The topic ‘Aeroplane parts’ listing 31 parts of the Vimanas is significant. The topic is a derivative or corollary of 32 secrets of vimana discussed earlier.

14 (verso). Shakuna Vimana:   Location of Yantras [Caption]

  • Vishwakriyaadarpana or mirror of outside views

  • Shaktyaakarshana or energy attracting mirror

  • Parivesha mechanism above the hood of the vimana

  • Angopasamhaara yantra or folding up yantra at the 7th bindukeelaka

  • Vistritakriyaa or opening out yantra, location in the middle of the 11th section

  • Vyroopya darpana

  • Padmachakramukha at the sirobhaaga or crest of the vimana

  • The kuntinee Shakti mechanism is to be in the neck of the vimana

  • Pushpinee and pinjulaa mirrors are to be in the right side of the centre

  • At the front of the left side are to be located the Naalapanchaka or five pipes

  • Guhaagarbha.mirror yantra is to be in the front part of the stomach of the plane

  • Thamoyantra at the north western side

  • Pancha Vaataskandha naala on the western centre

  • Rowdree mirror

  • Vaataskandha keelaka at the bottom centre

  • Shaktisthaana at the front and right sides

  • Shabda kendra mukha at the left side

  • Vidyutdwaadashaka at the north east side

  • Praanakundala at the moola of the vimana

  • Shaktiudgama at the navel of the vimana

  • Vakraprasaarana at the side of Vimanaadhaara

  • Shakthipanjara in the central portion

  • Shirahkeelaka at the head of the vimana

  • Shabdaakarshaka yantra at the shoulder

  • Pata prasaarana at the bottom centre

  • Dishaampatiyantra at the left front

  • Pattikaabhraka at the centre of the hood of the vimana

  • Solar power attractor at the top of the vimana

  • Apasmaara or poison gas at the sandhi naala mukha or junction tube front

  • Sthambhana yantra at the bottom

  • Vyshwaanara naala at the navel centre

This is the placing of 31 components of the vimana.

Discussions: Here parts are referred to as ‘Anga’. Firstly it is noticed that these parts are not having one to one correlation with secrets or features and more importantly, many more complex systems dealt with later in the work do not find their mention here.

While some appear to be mechanical contraptions, some others are sophisticated avionic devices.

The systems have been given distinct locations on vimanas. Propriety in location of each contraption needs special mention A quick glance at the list of ‘on board’ packages indicates:

Function-specific avionics systems have been conceptualized and developed to provide multiple role capabilities for vimana.

Systems can be generally classified under categories

  • Yantras

  • Darpanaa or special mirrors

  • Naalas

  • Energy generating devices

  • Solar energy harnessing features at several places

  • While some appear to be mechanical contraption, others are sophisticated special devices

  • The systems have been given distinct locations on the vimana. Propriety in location of each contraption needs special notice

More of these yantraas are covered under “Yantradhikaranam”.

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