by Henry Makow, PhD
March 2003

from Rense Website

The Jewish people have been deceived (or have deceived themselves) on two counts:

1)  Most do not descend from the Biblical Jews. They are Khazars, from southwest Asia.
2)  Judaism is a racial credo more than a religion. It designed to maintain racial cohesion, in this case the Khazar bloodlines.

In the absence of a more satisfying religion, many Jews sublimated their religious urge into Communist and left-liberal causes. This impulse has been hijacked and nurtured by Jewish financiers who are creating a "New World Order" with other elitists. Many Jews are unwitting pawns, profoundly out of touch with their own truth. They are foot soldiers and cannon fodder in a diabolical multi generational plot to destroy Western Civilization.

As is widely known, East European or Ashkanazi Jews (90% of the total) were descendents of Khazars, a Turko Finnish people who converted to Judaism in the 8th Century. The empire of Khazaria sat astride the Black and Caspian seas extending from the Urals to Romania.

"That the Khazars are the lineal ancestors of Eastern European Jewry is a historical fact," Jewish historian Alfred M. Lilienthal writes in an essay Judaism : Religion or Race.


"Many Christians may have much more Hebrew-íIsraeliteí blood in their veins than most of their Jewish neighbors."

Jews wishing to understand their roots might do better to visit Kiev than Jerusalem. They might learn more by studying a web site like than the Old Testament. The Torah (the first five books of OT) has helped Jews maintain their identity for millennia; unfortunately it may have been the wrong identity.


In "Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti Semitism" (1998) Kevin MacDonald suggests that Jews use religion as camouflage for race. Judaism becomes viewed as a benign highly permeable non-ethnic group whose differences with other groups are merely ones of personal belief rather than ethnicity. Conflicts of interest between the Jewish community as a strategizing ethnic group and other groups are minimized. (74)

In "the Future of American Jewry," Irving Krystol wrote:

"Jews in America may belong to Jewish institutions, send their children to Sunday schools for religious instruction, proudly identify themselves as Jews but their religion, for the most part, is only Jewish in its externals. At the core it is secular humanist." 

A 1970ís survey of American Jews found that:

  • less than 50% felt it was necessary to believe in God to be a "good Jew"

  • On the other hand, over 95% agreed that "it is important that there always be a Jewish people" and,

  • "every Jew is responsible in some measure for the well being of every other Jew"

  • Only 33% agreed to the proposition: "The primary loyalty of American Jews must be to the US and their fellow Americans."

    (MacDonald, p.277)

Orthodox Jews oppose intermarriage and conversion. In 1997, the Union of Orthodox Rabbis declared that Reform and Conservative Judaism (the vast majority of "observant" American Jews) are not Jewish. In 1996 Rabbi Harold Schulweis told the LA Times, that conversion to Judaism "is upsetting to some Jews because they feel Judaism is less an ideology than a biology, a matter of chromosomes not choice." (MacDonald 267)

I am not observant but I still consider myself Jewish because my parents and ancestors were Jewish. I donít think race is a bad thing if each race is considered part of the family of man with none better than another. I admire other races and like to see them flourish. But I am not opposed to intermarriage.


In a previous column, I suggest that Judaism was a "flawed religion." I canít subscribe to the view that Jews are "above all other people that are on the face of the earth" (Deuteronomy 7:6). Nor do I believe in the image of God as a merciless judge meting out reward and punishment. True religion teaches us to become more God-like. "Be ye therefore perfect even as thy Father which is in heaven is perfect," said Christ. (Mathew 5:48)

In an email, Rabbi Marvin Antleman referred me to Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik.

"According to him there is no such thing as Judaism. The concept is post Biblical and post Talmudic; and he challenged his disciples (he ordained over 2000 rabbis) to find the term (in Hebrew the words is Yahadut) in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud or Jewish codices."

Antleman, author of "To Eliminate the Opiate" (2002), urged me to find Jewish meaning in the Torah, God and the land.

"The Torah and the land of Israel are Divine gifts of God to the Israelite nation. Any so called Jew who thinks otherwise is not a Jew..."

Since God and Israel are based on the Torah, he is really saying, read the Torah. I did and must agree with Arthur Koestler, a Jewish writer who characterized it in terms of a racial credo "which turns out to be illusory."

"The Old Testament is first and foremost the narrative of a nationís history; it gave monotheism to the world, yet its credo is tribal rather than universal. Every prayer and ritual observance proclaims membership of an ancient race...The Jewish faith, as shown by 2000 years of tragic history, is nationally and socially self-segregating. ...It transformed the Jews of the Diaspora into a pseudo-nation . . . held together loosely by a system of traditional beliefs based on racial and historical premises which turn out to be illusory."

(The Thirteenth Tribe, 1976, a book which first popularized the Khazars in, p.224)

In his Gospel of Love Christ attempted to transform Judaism from a racial credo into a genuine religion. He proclaimed universal brotherhood and a God of Love. But the Pharisees would have nothing of it. So down through the centuries, the Jews have remained prisoners and pawns of their pharisees who answer to the financiers.


In "Esauís Tears: Modern Anti Semitism and the Rise of the Jews" (1997) Albert Lindemann writes:

"Jews have been as capable as any other group of provoking hostility." (xvii) They "actually do not want to understand their past, or at least those aspects of their past that have to do with the hatred directed at them, since understanding may threaten other aspects of their complex and often contradictory identities." (535)

Jews imagine they are descendents of the Israelites, irrationally persecuted for the crucifixion, morally superior people and a beacon for humanity. In fact, I suspect they are dangerously out of touch with their own reality. Most are descendents of Khazars who assumed the difficult legacy of the ancient Israelites by converting to Judaism.

Since Judaism is mainly a racial credo, Jews are attracted to other religions. One local rabbi tells people he is a Buddhist. Many Jews have made their religion the creation of a secular Golden Age. Unfortunately this humanist utopia is a hoax. It is sponsored by the Satan-loving financial elites who wish to replace Christian civilization with totalitarian world government. For example, why else would Jewish Marxist feminists be permitted to alienate two generations of young women from men, motherhood and family? To learn that "the patriarchy" is to blame for everything? To reject and rewrite western culture from the point of view of women?

Throughout history some Jews have aroused enmity by serving as pawns and middlemen for the elites. Unwittingly, many Jews have assumed this role again. They form a core group in the ( movies, news media, TV, think tanks, universities and government, that legitimize the elite and preach contempt for healthy ideals. They are reminiscent of the Jewish core group that engineered the Bolshevik revolution and Communism.

But Jews are individuals and many Jews like myself are opposed to the New World Order. I am inspired by others like Israel Shamir, Mark Bruzonsky and Eric Margolis, courageous journalists who oppose the Iraq war and tell the truth about Zionism. I admire Dr. Judith Reisman who blew the whistle on the Rockefellerís campaign to promote homosexuality. Alan Kors and Harvey Silverglade fight for academic freedom.

I believe many Jews have a profound sense of justice and truth. We want to know who we really are. I think we are Khazars. I donít want to live there but I might visit. "Next year in Kiev!"