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Sunday, May 15, 2005

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In researching some of the ties and similarities of vision, I have made some intriguing finds -- I am still following up on this, but the vision propelling the European Union may in part be traced to some of the more exotic New Age beliefs of "The Ashoka 9". I first read of this theory in doing my original 1981 work on the New Age Movement. It was detailed in a book by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as "OSHO."


I AM THE GATE was the title to this work. I note cynically that Rajneesh/Osho didnít say to where. Javier Solana is daily less bashfully claiming heightened powers he is expected to hold very soon over Europe and even beyond. For sure, based on his writings, he is as the New Agers say, "thinking globally, acting locally." Of the position he has carved out for himself under the expected new constitution, he writes for Global Agenda Magazine:

Finally, the Constitution foresees the creation of an EU External Action Service. This will bring together staff from different institutions that today shape and implement the EUís foreign policies. For the first time Europe will have a single team working under one roof and answerable to one person responsible for the full range of EU external relations.

This is sobering enough. But it becomes even more interesting when one considers that Solanaís motherís personal "teacher" was one and the same as the Indian guru who gave all of Oregon, USA such a fright in the 1980s. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh first took over the town of Antelope, Oregon and nearly took over Madras, Oregon as well. He renamed the first as Rajneeshpuram. He then constructed crematoriums with bleacher seats. He armed the townís police force with more weapons than the entire state of Oregon.


This alarmed even a normally sympathetic to Rajneesh, Yoga Instructors Journal. Finally, his subordinates injected salmonella poisoning in the neighboring hostile communitiesí water supply. Only then was he finally deported. Fleeing deportation, he flew with his private plane to Spain, relying on promises that he could have residency there. This was during a time when Solana was spokesman for the Spanish government. I am surmising, but one possibility is that the promises were given by those with access to Solana and then revoked, when it was clear that Rajneesh was the international embarrassment he had become in 1987, the promise was not kept.


Rajneesh expressed great disgust about this in his bio. Solanaís motherís 1996 book, however, still refers affectionately to Osho and reported that he had urged her to write her book on the life of Sir Francis Bacon and had blessed her efforts.

What was so terribly of interest in Rajneeshís book was that he proclaimed the New Age would see the positive re-emergence of the swastika as a symbol. He also talked of a secret history involving human history and "the Ashoka Nine." According to Rajneesh, Krishnamurti, the Theosophical candidate between 1910 and 1929 to be the long awaited "Maitreya the Christ" was completely suitable for the job.


Rajneesh mourned that nobody knew why he didnít take it, but when he declined the Ashoka Nine, then turned to Adolph Hitler. The reason Hitler didnít make it, per Rajneesh, obviously ignoring the divine intervention, was that Hitler got to thinking he was bigger than the Ashoka nine. Now, per Rajneesh, there is somebody new in the wings.

In writing my 1983 released HIDDEN DANGERS, I consulted several books dealing with the Nazis and the occult. One was the Jean-Michel Angebert book, THE OCCULT AND THE THIRD REICH which I am presently rereading and redigesting. Another was Pauwels and Bergiers THE MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS. Interesting internet analyses have been done on that book. One frequent blogspot contributor is Terry who hosts a conspiracy related website.


He made reference to that book recently on my comments page. As I told him, I was familiar with the work, but frankly considered the Angebert work superior. However, that is not to say that THE MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS is without value. Au contraire, there are great insights to be had there into the mindset of those who would revisit that not-so-blessed morning upon us.


Another interesting weblink contains a 10 year old essay on Morning of the Magicians by R. T. Gault. He makes reference to writers Talbot Mundy, "The Nine Unknown" and unnervingly to John Buchanís THE POWER HOUSE.

"Ö in which the hero has an unnerving conversation with a conspirator in a group of "extra-social intelligences" -- idealists who are going to make a new world. The story is from 1910, and the ideas expressed sound uncomfortably like Nazism.


[Buchan is best known as the father of the modern spy novel, but was a loyal servant of the late British Empire, serving as Governor General of Canada for a while. He expressed some of the same fear of new fascist groups in his The Three Hostages, 1924.]

While your guess as to who Rajneeshís new candidate for "Maitreya"/Betraya or whatever his name is supposed to be is as good as mine, could it possibly be Rajneesh student Nieves Mathewís younger son? When one considers that Buchan was a family friend and correspondent of a prominent Theosophical allied grandfather of one of Javier Solanaís greatest on-line fans, one calling the relatively short man, "Solana, A Giant Among Men", one who has posted to this very board, one is given pause indeed. The New Agers might call it "synchronicity," Christians might call it "revelation" -- others might call it a coincidence.


Once again, I donít know, but would love to find out!