The Verdants


A Hyperversal Problem Case

Some hyper-advanced aliens and their hybrids occasionally try to blot out, or still and evacuate a certain thought that I may be about to either act upon or elaborate for others. In order to avert the thought, or sometimes just to conspicuously demonstrate the ability to obstruct or thwart the memory, they do so. This can be frustrating: you know they’re doing it (they even resonate about it), yet at the moment you can’t recall a key aspect of what you were just thinking. The problem, of course, is that they may do this to themselves, essentially evacuating their own concerns and feelings about certain subjects (a smoothing over of contrary thoughts).


* They may think it more competitive, in a sense. Imagine a society that does so…

For example, the most visible of the “three ellipticals” hyperversals now finds himself facing a rising chorus of objections about the IFSP’s manipulation of conflicts, here, because IFSP direct operatives have committed crimes against humanity. And what’s his response? He says that will spur humankind to evolve. Then, when we say this can be done less destructively, he says the burden is on us. When we reply that Verdants clearly seek resources here, he tends to go quiet, as though he already did his thinking on the subject.


A higher-ranking commanding officer often appears in conjunction with this "three ellipticals" hyperversal --- both try to be conspicuous about their sense of rank, yet both betray a kind of insecurity in doing so. The insecurity relates to their fear that humans will seek other affiliations and will evolve independently. Meanwhile, at one juncture in 2006, a more open-minded hyperversal explicitly admitted that Verdants get resources in exchange for their efforts, an incentive for their interventions. In other words, to some extent, the three ellipticals faction agrees with the Verdant strategy. But why? All evidence suggests that they, themselves, were once an expansive mega-population like the Verdants.

The question of sexuality arises in discussions with a “three ellipticals” hyperversal (he has a partly supervisory, partly attending role in the situation here). He says Verdants help change sexuals into non-sexuals, but when the subject came up in October of 2006, one of his subordinate aliens asked where, among the IFSP’s populations, do you see sexuals? I pointed out the reported 500,000,000,000,000 Verdants, who are 3.3 times as numerous as other IFSP aliens.

In other words, the subordinate was so wrapped up in the rationale for IFSP expansion that he forgot that Verdant impulses and behaviors are sexual. Admittedly, Verdants are a second stage of sexuality, yet they’re famous for disproportionality and a desire to exploit lesser aliens. Meanwhile, in order to smooth it all over, the attending “three ellipticals” hyperversal simply evacuates his own thoughts on the subject (he’s reportedly non-sexual).


* Some of his population is probably sexual in order to preserve genetic hardiness and alternatives. However, given the propagandistic nature of “three ellipticals” subculture, it’s hard to imagine them admitting to what we might regard as weaknesses.

What do more advanced aliens have to say about this? Sometimes greater perspective comes together in a larger, finer context. Our fractional nature in the universe leads to humbling, sometimes awkwardly discomforting realizations. There are moments of scientific acuity when we see it all from aside (alt. all around) in naked, bare bones terms laced with contradictions and existential discomfort.


At one such juncture in the summer of 2006, a different hyperversal showed a graphic, visual representation of the attending “three ellipticals” hyperversal in order to demonstrate a relationship to the Verdants. The “three ellipticals” hyperversal’s eye structure was like that of the Verdants, as was the general shape of his skullcase. He seemed to have a slightly larger brain, in relation to his eyes, and some of his other features are subtler than are those of a Verdant. His physique appeared to be slightly more sturdy.

It was all quite revealing: we could see the case for his group having genetically contributed to the Verdants in the past. This was affirmed by other hyperversals, hence there’s at least some evidence suggesting that the “three ellipticals” faction had a direct genetic role in Verdant history. With this in mind, having heard that “less than .01 percent” of Andromeda (less than 1/10,000th) is IFSP, we have reason to think that the “three ellipticals’” project in question may be less significant than they pretend it to be.


The three elliptical galaxies in question may end up being,

  • Centaurus A

  • N5102 (a small elliptical near Centaurus A that’s 1/5 the apparent size of the Andromeda galaxy)

  • perhaps another small elliptical, rather than the larger, merged Milky Way-Andromeda elliptical-to-be

So, the question arises: Is an ongoing, consanguine relationship the reason why the given “three ellipticals” hyperversal puts the IFSP’s human casualties out of mind so neatly? It may be why he evacuates his own feelings on the subject, which could handicap his judgment (a smoothing over of contrary thoughts). If, as was stated, his population had a guiding genetic role in Verdant history, then there are material and resource motives in his posture. His faction may be incapable of seeing beyond them. Again we’re reminded that they are both fallible and of animal origin.

Is our planet now the target of an interbred alien expansion scheme?


If such is the case, it increases the likelihood that neighboring aliens see the IFSP presence in our vicinity as unwelcome and inherently undemocratic. And if that’s true, then there’s reason to think that the IFSP intervention here can be warded off, as some aliens suggest we need to do in order to preserve the Milky Way ecology.

One easily overlooked danger of an intervention, here, by IFSP aliens is that some humans may think it provides an excuse to ignore a larger, universally-enforced ban on the use of negative-cycle weapons in space. Although some may say that scalar weapons are needed to defend against the IFSP, there are fail-safe constraints on the use of such weapons in this galaxy. On February 14, 2007 one or more hyperversal alien(s) suggested that planets that ignored such constraints have perished in this galaxy.


Meanwhile, Verdants take crude advantage of the weapons prohibition by using it as an excuse to trip their human operatives toward destructive, potentially planet-killing excess. By tilting the human economy toward greed and secrecy (via Rothschild, Du Pont and cohorts), they frustrate resolution of human conflicts. And how do such operatives affect the human economy? The French Rothschild is an owner of the Federal Reserve Bank, which issues all US money (his grandparents and a Rockefeller betrayed tradition established by Andrew Jackson, who dissolved the Rothschild-dominated Second Bank of the United States, which Jackson thought was a royalist threat to the nation’s future because it had a monopoly on issuing US money).

Due to a bias in favor of material gain, Verdants have made mistakes that jeopardize their status here. For example: their bizarrely overgrown population, the planet-killing failure of their last intervention (the gray planet), the IFSP/grays’ reported use of scalar weapons to kill dozens of US guards while freeing captive grays from an underground US facility, and the materially-motivated scramble of the IFSP’s direct operatives (who are implicated in weapons propagation, crimes against humanity, and the worst organized crime money laundering on Earth) --- all such behaviors throw the Verdant rationale about weapons into doubt. As a result, in inter-alien discussions, here, questions arise about how surrounding populations must respond to Verdant expansion.

After two years of often unwelcome interactions with the “three ellipticals” faction and its –X3 subordinates, their behavior can be outlined more neatly. The three ellipticals faction is too closely tied to Verdants, which corrupts their perspective. The behavior of “three ellipticals” hyperversals suggests that they, themselves, were once an oversized offender like the Verdants, which may explain their inability to think in ways that non-IFSP aliens consider necessary.

Over time, the most disturbing aspect of “three ellipticals” faction behavior has been their nauseatingly quick impulse to try to cut off independent thinking. They try to pre-empt human contact with independent, critical aliens. They seem to fear that independent, critical thinking by humans will lead to the conclusion that the “three ellipticals” faction and Verdants committed unnecessary crimes against humanity (hence their mendacious propaganda, which, for me, has been nightmarish). Given the exploitative, sometimes destructive nature of the Verdant empire, some humans are now discreetly exploring preliminary relations with native neighbors rather than the token IFSP enclaves hastily assembled near us by Verdants (i.e. “Pleiadians” who include Semitics and Nordics; gray variants; tall whites, and such).

While humans explore contacts with alternative networks of less offensive neighbors, “three ellipticals” and IFSP aliens try to avert such contacts by resorting to petty, often infantile routines and diversions. Ironically, the diversions are framed in a low-order, often low cultural character---attempts to debase good human thought by intruding with run-on, nauseating routines (often framed in terms of the worst of human pop culture or the lies and fears of corrupt human subcultures). This is yet another example of the mind-destructive impulses of frustrated aliens.

Over time, the diversionary behaviors of “three ellipticals” hyperversals have become so ridiculous that some humans see a need to make a clean break with them. On the one hand, it’s obvious that the “three ellipticals” faction may not be up to compelling a change in Verdant behavior, while on the other hand, they seem to be incapable of admitting that such is the case. Their propaganda is too singular, and many of their various dependents appear to lack basic critical thinking skills.

The inadequacies of the three ellipticals faction are so stark and unmistakable that humans and other alien observers are now compelled to seek larger comparison. At present, it appears that the three ellipticals faction may be an opportunistic basket case. They try to say that they aren’t on our map (when referring to our map of the visible universe), but the assertion appears to be deflectory and partly false.


We know that their physics and their way of communicating and configuring their large, artificial craft models the universe as being more condensed and less spacious than a typical human might imagine (hyperversals network more quickly than other aliens), but hyperversals certainly don’t live without reference to our visible map of the universe. In other words, for reasons of pride and insular distinction, the “three ellipticals” faction prefers to act as though they are independent of nearly all that we see.

It’s a contradictory assertion. They resort to nightmarish extremes of propaganda and diversion in order to discourage us from assimilating with “independent” aliens, yet the three ellipticals faction tries to act as though they, themselves, are independent of our map of the visible universe. It simply doesn’t add up. Again, a competing hyperversal said that one of the “three ellipticals” hyperversals left “his retirement garden” in Centaurus A, a clearly visible galaxy.

“Three ellipticals” and IFSP offenders force us to look deeper into Virgo and elsewhere for better example. From the perspective of other hyperversals and aliens tasked with more challenging galaxy mergers deep within Virgo, the relatively quick screw-up of the “three ellipticals” faction way out here on Virgo’s fringes may look bad. In the short space of 150-200 million years, the three ellipticals faction allowed Verdants to exceed normal population limits by a factor of some 5 to 10-fold.


This calls into question the “three ellipticals”’ ability to be responsible for the more turbulent, yet urbane dynamics of deeper Virgo neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Centaurus A, the focus of the “three ellipticals’” claim to fame, is a relatively small galaxy when compared to larger ellipticals within Virgo. Centaurus A formed more slowly, and the next big galaxy merger in its vicinity may be that of the Milky Way with Andromeda---some 3.5 billion years hence.


In other words, even if we allow for absorption of another spiral into Centaurus A during the next 3.5 billion years, the Centaurus A neighborhood is relatively tranquil and should be fairly easy to tend to. Nonetheless, Verdants are far beyond safe limits. Their planet-killing tendency to exploit other aliens poses a threat to surrounding galaxies. Worse yet, the IFSP is an empire controlled by sexuals, not a collective.

On a larger scale, the “three ellipticals” pretenders may be regarded as backward upstarts out near the edge of a modest-sized supercluster. Whether they’re regarded as failure-prone or not, the consequences of having allowed Verdants to become so extreme, so quickly, may be that the “three ellipticals” routine poses a threat to the consensus among Virgo’s hyperversals. If the “three ellipticals” faction was once a Verdant-like problem case, Virgo’s hyperversals may worry that it might seek divergent alliances for strategic purposes, rather than integrate into an effectively counter-balanced interaction between galaxy superclusters.


By failing to control the Verdants, “three ellipticals” hyperversals have isolated themselves, perhaps assuring that other hyperversal regimes won’t separately affiliate with them. In other words, there are tensions between hyperversals, also.