by Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani


In 1969, at the time we landed on our Moon, a law was created in order to protect us against the potential of exposure to any alien life form. This law is called the Extraterrestrial Exposure Law and it is Federal Regulation Title 14 Section 1211. This Law says (generally speaking),

if we should come into contact with any life form from off of our world we are subject to quarantine, fines, and imprisonment.

In 1991, this law was officially removed and reserved. It is my understanding that reserved means it can be reinstated at any time and without our permission.

Since the extraterrestrials deemed that we would find this unpleasant, they have for the most part stayed away. There are a few civilizations that have had individual contact (from time to time). But, were talking now about open contact now that is welcomed and acknowledged by the majority on our planet.

It is vital that we alter the Extraterrestrial Exposure Law so that it does not in any way create a punitive action for contact with extraterrestrial life, but - more importantly - that we create a new law, an OPEN CONTACT LAW, that each and every one of us are willing to begin from this day forward to get together, research, learn, educate, and form the law, itself. Write it up and get it passed by our governments so that they will acknowledge, allow, and approve of open contact between our world and extraterrestrials who have announced peaceful intentions of interactions with us. In this way, when we create this law and have it officially backed, by as many nations as possible on our planet, by 2012, it will go a long way towards accelerating extraterrestrials to have open contact with us.

Extraterrestrials must respect the laws that exist on our planet because we have decided that these are the laws by which we will abide. From 2005-2012 we have a great window of opportunity to create and adopt, sign on, acknowledge, and accept this law of open contact for all extraterrestrials seeking open peaceful contact with us that will open the door for such contact because the majority of us have said it is alright to do this. And this will make all the difference in our world in the ETs ability to interact more openly with us.

Then, once that door has been opened, the only criteria remaining that will determine the rate at which contact can then occur will be the rate at which every one of us gets in touch with our own fear, misgivings, hesitations and doubt about such contact and what it might mean for us personally and collectively. But then, at least, we will have dropped one barrier for such contact, an important barrier that extraterrestrials MUST abide by. We are the laws of our world. If you are willing to do this, word it, work together, collect the signatures needed for this law to pass in each nation, then please get to work now. If you send out a petition to 100 people and each of those 100 people get 100 people to sign it and sent it in, we can get this passed very quickly. This is in our hands, and the challenge and responsibility is UP TO US.

This page is the first step towards the creation of the OPEN CONTACT LAW. I am currently working on the wording for this new law and if you have suggestions, please email me with them. If you would like to sign a petition for this new law, please email me and I will let you know when the petition is ready for signatures. Or, take it into your own hands, write up a petition or law and submit it to your government representatives and send me a copy, please. I have no fear whatsoever about peaceful extraterrestrial contact, in fact I warmly welcome more of it.

On behalf of the world citizens and the Association of Worlds (who greatly assisted in this creation), thank you very much.

[August 14, 2004]

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