-  Brotherhood of The Snake - from "The Gods Of Eden" by William Bramley


 -  Dragon Society - Real History, Dragon Philosophy and The Importance of Royal Bloodlines


 -  La Hermandad de la Serpiente - de 'Los Dioses del Eden' por William Bramley


 -  Observación Sobre la “Cofradía de la Serpiente


 -  Prince of EArth and The Brotherhood of The Snake


 -  Remarks to The Brotherhood Of The Snake


 -  Secret Societies and The Brotherhood of the Snake


 -  Snake Oil



 -  Sons of The Serpent Tribe - Legacy of The Nephilim


 -  Symbolism And Iconography of The Serpent


 -  The Anunnaki, the Vampire, and the Structure of Dissent


 -  The Brotherhood of The Snake Teachings of Ancient Egypt


 -  The Brotherhood of The Snake


 -  The Cult Of The Serpent


  Additional Information  


 -  Psycho-Social Study of Human Conflict Reveals Alien Influence on Humans

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 -  Flying Serpents and Dragons


 -  Los Merovingios


 -  Rennes-le-Château


 -  Sumer and The Anunnaki


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 -  The Gods Of Eden / Los Dioses del Eden


 -  The Priory of Sion