters hyperspace, most admit that the results of Joe Parr’s experiments cannot be explained by conventional physics. Thus something unusual is going on.

It must be made clear that any pyramid can have this bubble or energy around it because of its shape and ability to trap mass particles. In a resting pyramid, the energy field may not be very strong or measurable. So the purpose of Joe’s experimental set-up is to produce this bubble around a pyramid and increase its energy so it closes off to all known fields. Joe has measured this energy field in his lab using model pyramids for over 25 years and has made another astonishing observation. The pyramids energy field or bubble is ultra sensitive to the sun’s 11-year sunspot cycle. It appears that this field is strengthened by neutrino particles given off by the sun, which vary with the 11-year cycle.

Now an interesting thing happens at certain times of the year. At these times, not only does the bubble close off to all known energy forces and objects inside become weightless, but the pyramid tears itself off the machine arm and becomes propelled in space. It sometimes self-destructs or flies off into a wall. Joe has done over 55 experiments, which seem to indicate that at times this pyramid does pass through physical objects, confirming Joe’s theory that it enters hyperspace at that moment.

The time of the year that these strange events happen is from Dec 13-16. After 13 years of continuous recorded data, Joe thinks he has discovered why. At that time the earth passes between the Sun and the constellation Orion. Joe has discovered a continuous energy conduit or stream between the Sun and Orion. This conduit is composed of neutrino particles coming from the Sun and moving in the direction of the constellation Orion. It is important to realize that we do not know if they are actually going to Orion, but that is the direction of the particle conduit. In addition, if you continue this line back through the sun and onward in the opposite direction you will arrive at the center of our galaxy.


Astronomers in 1979 discovered an X-ray emitter source at the center of our galaxy. No one knows what it is or why it is there. Joe’s energy bubble is dependent on this x-ray emitter source. For example when the x-ray emitter stops, as it does at times, the energy bubble around the pyramid disappears. This x-ray emitter source, called the “Great Annihilator”, was discovered by astronomers in 1979, and is another variable in the pyramid experiments of Joe Parr.

December 13-16 the Sun, Earth, and Orion are lined up

Dan Davidson, a physicist from Arizona, has repeated much of Joe Parr’s Research and arrives at the same results.


His experiments also show that when the earth passes through this conduit between the Sun and Orion, the pyramid rips off the centrifuge arm. It appears that the pyramid is trying to move down this energy conduit and propel itself in the direction of Orion.

Joe has discovered that this bubble or energy field can also be energized and turned off and on with sound. It is very interesting that Joe Parr has recently discovered the frequency to be 51.5 cycles per second (Hz), and the slope of the Great Pyramid which is almost exactly 51.5 degrees. Thus the slope of the Great Pyramid equals the resonant frequency of the force field. Coincidence?

This specific sound frequency intensifies the entire pyramid force field. Now if we can turn this sound frequency on and off inside the Great Pyramid, the force field would also turn on and off. When the force field turns off, the energy in the force field collapses and allows a group of particles to travel through the Pyramid and down the energy conduit. Dan believes this pulse travels towards Orion.

In 1997 Joe Parr and Dan Davidson traveled to Giza to conduct experiments. Joe built a special signal generator with an attached audio amplifier. Their object was to gain access to the pit chamber of the Great Pyramid where they believed that the energy bubble just enters the room. The room would amplify the effects of the generated signal and consequently control the bubble. The experiment never happened since the Egyptian Government had sealed off that area only allowing access to bus loads of tourists who previously paid additional amounts of money to be locked inside for an hour or two to meditate. There was no longer any guard or custodian who would allow them to gain access.

Since there was no method to use the Great Pyramid at that time, they decided to try it on Khephren’s pyramid, which is the next largest pyramid. The equipment was setup at the southwest edge and the energy field was turned on and off to the value of Pi = 3.1415 (a universal constant which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter). This value was pulsed down the conduit possibly to Orion. Did anyone hear them? The experiment ran for several hours and unfortunately when they came back all the equipment was stolen and nobody knows if they succeeded. An interesting question to ask is did the ancient Egyptians know of this conduit and use it in some manner. There is much speculation here, especially when we read the Pyramid Texts, which is the oldest known religious writing in the world. They talk about the pharaohs traveling towards Orion. We assumed this was part of the death myth, but maybe there is more to this. There will be further discussions of this later in the book.

Joe has been trying to experimentally measure and control this energy field or bubble for 20 years. He has discovered that once you have successfully conducted a hyperspace experiment, you significantly alter all areas above and below the plane of the experiment. After many years, the outcome has produced a stationary bubble attached to “ground zero,” with a root structure inside the earth extending 56 feet in all directions. Above the earth, the bubble (like a giant mushroom) has fully enveloped his house. During any 24-hour period, the bubble expands and contracts by tidal forces. Maximum gravity translates to the smallest sized bubble.


At this time, when practical, a pressure difference from inside to outside can be measured. When fully expanded, a scintillation counter can measure the cosmic ray background attenuation. You cannot measure the bubble’s outer boundary as you approach it and enter inside, but as you exit, the boundary falls back upon itself, causing a measurable vibration at the center. There is no way to destroy an established bubble, but it can be controlled by a high voltage spark discharge.

The bubble has had its most serious effects on honeybees that wander within a 30-foot radius from the center. Besides scrambling their navigation system, it appears to cause extreme distress to their metabolism, causing death within a few hours. Joe’s goal is to try to understand the physics of the bubble, since he feels this will answer many questions.
A very interesting observation, which would be relevant to many people, is that Joe thinks that this bubble or energy field is not user friendly at specific times.


This would occur during a 2-year period of the sun’s 11-year cycle. During this time, Joe has evidence that it can extract energy from any source, either mechanical or biological. Meditating inside a bubble at this time is not recommended. This could have implications for many people who use pyramids for meditation. It appears that preliminary evidence shows that extended exposure may cause interference with higher brain functions. The research regarding the effects of this energy field to high brain functions is preliminary.

Joe has also come up with an interesting hypothesis, which has not been tested yet. History, or the length of time a pyramid sits in one place is a prime function in all hyperspace operations. If a method can ever be devised to close off the bubble in the great Pyramid there is every reason to suspect that if you are inside it, you could travel up and back along it’s history and solve once and for all when the pyramid was built. Again, this is pure speculation but Joe’s predictions have a high track record of success.

Joe’s results can have significant implications in terms of space travel, levitation, military defensive shields, and maybe even time travel. Let us explore some of these possibilities.

If the results of Joe Parr’s experiments turn out to be correct, and physicist Dan Davidson has confirmed them independently, what kind of applications could we have? Obviously if objects inside the energy field or bubble lose weight, maybe this could be applied to moving large objects. Maybe the ancient Egyptians knew about this and utilized this energy field or bubble to build pyramids and massive structures. Also, this may explain the building of other ancient monuments and large structures. The shielding property of the bubble could obviously have military applications. Can you imagine a soldier or even an entire country having this kind of shield? These are all possibilities. Remember, when the transistor was invented. It was not until many years later that its application in computers was utilized and this revolutionized our world.

Finally, if the pyramid wants to move down this energy conduit, maybe we have the potential for a new space hyper drive transport. I am sure if you use your imagination you could come up with many more applications, but first, like the Russian and Ukrainian pyramid research, more studies need to be done. What does the future hold for Joe Parr’s research? An interesting correlation is that in the King’s Chamber, the southern airshaft points towards Orion’s belt.



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