The Verdants


A Test of Higher Mind

In community of mind, one’s physical pretensions must be replaced by a studied modesty that allows for larger, collective interaction (via condensed state fluctuations that allow for a wide-ranging, albeit subtle variety of shared thoughts and precedent). The range and depth of such interactions may vary, yet some minds mature to where they interact on a scale that some humans would think impossible. Meanwhile, there’s evidence that humans are born with the sensitivities necessary for such interactions yet most of us are either diverted or dulled, over time, by popular misconception. Greater interactions require hyper-fine awareness, gentleness and understanding.

Imagine the complexity of universal mind (or mindedness), the breadth and variety of detail interwoven by common assumptions (non-violence, ecology, compassion and generosity). In a sense, it’s similar to our non-whole enumeration of all that can be “observed” within the universe. The highest and most enduring awareness would subtly reach into, or through, everyone to some extent -- yet do so in ways that are finely fluctuating and fractional. In order to know such, you must be that way (a relationship that speaks volumes about the implications).

A good analogy for this is our model of multiple dimensions (both large and small at the same time, complex and fluctuating). Large communities of intelligent being are neither fixed, nor singular and lacking in dimension. Instead, they range and cohere within that higher, inherently commingled, fractional order of being (not much room for sexuality).


Rather than sit dully like some externalized, whole number quantity to the left of a decimal point, they range multiply and fractionally on the right side of the decimal. If we were to model higher order community of mind in mathematical terms in which an individual may, at times, seem to be a separate, whole quantity sitting to the left of a decimal point, the decimal would be but an illusory idea that can have many merged qualities at a given time (or sum of times). In a sense, the decimal could just as easily figure like an empty orb or a kind of horizon, a fleeting but deeply connected = sign.


In fact, we see figures suggestive of such relationships in alien writing characters (orb-like horizons that circle around points, subtle curves and diagrams that suggest deeply inter-connected alien physics). Alien writing of the sort may have been designed so that it can match the 4-D/5-D projected graphics (inside the mind) of alien psychotronics. Meanwhile, the best perspective from which to think, and be, is on the right side of the decimal -- where community of mind fluctuates within subtly interconnected, deeply fractional inter-relationships of a shared, common sort.

In other words, to the right side of the decimal (that seeming horizon on anyone’s awareness), are a multiplicity of hyper varieties that are rarely discerned from the perspective of low-order horizons (i.e. those of offenders and singular, concretized notions). Because of their shared, inter-dimensioning nature, hyper varieties are vastly more capable.

Meanwhile, to the left of the decimal are clunky, old world notions of isolated, separate whole quantities (greed, the idea that you can violate others without experiencing consequences, and bad ecology). It’s a simple fact of life that more advanced, intelligent communities of mind are characterized by transparency and fleetingly evacuated relationships that range far out, across great distances.


They fluctuate both inwardly (via sub-nuclear relationships) and outwardly at the same time (via hyper-fluctuating qualities of space-time). Ironically, aliens suggest that your thoughts don’t necessarily “go” there. Instead, they’re already connected, somehow. However, due to misconcept and fear-based social controls, many humans wear blinders to this. They drown out the finer aspects of mind with primitive noise, in a sense, much of it owing to the crude impulses and domination schemes of male sexuality.

Of course, it takes a while to get to know and assimilate the basics of more advanced communities. So, aliens must allow us time and patience to get up to speed and make necessary adjustments. Various alien populations have made it clear that there are constraints on the use of weapons in space, overpopulation, and so on in our galaxy and elsewhere. We must negotiate such controls carefully and competently. In order to do so, it helps to remember that larger, more evolved interactions require patience in order to accommodate various minds in agreement. This is how enduring kinds of cosmic citizenship cohere, allowing for diverse, but gently interlaced community of mind. Hyper-connections of the sort can fluctuate actively but finely, connecting over great distance.

The thought processes of hyperversal aliens whose societies originated during earlier universe cycles would be similarly analogous. To make sense of finer varieties of thought that range fractionally to the right of the decimal point, human beginners (and alien problem cases) might at first think in terms of M-theory’s so-called “dualities.” M-theory dualities aren’t so much like the antipodes of good and bad or black and white, zero or one. Instead, they are subtle ironies inherent in mathematical systems that approximate entire models of physics.


For example, in a three dimensional model (which includes time as a fourth dimension), “a duality” would be seen in higher dimensions that might at first seem weird or contrary yet actually map into, and through, the three dimensional model. An M-theory duality would be seen in the fact that at the fringes of a three dimensional model are bizarrely active, fleeting qualities of extra dimensions. They pop out unexpectedly. They reach far down into empty space within every atom, and if conditioned correctly they can reach far out across outer space, at the same time. M-theory dualities can have characteristics that arise in places where we might expect the contrary. That unexpected, seemingly contrary quality is a kind of duality, an irony of the fact that all extra dimensions converge in ways (much like reciprocals). A further duality is seen in the ability to be in more than one place, or state, at a given time.

So, if we try to think beyond our physical bounds and be part of higher order community, not only do dualities of the sort arise, but dualities of the sort evolve into higher order multiplicities (i.e. the alt t, or multiple implications of multiple universe cycles, the alternate cycles of more advanced models, and so on). If you’re a good mind, good aliens may hint at this. If you’re not so good and remained trapped close to the surface of a darker, singular horizon, you may not hear much about it. That’s one of the inescapable consequences of violating the all-inclusive common good (i.e. any other being, anywhere).

In other words, rather than dwell within your own singular pretensions, it’s better to live humbly within that finely, actively fluctuating multiple order --- on the right side of the decimal. Finer, better thoughts and processes approach from the right side of the decimal and continue to do so more and more, with time. There are a variety of subtly shared “values” in such relationship.


It is categorically more intelligent.

(The rest of this chapter is in-progress—please check back for updates including another three chapters.)