It is necessary to mention that the study team has mainly referred to “Vymanika Shastra” published in Sanskrit-English by Sri G.R. Josyer. Hindi version “Bruhad Vimana Shastra” has not been referred to on the basis of the fact that, textual content compared, there is no difference. The only exception is while referring to researches made by others based on ‘Bruhad Vimana Shastra’. Fidelity of English translation by Sri G.R, Josyer deserves special appreciation. It is taken as accurate and correct, barring decoding and interpretation needs. This is with full regard to him as a Sanskrit scholar of the yester years.

The scope of the study and presentation is confined to the extent of textual material available. Incompleteness of the text, as observed by many researchers, will be outside the purview of this study.

A significant aspect in the presentation of this report is to dispense with the reproduction of Sanskrit-English version of “Vymanika Shastra
”. It is decided deliberately so in order to avoid a bulky report. The textual content has been restricted to bare minimum. However, we are confident that the readers will be able to comprehend what the original text portrayed.

With the aforesaid Introductory Reference we begin the restructuring, analyses and discussions on the core of the scientific work “Vymanika Shastra”.

The text in the form presented by the author covers the subject under the following topics.

1.   Definition.

2.   The pilot.
3.   Aerial Routes

4.   Airplane parts.
5.   Clothing (for aviators).

6.   Food (for aviators)
7.   Metals and heat absorbing metals.

8.   Melting.
9.   Mirrors.

10. Power.
11. Yantras or Machinery.

12. Parts of Yantras.
13. Varieties of Vimanas:

  • Shakuna

  • Sundara

  • Rukma

  • Tripura

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