The End of Our Century

According to Prophecies, Cyclic Projections

and Other Means of Knowing the Future


by Francois Masson

January 2001


 Translated by David Michael Steinberg

Internet editing and production by David Wilcock

from Ascension2000 Website


Masson has not taken isolated psychics, seers, clairvoyants and prophets and made a catalogue of predictions – you or I could give as much credence to our own dreams. He has restricted his study to sources of proven and accepted validity, and to predictions in which at least three disparate sources concur on a particular date or event. Even with this limitation, there is a tremendous body of evidence to sift through, and Masson’s conclusions include specific, concrete predictions of political, military, religious, psychological, geological – and interplanetary – events.


Here is a brief outline of the book:


I.       Are these troubled times a signal for despair or for hope?


II.      The Immediate Future

       A.  Prophecies of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce

       B.  New Insights into old texts

                         i.    Chronology

                        ii.    Modern interpretation

        1.   Fascist period

        2.   The next stage

        3.   The first major earth changes

        4.   Antichrist and the New Religion

        5.   The equinox and the polar shift


III.      Future Archeological Discoveries


IV.      Marial Apparitions: Are they warnings – and by whom?

       A.   Fatima: the events, the messages, and their meaning for the future

       B.   Evidence of a plan for the human race

       C.   Guadeloupe

       D.   Lourdes

       E.   Pontmain

       F.   Timing: Fatima and 1917

       G.  Synthesis; positive and negative forces; Hitler

V.     Details of the Marial Apparitions

              A.      Mexico

              B.      Lourdes

              C.      Pontmain

              D.      Knock

VI.     The Cyclic Theory of History: the Global Helix 


VII.    Sunspots and Economic Crises


VIII.   The New Trans-Plutonian Planet


IX.     The Secret of the Great Pyramid


X.      Conclusion